How to know my Clear Number: Without Balance, Services and MORE

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How to know my Clear Number? you have a new cell phone and you ask yourself this question. Here, we will show you the most effective methods, you can use these methods to quickly and easily find a clear number in Argentina.

Therefore, I suggest that you follow all the steps and indicate in the comments if it is suitable for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to know my Clear Number?

When we need to fill out important forms or documents without knowing our phone number, we are faced with a very serious problem. Or, when we meet someone, they ask us how much we love and when they feel uncomfortable when they say we don’t know. How do I know my Clear Number?.

All the information of the different codes is compiled from the information provided by the company itself.

If you have a balance, you can also call a close family member or friend to provide you your number chip Claro Argentina. I hope this information is helpful to you, so that you can answer the following question: How do I know my Claro Argentina phone number without balance?

How to know my Clear Number without Balance

To be successful and quickly search for your clear number, you just need to follow the instructions below. To perform this process, it is not necessary to maintain the balance positive on the device.

  • You enter the alternative to make a phone call.
  • Press the number * # 62 #.
  • Then select the key to make the call.
  • Finishing you will see your Claro Argentina cell phone number that you requested.

You can quickly verify your phone number by following these simpler steps. It does not matter if your chip is postpaid or prepaid, in the same way you can know the number that you have assigned.

How to know my Clear Number with Balance

If the above method did not help, you can do the following steps, only this time, you need balance on your cell phone to be successful.

  • Access the condition to make a call.
  • Press the next number * 22 #.
  • Press the button to make the call.
  • In less than a minute you will receive a text message with the Claro Argentina number you requested.

This process also applies to postpaid and prepaid devices, the only problem is that you need to maintain a balance on your phone.

How to find out my Claro Number: Services offered by Claro

Claro in Argentina provides telecommunications services for all types of clients, these are:

  1. Mobile Services
  2. Home Services
  3. All clear
  4. Promotions
  5. Clear club
  6. Clear twists
  7. Third parties

Connectivity and services

Claro is the benchmark and leader of telecommunications of the country, leading the cell phone and its development and evolution, so that today, all Argentines can use cell phones and the development they promote in their lives and activities.

Cell phones have successfully united everyone and are responsible for the greatest advance in the field of communications in Argentina. Cell phones have had a great positive impact on people’s quality of life, increasing the productivity of companies, businesses and professionals in the country.

Claro contributes to productivity of users, they can use mobile phones and have the latest technological advances, which can improve work efficiency, better serve customers and always maintain communication.

Commitment to the country

Claro is no longer just a mobile telephone company, but also provides integrated communications through mobile Internet services, fixed Internet, fixed telephony and pay TV. Under one brand, customers can choose the best services from entertainment and communications fixed and mobile according to your needs and budget.

In addition, it has committed to making a commitment to the country, children’s education and the protection of the environment through different initiatives and programs of social responsibility, such as «Gol para Educar», so that thousands of children can receive education.

To have abilities and knowledge of scholarships; mobile phone recycling procedures and reuse of advertising banners.

State of the art technology

Due to the new 3G technology, Claro is currently developing new products. You have just activated a personal tracking device; it has developed products such as telemetry, which can measure the consumption of basic services from a distance; and micropayment services, which can be paid for via mobile phones.

With the investment in third-generation products, increased the use of social networks and Internet browsing. Claro is targeting the fourth generation. It is estimated that in the next five years, the consumption of data services will exceed the consumption of voice services. Claro is ready to provide a new generation of services.

More information on his page Web.

Claro benefits

Claro has a variety of Benefits among them you have:

  • Convergent services.
  • Fixed broadband, Indirect.
  • Wifi.
  • Satellite broadband.
  • Services.
  • SaaS.
  • PaaS and IaaS.
  • Consulting.
  • Tablets.
  • Managed Services.
  • Corporate Services.
  • Internet Service Provider.
  • Systems engineer.
  • Tests.
  • Call centers.
  • 5G.
  • Pay TV.
  • Cloud services,
  • Subscription Television Provider.
  • Backup services (Back up).
  • Long distance.
  • LTE-M.
  • Mobile operator.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Training.
  • Mobile bandwidth.
  • Fixed Telephony Operator.
  • Data centers.
  • OTT.
  • Operating systems.

