How to know my BCP Account Number: With ID, App and MORE

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How do I know my BCP Account Number? Now it is very convenient and easy to obtain this information. To do this, you must present a series of requirements that will allow you to register a bank account.

Peruvian citizens have trusted El Banco de Crédito del Perú for many years. It is important to deposit money in an entity that transmits reliability, responsibility, service and quality. Keep in mind that you are in the best hands and that your savings are protected.Keep reading and you will learn more about the information!

How do I know my BCP Account Number?

Currently there are many ways to find out the BCP account number. In the vouchers, after having made an exchange both in the world of cinema and with the bank employee. Likewise, if at the time of opening a registry, the bank gives you a personal notebook, there you will see the registry number.

Steps to follow

To access the information it is important to follow the following instructions:

  • Enter the digital platform of Banco de Crédito del Perú.
  • Afterwards, click on the records option,
  • Then a pop-up window will open with the different types of records.
  • Finally, choose the one that concerns you.

Also, there is a similar page, just log in through the Web Banking window. Enter the amount of the credit card with the secret key. Continue with the next steps indicated by the system.

Note that using the phone, you can access data related to recordings or any other activity from the customer’s location.

How to know my BCP Account Number: Inquiries with DNI and in person

If you do not have the option of accessing the BCP account from the channels mentioned above, it is conceivable to make the BCP account number just by having the DNI nearby. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Have the ID close by. If possible, that it is current and that it is a similar owner or a third person with an authorization signed by an attorney.
  • Go to the nearest BCP organization.
  • Present your ID at the window and request the account balance and registration number.

Keep in mind that knowing the BCP account number with DNI in the window is perhaps the most available way in case you have the opportunity or can resort and wait at a similar bank.

Know my BCP account number with DNI by phone

Noticing the account number BCP With ID by phone, it may be important to realize the registration number. Something to remember is that additional data, for example, the full name, can be mentioned to affirm the owner.

To find out the BCP account number with ID and calling BCP Customer Support, you must follow the following steps:

  • Grab the cell phone and call the bank by phone BCP: (01) 311-9898.
  • Enter the DNI number.
  • Indicate the full name of the holder.
  • If you have any questions about the registry, they are usually resolved immediately.
  • Finally, you can require that the document with the registration number be sent by email or by phone.

How to know my BCP Account Number: Queries with the APP

This is an application that serves the customer 24 hours every day. The customer must join the Portable Banking Application to appreciate it. To join mobile banking, download the BM App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Don’t have your portable banking username and password yet? This step is very important, you must enter the debit card information to create the username and be able to start the session.

In case you carry out paperwork related to money, you must have Creditoken. To obtain this Creditoken, it is important to go to one of the bank’s offices or enter Virtual Creditoken on your phone, which can be found in the Mobile Banking application.

If you enter the secret word incorrectly multiple times, the Banking App will obstruct it. To remove the user block, you must do the following:

  • Enter the official platform of the Bank.
  • Then select the menu, My Profile.
  • Subsequently, at that point Mi Banca Movil.
  • Next, at that time Portable Financial Enrollment.
  • Finally, select Open and Secret word change.

Services offered by the Credit Bank of Peru

It offers a range of monetary items and administrations for organizations that incorporate leasing, corporate financing, foreign trade and services. It also has a Web Credinet administration. This electronic framework enables collaboration between the bank and the organization.

It offers people advances on contracts, credit cards, reserve fund items, revolving credit, fixed credit, rental and financing of fixed resources, trusts, authority administrations, investor portfolio and financial protections.

What is the BCP and what are its branches in Peru?

Currently, Banco de Crédito del Perú has a place with the monetary holding Credicorp, with 12.7% of the offers (the Romero family owns 13.2% of them) and Grupo Crédito SA with 85% of their resources. This Bank now has branches in Bolivia.

This Bank is mainly focused on the Insurance and Banking area. Banco de Credito del Peru is the largest monetary company in Peru and is its main provider of banking services.

Banco de Credito del Peru has 470 workplaces throughout the country. Distributed throughout the country, the following affiliate organizations stand out:

  • Vitarte.
  • Rivera Navarrete.
  • Chosica.
  • La Calera.
  • St Geronimo.
  • Central House.
  • Inca roads.
  • El Pedregal.
  • Tacna and Piura.

In the city of Lima, there are the following offices:

  • Venezuela
  • La Salle.
  • Huanuco.
  • Arequipa.
  • Saint Camillus.
  • 20th century (030).
  • Travelers Point Cusco.
  • Cusco.
  • Cajamarca.
  • Ica
  • Fist.

In addition, there are about 2,300 ATMs available nationwide. Also, in pharmacies, shops and small businesses there are BCP agents, where you can make withdrawals and deposits of money, payments for services and credit cards, among other banking operations.

Frequent questions

Why know my BCP account number?

It is important to have on hand the tools that will help you to know the BCP account number, such is the case of the account statement, the registration number. These are the main data to manage the personal account very well.

This is particularly used in the BCP, which is one of the banks generally used to send settlements, money deposits from its specialists or fast interbank movements.

It will always be important to have the registration number available to complete any exchange where the actual card does not intercede.

Is it important to know the registration number of the card or bank account?

The two numbers are generally found on the front and back of the credit card, although they are not equivalent, they are significant when making bank transfers.

Today these processes have changed the way we buy, win merchandise, and undertake and entertain ourselves from time to time; this virtually.

Lately, innovation combined with the help of monetary organizations around the world has allowed people to get their cash essentially just a couple of clicks away. Charge cards, in which we have our capital, supervised from a bank account.

What are financial accounts?

Today they are very useful since they are monetary items that allow you, through an agreement with the bank, to place the cash in a bank account where it will be insured and where you can really access it when you need it.

This is where managing your cash virtually begins as your reserve funds will be in the bank and not in your pocket. To get there, the bank provides you with payment instruments in installments, for example, a credit card or a checkbook.

Keep in mind that, with them you can perform payments, purchases and withdrawals of money through ATMs. Likewise, it will offer you an online page where you can consult the information at any time you need, transfers of assets to different registries, own or external, requests to the bank, among other activities.

What is the registration number of my bank account?

Bank accounts They are distributed with a number or code that is unique and individual to the customer. This number distinguishes your record from that of different clients both at the bank where the record is located and at others. As such, it is not repeated between any customer in the country, regardless of the destination bank.

In addition, the bank account number It is the component to code numerically and in a standardized way all the records, regardless of whether they are current, savings and some other type of bank record. It is known as the Customer Registration Code (CCC).

The account number has 20 digits, which are transmitted in groups isolated by hyphens and address a particular encoding:

  • The initial 4 digits characterize the code assigned to the monetary organization by the National Bank.
  • The next 4 digits relate to the code of the workplace where you opened the record.
  • At that point, 2 check digits, a numerical calculation that gives legitimacy and respectability to the record.
  • The last 10 digits are running and are distributed by the organization to number the record and order it.


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