How to Know My Clear Number: Methods, Services and MORE

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If it has happened to you that you feel lost because you do not know what your phone number is in this article from How to know my Clear Number, you will find the appropriate answer.

Do not hesitate any longer about it and follow the reading that will certainly clarify your doubts and concerns. Go ahead, read and share.

How to know my Clear Number in Paraguay?

There is a simple and easy way to find the Claro Paraguay phone number. It is an option that It does not require a positive balance since it is free.

When we have a positive balance, it is easy to know the phone number, make a call or send a text message to another person and that’s it. However, when there is no credit balance, the aforementioned options cannot be used to find the Claro Paraguay telephone number.

In these cases, other methods should be used but with the same telephone device. Generally, what is done is send a free text message or make a call to a number specified by the operator. In addition, Claro is a telephone company that provides solutions to its users to get the number. They generate regular inquiries with customers and give them the opportunity for customer service.

How to Know My Clear Number: Other Methods

There are other alternatives to know Claro’s telephone number. The options are as mentioned below:

  • Through the WhatsApp platform

You can use the WhatsApp messaging application to find out what the Paraguay Claro Number is. Of course, you must download the App and you must register in WhatsApp with the Claro chip. Simply, go to the App menu, in the part where it says settings, proceed to open the profile photo and at the bottom you will find the phone number that corresponds to the clear chip.

  • Making the call from another cell phone

This possibility is very simple, ask a friend to call you and then ask for the phone number of the call made.

  • Through telephone contacts

You can also search through the various contacts on your phone. You must locate what is the Claro Chip number among the contacts that the phone saves, surely you can find it as «I», «My SIM» or «My Chip».

  • Through the Claro SIM card bill

When you make the purchase of a Claro Paraguay telephone line, the telephone company gives you an invoice, in which you must specify the Claro Paraguay telephone number. If you purchased the phone at the same time as the chip, you must verify on the purchase invoice of the telephone device where you will find the Claro Paraguay telephone number.

If you cannot solve this problem, take into account that the telephone company provides personalized attention at the Claro Paraguay office box office. In any of these specialized places they can solve the inconvenience presented.

How to know my Clear Number: Customer Service

If you need to make any questions or need to communicate due to having a problem with the contracted fixed or mobile telephone service, you should go to use the Claro Paraguay customer service communication lines. They can fix almost everything, even the phone number, at no cost.

The way to communicate with Claro Paraguay Customer Service is as follows:

  • You can do it from your Claro * 111 cell phone.
  • Also, you can communicate from any phone 0800 111 200 4178000.
  • Likewise, Customer Service with its Claro Paraguay online chat.

How to find the Claro Paraguay telephone number through Customer Service

To know the clear telephone number Paraguay in Customer Service you must follow the indications indicated here:

  • You must enter the calling application on the mobile phone.
  • Then you must call # 62 #.
  • Subsequently, the digits of the Claro Paraguay chip will appear.

Likewise, you can enter customer service, calling to be assisted by an operator, who will help you solve your problems with the line.

For contact a Claro Paraguay telephone operator you should do as mentioned below:

  • You must call the number * 111.
  • Then, tell the customer service operator the situation you require.

The new technology is implemented in Claro’s customer service, you can access the Claro Paraguay web portal, where you can solve any inconvenience with the service of the Claro Paraguay telecommunications company.

How to know my clear number: services offered by the company

The services offered by the Claro Paraguay company are those mentioned below.

For mobile phones, Claro Paraguay offers basic telecommunications services, there are the following:

  • Plans Postpaid

Claro offers several postpaid plans that cover connection needs, these available plans range from 1GB to 25GB. Also, it offers benefits such as free WhatsApp service, roaming and unlimited calls.

  • Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans are offered under the modality of packages that offer internet, unlimited calls and free WhatsApp service. Likewise, you have the option of having two packages to stay in constant connection.

  • Packs

Additionally, to the postpaid and prepaid plans there are internet service packs to use at any time. These packages are diverse and depend on the amount of gigabytes and days for use. Also, there are the roaming packs exclusively. You can access the packs by entering the website from your mobile phone and selecting the package you want.

  • Turns clear

If you want to send and receive money easily and quickly, Claro offers its customers the “Claro Giros” modality. This service allows you to become a mobile wallet from your mobile phone, with the ability to protect your money. Likewise, you can make banking transactions from any space and also, with all the possible security.

  • Roaming

Claro offers you this roaming service when you travel abroad. You can travel worry-free and enjoy unlimited calls, messages at no additional cost, and have internet using the same number. You can have a postpaid or prepaid roaming plan, also, you can have a package or data plan that includes roaming.

For the use of roaming, Claro offers you a useful guide for the use of the service, it also includes a list of countries where you can enjoy the service.

  • Claro Club

Claro Club is a service full of benefits for the consumer. Customers can access surprises, prizes, point exchanges, among others. The Claro company always aims to reward customers.

  • Claro Music

Of course thinking about the fun of the customers, so you have a service dedicated to music. Customers can enjoy unlimited songs wherever they are. Likewise, they can build their playlist and share the topics of their liking on social networks.

  • Clear Video

It is ideal for movie lovers, Claro has the Claro Video service with which users have access to movies and series in HD as many times as they wish. Also, they have the possibility to see free content or to rent a title. You just have to fill out the form and follow the steps indicated there.

  • Internet and telephony

The company Claro Paraguay has the telephone Internet service with which the client is able to know and acquire prepaid and post-paid packages for the connection.

  • Internet and TV

Claro offers wireless Internet and television. Customers can purchase a combined plan. There are many plans with particular benefits.

  • Claro for Business

Plans and solutions for the company. It offers fiber optic services, roaming, GPON internet and internet plans.

  • Portability service

In case you want to change the telephone company and keep the same number.

  • Claro Store
  • Medium

Claro website in Paraguay

The Claro Paraguay company where you can enter and be aware of the plans, make changes and carry out online operations. You can make the query of the web portal Of course Paraguay around here.

What is Claro?

Claro Paraguay is a telecommunications company that belongs to América Móvil, for 20 years has provided an optimal communication service to all Paraguayan citizens. It has been offering the communication service through mobile telephony. Also, it stands out for its connectivity alternatives through television and wireless internet.

Claro company is standing out for the products, services and a quality network. This company has always wanted to provide the appropriate means for optimal communication between all users. It is the third company in the mobile telephony area with the most users throughout the country.

The Claro Paraguay company was created in 2000, previously had other names until the current one. This company started with the name of Neé de COPESA SA, whose owner was a Chinese company. But at the end of 2002 this brand started using the Porthable name and launched GSM technology.

But in 2015 the company was sold to the Mexican emporium América Móvil, from that moment the brand was called CTI Móvil and launched the 3G service on the market at that time. However, it is in 2008, when another change occurs and it is renamed Claro.

Clear is the current brand and name, this company operates regularly throughout Paraguay. Being the third most important company in the country.

The name of the company is: Of course

The company is: AMX Paraguay SA

The Headquarters: América Móvil (Mexico).

Headquarters: located in Mariscal López 1730 Asunción, Paraguay,

Services offered: Cell phones, television, internet.

After the article on How to Know My Clear Number, it has already clarified doubts regarding the services that this company provides in the country. Now share the information with your friends and acquaintances.


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