  • Fixed telephony.
  • IP telephony.
  • MPLS.
  • Local telephony.
  • Documentation.
  • Private links.
  • IPTV.
  • Mobile infrastructure.
  • 4G LTE.
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO).
  • Internet.
  • Housing and hosting providers.
  • Direct.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Sales and distributions.
  • Wi-Fi and WiMax.
  • Integration platforms.
  • 3G.
  • Satellite
  • Applications.
  • Public telephony.
  • DTH / Satellite.
  • Small cells.
  • Mobile equipment.
  • Cable TV.

What is Claro?

Claro, known as CTIMóvil until March 2008, is a brand managed by the telecommunications company AMX Argentina SA in Argentina. The latter is owned by the Mexican company América Móvil. The new one Mark replaced the previous CTIMóvil in 2008.

In August 2010, Of course merged with Telmex’s fixed and broadband services in Argentina. Since 2015, Claro has provided 4G services using LTE technology in the main cities of the country due to an investment of 300 million dollars in 5 years. Since 2019, it has provided pay TV as part of its ‘triple play’ software package to home fiber optic users using GPON technology.

América Móvil is a company Leader in integrated telecommunications services in Latin America. Outside of China, it ranks fourth in the world in terms of mobile users. Claro is a subsidiary of América Móvil.

By implementing your class communication platform world, allows you to provide customers with value-added services and an enhanced portfolio of communication solutions in 18 countries in the Americas and 7 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

As of March 31, 2018, the company had:

  • 279 million mobile affiliates.
  • 33.0 million of fixed active lines.
  • 28.6 million broadband accesses.
  • 21.5 million pay TV subscribers.

Claro in Argentina

Today Claro Argentina began to appear as CTIMóvi, in 1994 under the name of Compañía de Telefonos del Interior SA after obtaining the international tender for the northern zone I and southern zone II required by the Argentine government.

In 1999, the company expanded wireless services in the AMBA region (Capital Federal and Greater Buenos Aires) and began providing PCS services. In that year, it also activated national and international long distance telephone services for landlines and renamed it Compañía de Telefonía Integral SA

During this period, before 2003 and before the purchase of América Móvil, under the CTIMóvil brand, the company offered standard CDMA mobile telephony services.

In December 2003, CTIMóvil launched a telephony mobile with GSM technology.

Claro technology in Argentina

In July 2007, the company changed its name to AMX Argentina SA Then in November 2007, it promoted 3G technology in Buenos Aires, the Argentine Atlantic coast, Rosario and Córdoba. And in January 2008, 3G coverage reached Tucumán and Mendoza.

It extends to Posadas, Santa Fe, La Plata, Paraná, Río Cuarto, Resistencia, Bahía Blanca, Gran La Plata, San Luis, Neuquen, Bariloche, Santa Rosa, Formosa, San Salvador de Jujuy, Salta, Santiago de Estero, San Miguel from Tucumán, Comodoro Rivadavia, Río Gallegos, Ushuaia, San Juan, Companies from La Rioja, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca and Concordia have gone covering gradually other areas of the country.

The company completed its backbone of optical fiber nationwide in 2010, which allowed it to make calls and communications throughout the country through its own network. 6

In November 2011, Claro announced the launch of the HSPA + standard in Argentina, which is commercially called «4G», with a maximum speed of 5Mbps. Thus, the 7HSPA + network has covered all places where the 3G network exists because it does not require a new infrastructure. Only one update is required in the system.

Claro Argentina is a subsidiary of América Móvil, SAB is an important provider Leader of telecommunications services throughout Latin America, with operations in 18 countries / regions of the American continent.

Claro brands are found in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay.

More information on his page Web.

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