How to Know my Colpatria Extracts: Benefits, Registration and MORE

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Colpatria is a very important Colombian financial institution in this article by How to Know my Colpatria Extracts, you will find the answers you are looking for.

This financial institution offers a great diversity of financial products as well as excellent customer service. It has the Virtual Banking system that facilitates all types of transactions and that is done quickly and with total security.

Read this interesting article that will surely clarify all your concerns regarding the subject.

How do I know my Colpatria Extracts?

To obtain the Colpatria extracts you can do it whether you are registered or not. In both cases the procedure to follow is simple and practical.

Statements in Virtual Banking if you are registered

The steps to follow are those:

  • Enter the ScotiaBank Colpatria web portal or Virtual Banking.
  • Likewise, it should be located in the upper right part where it indicates «Get into».
  • Next, a catalog of options is displayed, you must choose «Virtual Banking for People».
  • In addition, you must place the login username and password To the system.
  • Look for the product for which you want to get the Colpatria extract.
  • Now, you must click on the three dots that are in the corner of the selected product.
  • A menu with options:
    • Payments.
    • Excerpts.
    • Certificates.
    • Movements
    • Rediffer.
    • To block.
    • Advances.
  • After select extracts, should indicate the month you want to consult. Extracts for the last twelve months are available.
  • Additionally, enter the identification document number as the login password.

Statements in Virtual Banking without being registered

To obtain the statements of Colpatria’s banking products and you are not registered in Scotiabank Colpatria’s Virtual Banking, you must follow these instructions:

  • Enter the portal of the Scotiabank Colpatria Virtual Banking.
  • It should be located in the upper right where it says: «Get into».
  • Immediately unfolds the options catalog such as:
    • Virtual Banking People.
    • Virtual Business Banking.
    • Pines Scotiabank Colpatria.
    • Certificates of tradition and freedom.
    • IATA payments.
    • I pay DIAN taxes.
    • Payment Pila SOI.
    • Extracts and certifications.
  • Should select Excerpts and certifications.
  • Then a tab with other options What are they:
    • Consultation of extracts.
    • Change of opening code of statements.
    • Forgetting the opening code of statements.
    • Tax certificates.
    • Peace and Safe Consultation.
    • Commission Certificate.
    • Circular Doce and VTU.
  • Click on Consult extracts and continue.
  • You must choose the document type:
    • Citizenship card.
    • Foreigner ID.
    • Passport.
  • Proceed to enter the number of the selected document.
  • Select the kind of product what do you want to do the query, Colpatria extracts:
    • Savings account.
    • Current account.
    • Credit card.
    • Contracts
    • SAT credit card.
    • Certificate of Circular Twelve and VTU commissions.
  • You must click on Continue and you can see the excerpt for the product you have selected.

How to Know my Colpatria Extracts: Benefits of the Consultation

ScotiaBank Colpatria offers Colombian clients benefits and allows a different experience with the use of products and services. Within the benefits offered by consulting the extracts are:

  • You can access the basic information of product data.
  • Likewise, at detailed information on movements of the products.
  • It allows saving paper in the printing of the extract.
  • What’s more, can access from anywhere.
  • It has available to Colpatria users more than 700 ATMs.
  • They can do daily withdrawals for 2,700 pesos.
  • Plus, a handling fee on checking or savings accounts.
  • Allows the download of Colpatria extracts.

How to Know my Colpatria Extracts: Registration

Through Colpatria’s online banking, you can access all the services that Colpatria offers safely, easily and quickly. It does not matter where you are, at any time and any day of the year you can have the services.

To consult the extracts of the products, it is not an absolute requirement to be registered. But if you want to enjoy all the benefits of belonging to the Colpatria platform, you must make the corresponding registration.

Make the Registration It is simple and does not imply any cost, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Enter the web portal of Scotiabank Colpatria.
  • You must locate in the upper right part of the page the link that indicates «Register Here» and press.
  • Also, you must indicate the identification that you are going to use for the income, which can be:
    • Identity card.
    • Diplomatic card.
    • Passport
    • Foreigner ID.
    • Tax identification number (NIT).
  • Then enter the identification number you have selected.
  • For security, Colpatria Virtual Banking sends a message to the mobile phone or to the email address with a confirmation code.
  • In case of not recognizing the means of contact, indicate by clicking on «I want to update my data.»
  • You must enter the six-number code in the space provided for this.
  • The confirmation code has an expiration time.
  • Likewise, if you have not received the code, you can press where it says: «You did not receive the Code.»
  • After entering the confirmation code, you are redirected to another page to define the login details for ScotiaBank Colpatria’s Virtual Banking.
  • You must indicate a username and password.
  • Afterwards, you must verify the key and accept the legal terms and conditions.
  • Finally, a registration confirmation message appears and inviting you to enter Virtual Banking.

Virtual Platform Services

The services that can be enjoyed through the Colpatria web platform are the following:

  • Allows you to perform the payment of public services.
  • Also, you can pay the taxes and the products offered by Colpatria.
  • In addition, it allows make transfers between accounts of Colpatria and also of other banking institutions.
  • Likewise, it facilitates the cell phone recharge.
  • Requests can be made for Cash advance by credit card.
  • Similarly, credit cards can be blocked.
  • You can make the request for consultation and download of the digital extracts and the certificates.
  • You can also do the check balances and of any movement made.
  • Also, you can authorize automatic debits.
  • In the same way, request an advance payment of wages.
  • Other services.

Also, it has available for consultation that requires the telephone numbers following:

  • In Bogota: 0317561616
  • In the city of Cali: 0324891616
  • Ibagué: 0382771616
  • Also, in Medellín: 0346041616
  • In Neiva: 0388631616
  • In the city of Pereira: 0363401616
  • Likewise, in Bucaramanga: 0376971616
  • Also, in Barranquilla: 0353851616
  • For Cartagena: 0356931616
  • In Cúcuta: 0375955195
  • In the city of Santa Marta: 0354365966
  • Villavicencio: 0386836126
  • For Valledupar: 0355898480
  • Also, in Popayán: 0328353735
  • Also, for the Rest of the Country: 018000522222.

How to Know my Colpatria Extracts: Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, there are various doubts and concerns regarding the subject in question, that is why in this section the questions most frequently asked by users are mentioned. Here are the frequently asked questions:

How many months do I have of my statements available through Online Banking?

The download of the extracts can be done from the last 12 months.

Are the digital statements different from the physical statements provided by the Banking Agency?

No, they are exactly the same, they contain the same information.

What password should I use to download the statements through Virtual Banking?

The password to use is the identity card of the owner of the financial product.

From what moment can I see my credit card statements?

Three days after the credit card was cut, you can view the corresponding statements.

What is Colpatria?

Colpatria is a company that belongs to a stable and growing business group in Colombia. It began in 1955 developing in different areas such as construction, insurance, banking, health, investments, infrastructure, mining and technology.

The Colpatria group has consolidated over time, belonging to Scotiabank that maintains investments in various companies. The Scotiabank Colpatria organization has a wide variety of exclusive financial products and services for the well-being of Colombian families and companies.

Likewise, in recent decades it has been the financial institution with the highest profitability and with the largest distribution network. Ample growth opportunities, solid administration, are some of the characteristics that stand out.

Banco Colpatria is the fifth largest financial group in the country, in addition to being the second largest issuer of credit cards.

They are precursors with the use of electronic banking or mobile banking at the service of users, facilitating banking transactions, allowing time savings and convenience in carrying out operations.

You have finished reading the article How to Know my Colpatria Extracts, and you know how easy and fast you can do it, now share this information so that others also know it.


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