How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number: Consultation, Companies and MORE

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If you are in El Salvador and want to know your phone number, here you will find information about How to know my Claro, Tigo, or Movistar Number? They are very simple processes to carry out, you just have to read the steps to follow carefully and execute them.

Keep reading and find out how to check Claro, Tigo and Movistar, also how to know the balance. Likewise, we will talk to you about telephony in El Salvador, we also talk to you about Digicel, which is another recognized telecommunications company in the country.

How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number: Consult Claro

At the time that an individual is going through the process to acquire a new SIM card, he is also obtaining a new telephone number, which must be known. Then, it is required to know the company where it was obtained and this is where users wonder How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number?

Likewise, it can originate when on some occasion, a previous number has been lost, in which case a procedure has to be managed to recover it. Apart from the fact that you need the information of the company from which you have the service, you should know that the procedure is similar regularly.

In such a way that, some questions are presented, and among the most frequent are those that we mention below:

  1. At certain times, doubts may arise regarding the dialing of a number, text messages, among others. Therefore, it is essential take into consideration the telephone company.
  2. On the other hand, in some countries the process may be the same, or also in a different way, so here we will tell you how it is carried out in El Salvador.
  3. Specifically for Claro, Tigo and Movistar, which are the most used telephone companies in El Salvador, that is why some doubts are often raised in this regard.
  4. It should be noted that there are no major differences between countries, therefore, it is not a relevant issue to take into account as a user of the company.

The Claro Company

This company provides telecommunications services, and is the most required in Latin America, offers excellent quality in its services, which makes its users feel comfortable. Through it you get a communication service, through the telephone numbers assigned to customers.

When purchasing Claro services, the first question is about the phone number. So there are two (2) ways to answer that question:

  • Option # 1: This option is very simple to carry out.
    • The first thing that the user must do is, look for the dialing of their mobile equipment.
    • Later, dial this code * 595 #.
    • The call must be made to that number, therefore, press on call.
    • After making the call, you can view the information of the mobile device through the Claro service.
  • Option N ° 2: This alternative is very similar to the first, that is, you have to mark a code following a series of extra guidelines, and it is very easy to do.
    • Find the dial pad, and press the code * 611 #.
    • Then call that number.
    • You will listen to an operator who will give you several alternatives according to what you want to do. Choose option five (5) prepaid.
    • To continue with the process, there are other options within which you must choose one (1).
    • By completing these steps properly, you will have the data about your balanceIn addition, you will obtain the general information of your mobile device.

Tigo Company

This communications company has a solid presence in both Africa and Latin America. The countries in which it is found are: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia, Tanzania, Senegal, etc. Countries in which it is highly recognized in the market.

This operator is used in a similar way, and offers several options so that the customer has the opportunity to know the data of his mobile device. These are the ones that we name you below:

  • Option N ° 1
    • Find the numeric keypad on your mobile device.
    • Check the following code * 255 * 4 #.
    • Then make the respective call.
    • To finish, you only have to wait a few seconds, and the data of the cell phone number will appear.
  • Option N ° 2
    • Go to text messaging.
    • Write the word «you».
    • The number to dial to send the text is 647.
    • Choose where it says «Send».
    • To conclude, in a few seconds you will receive some messages where you will see your cell phone number.

The Movistar Company

It is a very recognized company inside and outside of El Salvador. The steps to follow and the options for the customer to know their telephone number are detailed below:

  1. The available options are through calls, so you must locate the numeric keypad of your mobile device.
  2. You have three (3) alternatives using these codes: * 611 #, * # 67 # and * # 61 #.
  3. You can choose some of those options, which you activate through a call.
  4. The next thing is that, you will receive the data about your number from cellphone.

As you have observed, the alternatives detailed above are very easy to handle, you can use any of those numbers, to ask the questions you have.

