How to know my Bitel Number: Without Balance, With Messages and MORE

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Peruvian companion, if today more than ever it has happened that you do not remember How do I know my Bitel Number? Here we will explain the entire process that you must go through, no matter if you pay it in advance or postpaid. You simply have to follow the guidelines that are reported to you in the article. In the event that this does not work for you, you will learn about other alternatives.

Bitel is an organization with a long history that has been characterized by offering its clients a range of benefits. Which are translated into quality, transparency and packages that adjust to the needs of users. Don’t wait any longer and request your Bitel chip!

How to know my Bitel Number without Balance

In the event that you do not have a balance, do not worry, since the strategies that are specified must be carried out. Actually, you will be able to know the number of Bitel PDA with any of these simple indications:

Strategy # 1

  • Enter the calling application.
  • On the number pad, dial the code * 180 # and press the Call key.
  • In a short time, you will see on the screen a message with the wireless number of the Bitel chip in the array 51999999999, where 51 is the nation code and the digits that accompany it the number that makes up your Bitel phone number.

Strategy # 2

To locate the Bitel chip amount on an Android phone, do the following:

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • View at the bottom of the screen and select the alternative “About of the phone«.
  • On this screen you must press the alternative «State»
  • Now press the alternative «SIM status»
  • Finally, the Bitel portable number appears on this screen in the My phone number area.

Strategy # 3

If for the situation, the phone does not have an Android wireless connection, you can also see the cell phone number Bitel on the iPhone, as follows:

  • Access the application «Setting«.
  • Select the alternative «Telephone».
  • You will see the number assigned to the Bitel chip towards the top of the screen.

Keep in mind

Make sure you have recently embedded the Bitel Peru chip in your wireless phone or tablet to have the option of making the cell phone with any of the 3 techniques mentioned above.

As it should be obvious, with any of these basic strategies, you can know the Bitel phone number in seconds on any iPhone Android or iOS device. Now, if you are interested in asking this question directly with Bitel through the web, you can do it.


This is another way with which you can discover the Bitel number, it is something simple, you just have to follow these basic advances:

  • Access the official website of the entity.
  • Once inside, choose the option DNI in Record Type.
  • Enter the number of the DNI in the corresponding box.
  • Check the option “I am not a robot”And press Search.
  • Finally, Bitel’s number appears on the screen.

By Web

In case you have considered seeing the bitel number without having a balance in a basic and quick way, below you will have the appropriate answer. It is important to use the code mentioned above, you can also download the MiBitel App.

With this application, you can make different requests, for example, check minutes, Balance, megabytes to browse the web, among others. If you need to do this then you should do the following:

  • Download the MiBitel app from the HUAWEI AppGallery, Google Play, or the Application Store.
  • Register by entering the cell phone number (this process is done the first time you enter).
  • Enter the Consultation menu or make a Recharge.
  • Finally, you will see the Bitel cell phone number.

How to Know My Bitel Number with a Free Text Message

There is also a way to know the wireless Bitel number through an instant message. To find out, you simply need to send an SMS. Keep in mind that it is very easy and simple, you just have to do the following:

  • Access the alternative send instant message.
  • Dial number 164 as sender.
  • Compose FB60 and send the message.
  • You will receive an instant message in which you can see the Bitel mobile phone number.

Bitel number query.

However, there are other indications different from those mentioned above to obtain the Bitel number, among them we can cite the following:

  • Look at the invoice when you bought the phone.
  • If you have WhatsApp, you can also see the number there.
  • Also, on the card where Bitel’s SIM comes, it will display the number.

Please note that if any of the above strategies are difficult for you. The most feasible thing is to do it through the calling code or through instant messaging. In case you need to see more methods to know the Bitel number, go to the official page and request more information about it.

Services offered by Bitel

Here are a range of services to provide you with a quality service. It is important to note that you can purchase the one that fits your budget, among them we have:

Normal plans

Package pricePackage nameData freely available
S / 5.00DM53 GB
S / 10.00DM107.5 GB
S / 20.00DM2015 GB
S / 30.00DM3030 GB

Unlimited plans

Unlimited plans offer customers the delivery of packages which are adjusted to their needs and based on the scheduled recharge. In the remote possibility that the customer causes a recharge equivalent to or more notable than the amount shown in the segment «Recharge amount», he will obtain the unlimited package.

That is, the system will authorize the amount of the recharge you made. Likewise, you will enjoy the excellent benefits of subscribing to Bitel’s unlimited plans, which will allow you many more advantages.

The packages will be put into effect within a maximum period of 24 hours and will be legitimate from the start. The benefits are not cumulative, therefore, you must take advantage of the benefits in the indicated month.

Package pricePackage nameData freely availableTop-up amount
S / 3.00DM31.5 GBFrom S / 3 to less than S / 5
S / 5.00DM53 GBFrom S / 5 to less than S / 10
S / 10.00DM107.5 GBFrom S / 10 to less than S / 20
S / 20.00DM2015 GBFrom S / 20 to less than S / 30
S / 30.00DM3030 GBFrom S / 30 to less than S / 50

Share data

Customers may share the DATA (tethering) included in the «Free Data Exchange» considering the following maximum amount per billing cycle:

PlanUnlimited 29.90CUnlimited 39.90C
Free data available for Tethering700 MB1.6 GB

Share data (Unlimited Plan)

Customers may share the DATA (tethering) included in the «Free Data Exchange» considering the following maximum amount per billing cycle:

PlanUnlimited 65.90Unlimited 105.90
Free data available for Tethering4GB7 GB

Bitel Web Portal in Peru

Bitel is convinced that the compact network is changing the way we live and work and that its improvement fosters a remarkable obligation to the country’s social and monetary progression in improving innovation and population data.

In addition, you agree that the site can be easily advanced in Peru. Most importantly, it is to replace computers with a PC with moderate costs for all clients and, in addition, with a flexible high-speed web network that covers everything the country.

In this sense, as a trustworthy association, Bitel has placed assets in a public association of 15,000 kilometers of high consideration and high-breaking point fiber optic connection. In addition, it has worked with the most advanced transmission developments, for example, DWDM.

This application allows the organization to impart content that requires a high limit of information movement. This allows Bitel to give fast and adaptable web access to all Peruvians, even to the most remote regions.

It is important to highlight that Bitel is always evolving to offer a quality product. For this reason, Bitel cell phones have had the assistance of the Viettel Gathering and the cooperation of prominent collecting brands.

In order to offer specific phone models for the Peruvian market. These mobile phones will also be made up of high technology. Committing to its clients in offering a service with the best trained human talent.

How to know my Bitel Number: What is Bitel?

Bitel is a brand that is responsible for providing support to Peruvian citizens in the telecommunications field. Run by the nation-established Vietnamese organization Viettel Telecom. It is important to note that it began on July 10, 2014.

At present, it is the cell phone administrator with the largest fiber optic network in the country. Bitel offers administrations with 3G organization in the recurrence of 900 MHz and 1900 MHz, Additionally, it has 4G LTE networks in the recurrence of 900 MHz (LTE B8) and 2600 MHz (LTE B7).

Bitel is an organization that seeks to grow in Latin American nations. The technology that it offers to its distinguished clientele is high-end. Therefore, it is in constant change to offer quality products that meet the needs of customers.


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