How to know my Banco Pichincha Account Number: Consultation, Services and MORE

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Despite what you might think, the question of How to find out my Banco Pichincha Account Number it is really very common for the clients of this bank. Many users of this entity do not know their account number, something that constitutes a very important factor in terms of allowing various procedures to be carried out.

For this reason, today we will be explaining everything about this topic. Specifically, we will tell you how to know your account number, what services the bank offers, what are the requirements to open an account and the types of account that the bank offers. Also, we will tell you the benefits of joining this bank. If you’re interested, keep reading!

How do I know my Banco Pichincha Account Number?

Let’s start by answering your main question regarding this issue: How to find out my Banco Pichincha Account Number. The truth is that it is a very simple procedure, which you can carry out quickly and efficiently if you follow the instructions that we will give you below.

It is done completely online or in person, so don’t worry about a thing!


  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of the Bank of Pichincha.
  • Once there, you need to click on Customer access. This option is located in the upper right part of the bank’s home page.
  • Then press the option Banking People.
  • You will be redirected to web banking, where you have to enter your username and password. You then proceed to click Get into.
    • If you have not registered yet, there you have the option; you just have to click on it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. You will need to have your phone number, your identity document and the code of your debit card at hand.
  • Once you log in, then go to the section of My Products or Consolidated Position.
  • You will be able to see a table with the information of the accounts you manage. Thus, if you click on Accounts or directly on the digits that appear, the account number you are looking for will appear.
  • As a result of the process, you will know your account number.


  • On the other hand, you can approach a Banco Pichincha branch with your identity document in hand.
  • There, indicate that you want to know your account number.
  • The person in charge of assisting you will look for you in the system and will proceed to indicate your account number.
  • In a few minutes you will have achieved your mission.

Keep in mind that when opening an account at a bank, your account number is given in a notebook or in the checkbook, if you have a checking account. This is reflected there, so if you go to a branch, it is most likely that they will give you one of these two documents, depending on whether your account is savings or checking.

Finally, remember that you have the option of call (02) 2999-999 and request more information about the process.

How to find out my Banco Pichincha Account Number: Bank Services

With respect to Banco Pichincha servicesYou should know that all their services are financial. In this sense, the services it offers are consistent with those offered by other banks in the country. What changes is the quality, the experience and the terms of the same.

In general, it allows people to open accounts, both savings and current. Likewise, it offers numerous cards, each one intended for a type of client according to their needs. The credits are not lacking either, having mortgages, educational, etc. Finally, it handles financial instruments so that people can invest in them.

Regarding the services themselves, from this bank you can perform:

  • Bank transfers. You can transfer money from one account to another account, regardless of whether the latter is from the same bank or from third parties, electronically. This only takes a few minutes and you can do it at any time, paying a very low commission.
  • Payments. You can be up to date with the payment of basic services: water, electricity and landlines. You can also pay your mobile phone, television and internet bill, as well as the SRI, IESS, vehicle registration and municipal taxes.
  • Sending of remittances. You can also receive money from another country and you do not need to be a bank customer to enjoy this service.
  • International transfers. As if that weren’t enough, you can also send money abroad if you need it. It is a very easy procedure to carry out and with a low commission.
  • The account reactivation that you stopped using.

At the same time, you can have service channels at your disposal, view third-party products that may interest you and complementary services. The latter include: issuance of bank references, home delivery of documents, receipt of account statements, among others.

If you are interested in knowing all the services that you have at your disposal, click HERE.

Requirements to Open an Account

Now let’s talk about Requirements to Open an Account at Banco Pichincha. We will explain the precautions you need to be able to do this procedure. Of course, with regard to the two basic accounts: checking and savings.

Savings account


  • Identity document in original format.
  • Be of age.
  • Cell phone or have a camera on the computer, in order to confirm the identity of the applicant.

Then you just have to go to the bank page, click on Account> Savings Account. Finally, click on Open my account and follow the instructions.


  • Ecuadorians:
    • Identification document. Original and copy.
    • Be of age.
    • Copy of the invoice for a basic service. It must be from the last two months and must reflect the applicant’s address.
    • Finally, have a value of $ 5.15 to be able to deliver a debit card.
  • Foreign. In addition to the requirements of Ecuadorians, you must present:
    • Commercial, personal or bank reference.
    • Visa. This must be valid and does not apply if you are a refugee.
    • Identity document number of the common-law partner or spouse, as long as there is no separation of property.
    • Copy of labor certificate or contract if you work in a dependency relationship. If you are a self-employed worker, a business relationship work certificate from a citizen client.

Current account

It can only be done in person, with the following requirements:

  • Ecuadorians:
    • Identification document. Original and copy.
    • Copy of the invoice for a basic service. It must be from the last two months and must reflect the applicant’s address.
  • Foreign:
    • Identification document. Original and copy.
    • Copy of the invoice for a basic service. It must be from the last two months and must reflect the applicant’s address.
    • Commercial, personal or bank reference.
    • Visa. This must be current.
    • Copy of labor certificate or contract if you work in a dependency relationship. If you are a self-employed worker, a business relationship work certificate from a citizen client.

With these you must go to a bank branch and open your account. You will receive a checkbook, with which you can move your account.

Types of Accounts offered by Banco Pichincha

The Banco Pichincha Account Types they are very varied. You will find the two basic accounts: checking and savings, and other more specific ones. For example, there is the basic account, the programmed savings account, the youth account and even the savings account in euros. These are all adaptations of the basic accounts, which can be defined as follows:

Current account

The current account, as its name indicates very well, it is used to carry out current transactions. This This account is acquired more than all by natural persons who work on their own account and keep their funds in constant motion, and by legal entities that need to make payroll payments, to suppliers, and so on.

It is managed by means of a Debit. With this you can make cash advances at any authorized ATM, and you can also use it to buy goods and services at any point of sale. Additionally, you will be assigned a checkbook. With these you can also make various payments.

You can also request a credit card If you have a checking account, to use it in conjunction with the debit account.

Savings account

The Savings account it serves, precisely, to save. It is perfect if you do not usually use your money much or if you want to gather a certain amount to use it at some point in the future.

Since these funds will be in the account for some time, interest will be generated that will be charged to your bank each month. It is a win-win, because you need to save your money and the bank needs savers to be able to invest. However, even though the purpose is to save, you can use your money at any time.

As with the checking account, it is managed with a Debit. With it you can also make your purchases and get cash from ATMs. You will not get a checkbook or a credit card. All withdrawals and deposits you make at the headquarters will be recorded in a notebook with which you can keep a story.

How to find out my Banco Pichincha Account Number: Benefits

The Benefits of Joining Banco Pichincha they are diverse. However, the main thing is that you will be able to access all the services that we mentioned above, even if you do not have a bank account. For example, you will be able to receive remittances.

You will also find that you can acquire beneficial accounts. For example, the savings account generates interest and with the checking account you can obtain a consumer credit. There are many benefits to being a client of this bank, consider that it is an entity with a lot of experience and a reputation for support.

What is Banco Pichincha?

The Pichincha Bank is a financial institution that offers products and services of this type. Its headquarters are in Quito and it was founded in 1906. It is the largest private bank in the country and, as you can see, it has been operating for over a hundred years.

It not only operates in Ecuador, but also in Colombia, Panama, Spain and Peru. People can have accounts of different types, apply for loans, invest and enjoy the services it offers. You can get more information on their website.

Until next time!


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