How to know my Bancolombia Account Number: Requirements, Services and MORE

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If you are looking for How to know my Bancolombia Account Number, you came to the right place. Here we will tell you everything you have to do in case you forgot.

It is important that you know that this number is the identification assigned by the bank to identify you as its client when you open any type of bank account in its entity.

You can have tricks to learn it by heart, but it will always be possible for you to forget it. You will be interested in continuing reading.

How do I know my Bancolombia Account Number?

It will always be necessary for you to be aware of how to know my Bancolombia account number. It is normal that you can forget it. That is why it is key that you learn how to access it at any time.

We want to show you how you can do it quickly and easily. It’s like you’re checking your account balance. Only you have to enter the Virtual Branch People: we want you to know that it is a platform ready for you to have private access as a Bancolombia client.

When you are there you will be able to carry out money movements, inquiries, product contracting and other operations, in an easy and safe way. The only thing you need is to have a computer with an internet connection and you will be able to have your bank account number.

You will wonder what you should continue to do to continue in the process of how to know my Bancolombia account number. Here we will take you by the hand in each step:

Enter the Bancolombia website, press the «Transactions» button, which you will see at the top, on the right hand side of the portal. Wait for the menu to display and immediately choose the option Virtual Branch People.

Then, enter your username and click to continue. If it is your first time and you do not have a user or you have not used it before, you must enter with your identification number.

It is time for you to check if the image and the phrase that you chose when you opened your user are correct. In this way you will be able to enter the password of your user with the virtual security keyboard and give it to enter. If it is your case that you have never changed your Personal Branch password, you can enter with your current ATM password.

And you have already reached the point of how to know my Bancolombia account number. From your account you will be able to see your consolidated balance, all your products affiliated with Bancolombia, as well as the movements that you carry. At last you will be able to have again the Bancolombia bank account number right at the top of your balances.

It is important that you always visit official pages. We recommend that you go to the page of Bancolombia and check your information.

There you will be able to know its wonders. Nothing more useful for this time than the Bancolombia People App. From there you will be able to have access to your Savings Account or Checking Account number.

The varieties are multiple. You can also enter the Virtual Branch People, to the Telefónica Branch of your city or to the National Service Line to request your account number, and of course, you will never miss the possibility of going to a Physical Branch.

How to Know My Bancolombia Account Number: Requirements to Open It

We understand that you no longer doubt how easy it is to know my Bancolombia account number. That is why here we are going to give you a list of the requirements that you need to meet so that you can open an account immediately.

  • You must have your identity document and be prepared to answer the personal questions that the entity asks you.
  • As a Colombian you can deliver the civil registry, identity card or citizenship card as a document.
  • If it is the case that you are a foreigner, you need the immigration card and the passport. You must be careful, because everything will depend on your purpose to open the account and the bank.
  • If you are a legal person, you must present the identification document / the documents that prove the existence of the legal person / its representation / the NIT or RUT / the authorization of the competent social body (if applicable).
  • In all cases, you must provide a document that certifies the address of your residence (payment of a service such as water, electricity, gas or cable, telephone or taxes).
  • Gather documents about the origin of your funds and your work activity:
  • As an employee, you must provide the details of the company you work for; or at least a labor and income certificate.
  • Being an independent worker it is necessary that they must deliver bank statements / documents about the company or activity / income statement (this type of requirement will depend on the bank) / Personal or commercial references.

With your file in order, start by delivering them to the corresponding office. It is necessary that you always carry the original of all your documents so that they can be checked by the bank.

Here we help you prepare to get everything. That is why we tell you that in Bancolombia they will ask you for two copies of your citizenship card expanded and centered at 150%.

Something fundamental, inform yourself beforehand everything. Go prepared. Bring the amount of money that Bancolombia asks of you to open your account and then you can activate it through the ATM.

How to find out my Bancolombia Account Number: Services It Offers

We want to review with you. We have already been teaching you how to know your Bancolombia account number and check your Bancolombia account number, only you must enter the virtual platform for people.

It is in its virtual platform that you can make transfers, make product contracts, check our available balance and other operations. As we told you before, you only need a computer with enough internet to check your Bancolombia account number.

This is how we detail it in this step by step:

  • First, enter the Bancolombia virtual portal.
  • Enter the «TRANSACTIONS» section.
  • Then press the option «SELECT BRANCH».
  • Write your username, or enter your identification number if you are not yet affiliated.
  • Immediately enter the virtual password, take care of the security tests and finally give it to enter. If this is your first time, use your ATM code while.
  • There you will know your Bancolombia account number and all the information you need about it.

How to find out my Bancolombia Account Number: Bank Branches

At this point it is good that we expand information about Bancolombia. You should know that it is one of the most prominent financial companies in Colombia for the services it offers:

  • Absorb interbank payments
  • Pay for products and services that you use in your home.
  • Make interbank transfers with other users.
  • Make money withdrawals through ATMs.
  • Execute investments and varied businesses.
  • Collect payroll.

In such a way that you can make use of the services offered by Bancolombia to satisfy your banking needs, such as money withdrawals, transfers, collecting salary, etc. Using its platform that will keep you informed and up to date with its news,

Here we will detail the branches with which accounts of this financial company:

  • Factoring Bancolombia.
  • Fiduciaria Bancolombia.
  • Leasing Bancolombia.
  • Renting Colombia.
  • Bancolombia Securities.
  • Sufi
  • Nequi
  • TUYA commercial financing company.

Utility of Bank Accounts

We need to tell you that the abundance in the variety of services that Bancolombia offers you with its different financial products and the bank accounts it offers, are of different types and cover different areas of the financial world.

Bancolombia offers you a multiplicity of products and services for every need and demand. You can open savings accounts with them, payroll accounts to receive payment corresponding to their jobs, checking accounts, foreign accounts for large merchants and, finally, it offers you a single account for political campaigns if that is what you need.

This bank gives you the possibility of achieving benefits that can improve your lifestyle and your economy, with the granting of discounts, points of sale and offers.

And not to mention the benefits to entrepreneurs. If you are one, we tell you that you can get more customers and therefore increase your income. With this you will be able to compete to opt for better categories for your types of products, accounts and credit cards, with all the benefit and privilege.

What is Bancolombia?

So far we have brought you by the hand with everything that interests you about How to know my Bancolombia Account Number. Now we want to tell you what Bancolombia is.

It is fair that you know that Bancolombia is one of the largest Colombian banking entities, not only in assets and equity, but in service and business opportunities.

This institution offers you a wide variety of banking services, such as mortgages, treasury, corporate and government banking.

Bancolombia offers you savings and checking accounts, as well as credit and debit cards, pensions, commercial financing, remittances, international businesses, and many other services that will be at your disposal just by entering its website and other means of information.

To be closing, Bancolombia is a company that has a 20% stake in Colombian land, concentrating an important attention on mortgages for small and medium-sized companies.


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