How to know my Bolivia Entel Number: Telephony, Services and MORE

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When a new phone line is purchased, the new customer becomes euphoric to make calls to their family and friends, but sometimes forgets the phone number. That is why this article presented on this occasion deals with How to know my Bolivia Entel Number. Here you will get the necessary information related to the Entel telephone company. Likewise, it will surely clarify doubts and concerns. Also, you will find out the benefits of belonging to this telephone company.

Do the reading and then you will no longer have questions about the subject, then comment and share the information with those close to you.

You have already read everything you need to know about How to Know my Bolivia Entel Number, now enjoy all the services provided by this telephone company and also its benefits.

How do I know my Bolivia Entel Number?

There are several options for consulting the Entel telephone number. Keep in mind that it is a simple procedure if you carry out the corresponding prompts.

You must enter the phone with the chip of the number you want to know, since the information that corresponds to the chip that makes the request will be displayed. In other words, it cannot be done from another Entel telephone number or from any telephone company.

Among the options to know the Entel telephone number are the following:

Option 1

The method is basic and simple, you can do it through the telephone dialer, you must simply dial the asterisk, type the number one and dial the numeral symbol. (*1#). Immediately, the phone number appears on the cell phone thanks to the code entered.

Option 2

  • This other alternative to know the Entel telephone number is just as simple.
  • You should look for the green call icon.
  • To activate it, you only have to dial the asterisk, the numeral symbol, the digit six, the digit two, then the numeral symbol again. (* # 62 #).
  • Subsequently, you have to press the call button and that’s it.
  • The call will not be answered, but the request made is received by an automated system that receives, processes and responds.
  • Then you have to wait a few seconds and reply to your request with a message.
  • The phone screen initially displays some codes and the last eight digits correspond to the phone number assigned to your Entel chip.
  • Now, you can save your number on your cell phone so you don’t forget it.

How to know my Bolivian Entel Number: Fixed Telephony

Regarding the service of the Entel landline, you have the details of online calls, in addition to providing excellent quality and clarity in communication in all phone calls. Additionally, there are accessory services that are tools that facilitate communication.

To learn more about the fixed telephone service of Entel you should do the query in the following link.

The internet service is offered by Entel as follows:

  • Through the ADSL since it has high speed of web browsing. Through the internet service you can check social networks, download music, watch movies, download images, programs and more.
  • Also, the Fiber Optic Home, allows real-time navigation with a 100% fiber optic connection. You can do unlimited file downloads 10 to 20 times faster. Also, you can connect multiple devices at the same time without losing connection quality.
  • He too 4G Prepaid, it has a very high browsing speed. Here is incorporated the data package with the best rates without previous requirements.
  • The 4G Postpaid It has high-speed internet service, in addition, it has data packages with rates appropriate to your needs.
  • The modality 4G LTE Modem it has a high quality and speed navigation.
  • The 4G LTE Family, high speed navigation, practical and simple installation and unlimited service.

Benefits associated with landlines:

  • Extract with details of all calls online.
  • Absolute clarity in communication when making all kinds of phone calls.
  • In addition, it has supplementary services such as tools that facilitate communication.

Benefits and Services that Entel Offers

Without a doubt, having a telephone number from the Entel telephone company It is very rewarding and brings a series of benefits that this company offers to its numerous clientele.

This telephone is one of the strongest and most influential in terms of mobile connection in the entire country. Provide your customers with range of services and products for the benefit of all customers. From what is called accumulation of points to discounts on VIP events and purchases.

In addition, the number of products that are included in the telephone service plans, such as royalties in seconds, quotas and free minutes.

Here is part of the numerous benefits that Entel telephone offers to its customers:

  • The rates they offer are low.
  • What’s new? in prepaid mobile phone services.
  • Access to mobile and local calls throughout the territory of Bolivia.
  • The pack of 120 text messages and 1200 megabytes for Internet use.

Regarding the packages that the Entel telephone company offers are:

  • It is the contract to buy minutes to do landline calls from the same city and mobile phones from all over the country.
  • Also, the purchase of text messages to be sent to mobile phones across the country.
  • Contract for the acquisition of minutes for both national and international calls.
  • Likewise, you can get 4G mobile Entel and 4G data packages for prepaid navigation with 4G.

Services offered by the Entel telephone company:

  • Mobile equipment.
  • The provider TIC.
  • Also, the service of long distance.
  • The operating system.
  • Furthermore, the scorporate services.
  • Public telephony.
  • The Wifi
  • Fixed telephony.
  • Service mobile bandwidth.
  • Likewise, the satellite broadband.
  • Private links.
  • The tablets.
  • And all the mobile infrastructure.

How to know my Bolivia Entel Number: Frequently Asked Questions

In all issues there are always concerns that need to be clarified, in addition, they are the most appropriate when making the consultation process. The most common related questions are listed below:

Can I make the * 1 # call from any telephone device?

It is not possible to do so. The call can only be made from the cellular device associated with the Entel telephone line that belongs to the person.

Does anyone have access to the benefits of the Entel telephone company?

The answer is negative, since only people who are affiliated with the telephone company have the right and the opportunity to enjoy these benefits. However, people close to the affiliate may benefit.

What is Entel?

Entel is a National Telecommunications Company, it is a state company in the telecommunications sector and the main headquarters is in La Paz Bolivia.

Entel was founded in 1965 and it is considered one of the largest and most prestigious and important companies in Bolivia. It offers different benefits to customers, connecting thousands of homes throughout the country.

Thanks to its expansion, this service has reached remote places, in addition to the variety of services and products that it offers to its public.

This telephone company, which has been operating in the market for more than 50 years, knows very well the needs of its customers. and its users. All this is confirmed by the variety of services it offers to the public.

Among the basic services that its users can enjoy are:

  • Service streaming.
  • Too Entel TV.
  • Wifi service.
  • Mobile telephony.
  • In addition, very attractive packages for the use of mobile telephony.

You have already read everything you need about How to Know my Bolivia Entel Number, now enjoy all the services provided by this telephone company and also its benefits.


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