How to Know My Census Zone: Evaluation, Censuses and MORE

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You ask yourself, How to know my Census Zone? First of all, you must bear in mind that censuses are tactical methods, which are located with the information referred to in all the components; coupling through a statistical examination, mainly performing underlying data.

In the case of a public registry of population and accommodation, try to give the most important data of the individuals, households and family units in the area where you are.

How to know my Census Zone in Peru?

When we speak of census zones, we are alluding to the plans or guides that make up the squares; urbanization or town, these guides help us to find the area and the boundaries of the regions when the directors need to do some work in the territory.

But still, many wonder How to know my Census Zone? And the truth is that this is one of the processes that is carried out through certain previous steps, where the designated citizens and those in charge of the process are the ones who can say in which census zone it is located.


These steps are as follows:

  • Updating of metropolitan plans and maps of the regions.

On the ground, the guides are updated by consolidating new squares, mapping the squares that have joined and of which they have been part, due to the development of urban areas.

Equally, the surface of the towns, slopes, hamlets, etc.. Likewise, each one of them shows the houses that are occupied and the inhabitants who reside in them.

  • Differentiation of population centers and dwellings.

It consists of taking the addresses of each place of the population, as well as of each metropolitan and provincial house to know its spatial area by methods, to know its spatial area, by determining its directions (length and scope).

  • Differentiation of correspondence courses.

The field staff are in charge of visiting the territory, to refresh the map of the area and also the OER, georeference interstates, streets and other correspondence courses as a component of the cartographic update.

  • Register of Houses / Settlements.

Once the plans and guides are updated, the field staff visit each of the houses. In addition, he conducts a meeting with the head of the family to obtain information on the number of individuals living in his family.

In addition, statistically shows the data referring to their ages and sexes; as well if any of them is a substitute or on the contrary He is a worker in political management.

  • Policy management.

Towards the end of these proceedings, the division cycle is completed, where mechanized cycles are used to establish the representations of the UAHs and REHs arrangements that will be transmitted to each enumerator in the metropolitan and rural areas, separately.

It is essential to demand from students that, without representations and records, it would be practically unreasonable for evaluation interviewers to carry out their work with quality.


These are the steps that must be carried out in advance. But only those individuals who have been designated by the State will carry it out. Once they have been successfully completed, the appointees will go to each of the provinces and thereby tell each of the inhabitants the census zone in which they are located.

How to Know My Census Zone: Census Evaluation

In this Census Evaluation of Students (ECE) data are obtained from all educational establishments and students, according to the curricular region and the chosen degrees. It comprises the standardization of the assessment, which is completed by the Ministry of Education; With this, it is conceivable to understand what achievement achievements have been achieved by the country’s students.

At present, the UMC carries out the statistical evaluation of students in 4th grade, 4th grade bilingual and 2nd grade secondary through the ECE. The essential presence of the ECE It depends on some public and sectoral authority reports that must guarantee the privilege, under equal conditions, of having a good and great education.


We present the norms used as a premise in the ECE:

  1. Conform to General Education Law No. 28044.
  2. As indicated by the Supreme Decree No. 011-2012-ED; is he Regulation of Law 28044 by which the General Education Law.
  3. Update of National Educational Project to 2021, which was granted by Supreme Resolution No. 001-2007-ED.
  4. To be administered by the synopsis of the educational plan, established by the Ministerial Resolution No. 0440-2008-ED.
  5. The Ministry of Education of inclination and interest in the area of ​​instruction, calls for the use and execution of evaluations of the training framework subject to Supreme Decree No. 021-2007-ED.

Keep in mind!

The ECE transmits the consequences of the level of learning of Peruvian students, in light of a standard of balance, since all students, independently, they must approach quality training.

From here, the ECE informs the educational system and its organizers of the progress of the students based on the achievements they acquire, on how they develop with the basic achievement, which is required of them as indicated by the authority’s curriculum.

How to know my Census Zone: National Censuses in Peru

The «Peruvian Censuses « are measurement techniques through which the Peruvian government collects data on your population, accommodation, financial years and different topics whose information is used for the execution of public administrations and the best decision-making.

The entity in charge of collecting and processing the census information is the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). Since 1960, a law provides that national population and housing censuses must be executed every 10 years and the economic censuses, agriculture, industry, commerce and services each five years.

YearDateOfficial nameNational population
18361836I Population Census1 873 736
18501850II Population Census2 001 203
18621862III Population Census2 487 916
1876May 28IV Republican Population Census2 699 105
19401940V Population Census7 023 111
1961April 19thVI Census of Population, I of Housing and I of Agriculture10 420 357
1972June 4thVII Population Census and II Housing Census14 121 564
198112th of JulyVIII Population Census and III Housing Census17 762 231
2005July 11IX Population Census and IV Housing Census22 639 443
2010July 18 – August 20X Population Census and V Housing Census27 219 264
2017.October 21 – November 4XI Population Census and VI Housing Census28 220 764
2020October 22 – November 5XII Census of Population and VII of Housing31 237 385

How to know my Census Zone: INEI

The National Institute of Statistics and Informatics – INEI, is a specialized private body, with open law legal character, with specialized self-government and administrative, dependent on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Similarly, it is the central and supervisory body of the National Statistical System, responsible for managing, arranging, coordinating, organizing and directing the real measurement exercises of the country.The INEI it has the position of Functional System and its Head is the most prominent authority of the National Statistical System.

The authorized construction of the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics is composed of:

  • The high direction, made up of the Chief, the Deputy Chief of Statistics and the General Secretariat.
  • The advisory bodies.
  • Supporting bodies.
  • Decentralized Bodies made up of the National School of Statistics and Informatics and the Research and Development Center.
  • Measurable Line Organs, made up of the National Directorate of Censuses and Surveys, the National Directorate of National Accounts, the Technical Directorate of Economic Indicators and the Technical Directorate of Demography and Social Indicators.

Advisory Committee of the V CENEC

The V CENEC It will provide reliable and timely measurable data on the monetary exercises carried out in the country, which will be used for the dynamization, definition and evaluation of the plans.

In order to improve the sectors at the public, local and proximity levels, which will allow meeting the goals of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan 2019 – 2030.

Which seeks verbalize the efforts of people in general and from private areas for government assistance to the population.

The Advisory Commission of the V CENEC will be led by the delegate of the Republic President assigned by him, and the management of the bad habit will be involved by the Head of the INEI.

Likewise, it will be made up of agents from the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Economy and Finance, Energy and Mines, Transport and Communications, Labor and Employment Promotion, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Production, Interior and Environment.

On the other hand, it will incorporate a delegate of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), of the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT), of the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC).

V CENEC: How will it be executed?

The V CENEC, That starts in 2019 and will continue until 2021, requires the immediate cooperation of public and private substances linked to the nation’s monetary action, alluding to the creation of goods and companies.

In order to cover the various financial areas, for which the Advisory Committee will be coordinated by experts of undeniable degree of dynamism to help statistical exercises.

Among the essential elements of the Advisory Commission they find each other:

  1. Survey the procedures of the Census Plan 2019 – 2020,
  2. Complete the coordination at a significant level fundamental to the execution of the registry,
  3. Build multisectoral coordination and support components at the local, common and regional level,
  4. Stay informed about the progress of the exercises and conveniently propose the vital measures to help their execution.


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