How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number: Check in Tigo

For all those individuals from El Salvador who are using Tigo’s services, they have the opportunity to know their balance by following the following instructions:

  • The first thing is to locate the number dialing keyboard on your cell phone.
  • Keep going dialing the code * 611 # or * 725.
  • To continue, you must make the respective call.
  • A series of data will appear on the screen, indicating in detail the number, the balance you have, the payment date, etc.
  • It should be noted that this procedure should only be performed by customers who use the prepaid service.

When using the postpaid service, you must enter the operator’s official website or use the corresponding mobile App. The guidelines are very easy to follow, so you won’t have a problem with it.

How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number: Check in Movistar

Movistar customer service services are very easy to use, likewise, you can obtain the data you need expeditiously, through calls or text messaging.

One of the alternatives is to send a text message to 700, placing the word BALANCE. It is important that you know that the message is not charged and through it, you have the opportunity to accurately know your balance.

Additionally, you can make a call to * 555 or also to * 333To continue with the procedure, you must wait a moment and thus know the balance you have available.

How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number: Balance Inquiries

To carry out the balance query, it is not executed in the same way as when you want to know the telephone number data, however, there may be a coincidence. Typically, telecommunications companies define their procedures or alternatives details to know the balance.

There are some, through which you can see not only the number of your mobile device, but also your balance. However, this is not the case all the time, therefore it must be done in isolation.

So, it is very important that you follow some guidelines, which will help you know how to carry out the process, through these widely used telephone companies. All those individuals who are in El Salvador, must have an operational line and follow the following instructions:

  1. Locate the numeric dial pad, write the code * 222 #, and then choose option 4.
  2. Also, it can be done by dialing the code * 555 #, continuing with alternative 6 as dictated by the operator.
  3. In the case of text messaging, you have to send a message with the word SALDO to the number 72536.
  4. The last alternative is, make a call to the number * 999, listen calmly to the operator and press option 3.

Each of these options are optimal, plus they are easy and comfortable to use.

Telephony in El Salvador

At the end of 2006, it is when 4G technology arrived in El Salvador. However, ending the year 2020, approximately 500.00 lines were computed of this type, which constitutes 3.8% of the market.

It is estimated that by the year 2022, there will be 2.5 million LTE lines, which represents 28.5% of the total. What is wanted is that, for next year 4G, is positioned as the second technology, in terms of the number of users, but behind 3G that will continue to be the first in the market.

This country is located as one of the most backward, with respect to the accessibility of mobile services only by granting 194 MHz to operators, according to 5G Americas statistics. However, this condition can be reversed by progressing with bidding in the AWS bands.

The SIGET (General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications), indicated in 2018 that they are available to grant a total of 140 MHz, in the 1900 MHz and also 1700/2100 MHz bands.

Refers to 120 MHz in the AWS band, in addition to 20 MHz in the 1900 MHz band. On the other hand, it is not yet known when the call for bids will be made.

Other Companies in El Salvador

Another company in charge of telecommunications in El Salvador is Digicel. This offers you different services for prepaid and postpaid lines, also applications and the well-known Chivo App Packages, navigation and 4G LTE data, technical support for Smartphones, Roaming, among others.

Next we will talk to you about Chivo Apps:

Taking into account that, Digicel is one of the operators preferred by users, we are frequently in the search that, you are connected and updated with the digital universe, and in this way offer you the best services.

That is why we have for you the Chivo Apss Package, which adjusts to your digital needs, both to send messages, save and listen to music. These functions are provided with enough space to store and navigate, and of course keep you constantly connected.

Regardless of what you prefer, Digicel offers you the best possible digital experience. This means that you have more options to investigate, have fun, learn and much more. This package, you can get it by entering MyDigicel App, by dialing * 444 # or visiting the nearest store.

We hope we have clarified your doubts about How to know my Claro, Tigo or Movistar Number? The procedure to follow will depend on whether you forgot your number or asked for it and want to recover it, for both cases we leave you the necessary guidance.

Nowadays, staying connected is of great importance in our daily lives, as is having an active mobile phone line available. In addition, that telephone companies provide a number of services for the benefit of their users.

Visit GESTIONALO.NET El Salvador

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