How to know my Colombia Claro Number

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We have all had a slip of forgetting our phone number, but it is something you should not fear. In Claro Colombia, the digit of the chip is the equivalent of the cell phone number that has been assigned to your device.

How do I know my Claro number?. We will explain it to you below, we invite you to take note.

If you are alone and do not remember, you can choose to type on your cell phone the code * 595 # or * 611 #.

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How to know my clear number: steps to follow

It is important to note that when you purchase a line of Claro Colombia, The citizen is given a contract in which your assigned cell phone number appears.

But since it is a new phone, we can forget the number, to find it you can follow the following steps:

  1. First to know your number, you must dial * 611 # and the send key. A menu of several numbered options will then appear.
  2. When you have heard each of the options, you will need to check option 5 «Consultations, services».
  3. Another list will appear and mark option 1 «Balance and number». In this way, your Claro phone number will appear on the screen of your device.

The second way, the citizen must mark * 595 # and then to the send key, with this code the number will appear directly on the screen.

In these two ways you can know your number Claro in Colombia immediately and quickly. In addition, to request the information, it is not necessary to have a balance to do so.

On the other hand, if you need to dial another person or send them a text message so that their number is reflected, there if you need to have a balance to do so.

How to know my clear number in other countries

It is important to note that this company is present in Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, etc. If you are in these countries, you must follow the following:

Claro Peru

To know their number, in this country, the citizen must first send a message to the 779 with the word «Number.» Finally you will receive a message with your respective number.

Claro Argentina

You must follow the same steps as with Claro Peru, send a text message to 779 with the word «Number», then you will receive a reply with your cell phone number.

Claro Guatemala

In this case, the citizen must send a message to the 5888 with the word «Number», you will receive a message back with your respective phone number.

Claro Chile

Send a text message to 6863 with the word «Number»You will then receive another message but with your cell phone number.

Advantages of Claro

Having Claro Colombia has the following advantages:

  • Having more data and speed, you can enjoy the entertainment and content you want
  • You can upload more stories.
  • To make video calls
  • To play online
  • Watch streaming videos
  • Download files faster
  • You can connect multiple devices at the same time

Benefits of the Claro Postpaid Service

Claro Colombia offers multiple postpaid service benefits, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Citizens can listen to free music without consuming their data.
  2. By activating your account you can enjoy watching series and movies you want.
  3. Having this plan, the citizen can choose to increase the capacity of storage without losing your information.
  4. They can create a group with 5 people, all destinations of any operator or national landline, speaking unlimitedly.
  5. They have the tool to prevent theft on your cell phones, registering it in the IMEI.
  6. You can dial the code 00444 for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico, getting 500 minutes.
  7. Having WhatsApp you will not spend plan data.
  8. You can enjoy as many times as you want with the postpaid plan.
  9. You have enough minutes to all operators.
  10. You can take advantage of speaking having more minutes Claro to all mobile operators and for national landlines.
  11. The citizen can control who communicates to the line by checking the identifier mailbox.
  12. With the call waiting service they can make or receive a new call during a previous call.
  13. Having this plan, they will tell you when the person is available.
  14. It has 4G voice, calls with better range, higher quality audio and clarity in sound.
  15. You can be connected to any wifi connection to make the calls you want.

Claro Services

Claro Colombia offers users multiple services that are divided into the following:

  • Cell phones and technology
  • Postpaid Plans
  • Switch to Postpaid
  • Home
  • Go prepaid
  • Prepaid plans
  • Enter my clearing

Cell phones and technology

In this section of the web portal from Claro Colombia, citizens can purchase any mobile device they want. From console PS4 plus two controllers + FIFA has a value of at least $ 1,999,900.

You can buy a Apple Watch, invest in a 4K Smart TV. Cell phones like Samsung Galaxy A71, Iphone 12, Motorolas, Xiomas.

Depending on the time of year, the person can find good deals on any of these electronic gadgets.

Postpaid Plans

You can choose a 8GB plan , without consumption limits for Facebook or more, which has a value of $ 61,900 per month with VAT included for two eligible applications. For 500 Min.

There is a plan 15 GB, without consumption limits for Instagram, Facebook or more, it has a cost of $ 69,900 per month with VAT included for three eligible applications. For 500 min.

You can access the plan 25 GB, without consumption limit for Instagram, Facebook or more. It has a cost of $ 79,900 per month with VAT included for three eligible applications.

The one of 35 GB, with no consumption limit for Instagram, Facebook or more, it has a value of $ 99,900 monthly with VAT included for 4 eligible apps. For 500 Min.

Free plans, unlimited gigs and minutes, it has a cost of $ 129,900 per month with VAT included, for 750 Min and the same with 1200 Min, has a value of $ 169,900 per month with VAT included.

Switch to Claro Postpaid

In Claro Colombia web portal, the user has the opportunity to switch to Postpaid. You only need to complete the following information: the type of product, the city, your telephone number and mark the fields. You will then need to follow the instructions.

In case you want to check the status of your application, it is necessary to enter the following information: the number of your cell phone of the application and the number of the registered document.

Claro will inform you in the event that your application has been rejected. They will send you a text message highlighting this type of information.


Claro home services can access internet plans, tripleplay, landlines and digital television.

For internet plans, it has from 50 megabytes to a maximum of 300 megabytes, from $ 81,900 to $ 259,900.

On digital television you can find plans from $ 73,900 to $ 119,900. The first has 101 standard channels, with 62 H channels, with two HD decoders and the second has 136 standard channels, with 102 HD channels, with a new HD TV decoder.

The outstanding plans of fixed telephony, can be found from $ 52,900, for national long distance, also for international 30-minute plan, etc.

The tripleplay service can be accessed from your remote control, it can also record your favorite shows.

The benefits of home services are:

  • You can activate your account to enjoy the content you want, like series and movies.
  • It has a programming guide that you can handle from quick and easy way.
  • To use your controls, a guide is available to configure it correctly.
  • You can easily measure the speed of your Internet connection.
  • It has exclusive channels.

Go Prepaid

To switch to prepaid plans, the citizen first has to fill in their personal information.

You can always receive 2 for 1 in all your packages while you can enjoy the signal with greater coverage and range.

Prepaid Plans

You can activate the package you want by dialing * 611 #. If it is for 6 days for $ 6,000, you have 170 MB of navigation, unlimited text messages and minutes.

for 10 days for $ 10,000, is 400 MB navigation, with unlimited text messages and minutes.

20 days for $ 20,000, has 850 MB of navigation, unlimited messages and calls and the 30-day $ 40,000 1.8 Gb of navigation, unlimited messages and minutes.

Claro Centers

In the web portal you can search for the service center closest to your location. First you must place the type of branches, it can be mobile, express or fixed, with their respective schedules.

All the centers of attention that exist will appear on the map, the one you choose will be indicated on the map.

Finally, you can access the My Claro service so that you can find out your Claro number.

What is Claro?

Claro is an integrated telecommunications services company in Latin America. In addition, they are the 4 globally in terms of mobile subscribers.

By 2018, this super important company worldwide has at least:

  • About 279 million of mobile subscriptions
  • At least 33.0 million of landlines.
  • 28.6 million of broadband accesses.
  • At least 21.5 million of pay tv units.

We are located in Plaza Claro Carrera 68A Nº.24B-10 in Torre 1 Bogotá- Colombia.

For more information you can call +57 174 29797 and +57 173 00500


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