How to Know My Contributions: Consultation, No Tax Code and MORE

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Have you ever wondered how to know my contributions? Then you should know what time it is easier and simpler for workers to know what is the balance that they have accumulated as a result of the working hours worked.

Contributions are the amount that the employer assigns to ANSES on behalf of each worker. This money allows workers to apply for retirement after completing their useful life and to use their income collected during the years of inactivity. For this reason, it is vital to keep a careful control on the contributions administered.

Keep reading and you will know more about How to Know My Contributions!

How to know my contributions in Argentina?

To understand contributions, you can access the service in different ways. Do it in the following way:

  • Register through the website of the bank that the employer uses to deposit the contributions into your payroll account.
  • The bank must be authorized by the Federal and Tax Administration, and you (the worker) must have the corresponding access code.
  • Enter the web portal ANSES.
  • Use the tax code to verify. If you don’t, you will only be able to get answers about the tax and whether it has been deposited by paying in whole or in part (depending on your circumstances).
  • Finally, you can view your contributions.

How to know my Contributions: Consult ANSES

Now, the question we generally ask ourselves How can I know my contributions?. That is the issue that worries most taxpayers. If you need to know the contributions you have accumulated to date in ANSES, you must do it as follows:

  • Access the technological platform of ANSES.
  • Then provide the government administered retirement code.
  • Subsequently, post the statements submitted by your bosses.
  • The terms and compensations that you have declared as an independent specialist or monotributista.
  • In the event that you cannot find data on the balances, it is most likely that the contributions will be made in an alternative retirement entity.

Finally, complete the retirement cycle and if you have commitments in a chosen bank and also in ANSES, you should do it where you have more commitments listed or acquired. At the moment when you have some commitments made with ANSES, you need to do the recognition of the administrations.

And therefore present them at the chosen bank to start the cycle. In addition, if you choose to search for the data related to your annuity commitments, you must enter the AFIP site and start the «Income code with expenses«. Finally, select the option for online commitments.

Similarly, if you decide to look for information on pension contributions, you must go to the website of the AFIP and activate «Access with CIF«. Similarly, choose online contribution services.

If you prefer to do it through electronic banking, you will see the option «Home Banking«, Which you can access through your social security password. The moment the data delivered to the framework alludes to the past period, you must perform a mandatory query on ANSES.

For monotributistas who want to know their payment information, they can use the service YES CAM (Information system for Autonomous and Monotributista taxpayers). There, you can get detailed information about the contributions you have made.

How to know my contributions: without tax code

If you want to check the contributions online without entering a tax code, you can do so through the service «blank job«. It is an online instrument that extraordinarily gave workers a relationship of dependency on SIPA (Fundamental Argentine Pension System).

You can get the information as follows:

  • You must enter the official page of blank job.
  • Find the section on obtaining services and verification of digital earned income certificates.
  • Subsequently, press the option «Enter a basic query without tax code«.
  • Then check the requested information: DNI number, surname, gender, CUIL number and the password that the system shows you.
  • Also, type Continue to check the last twelve periods that the system allows you to use.
  • Finally, link the phone number to receive information about the employer’s monthly payments.
  • Complete the process! You already have the answer, you do not need to know the tax law to know the contributions.

How to Know My Contributions: Contribution Sheet

In case you need to know how to understand the entered commitments, you should refer to the information above on collecting the recorded contributions. In the following way:

  • Providing the social security code and the CUIL, in the «Consultation» section of ANSES,
  • Also, you can personally consult the quote or employment history form.
  • This is a quick process and will take no more than 5 minutes.
  • However, we recommend that you keep the following in mind:
    • You should not enter the wrong password five times in a row, because the system will hang for an hour.
    • If you have been inactive for twelve months in the service, the user’s name will be removed.
    • Also, if you have any questions, you can call 130 from 8:00 am. 8:00 pm.

Frequent questions

When can I start applying for retirement?

When you are old enough, that is, when you complete 30 years of uninterrupted service, you can start the retirement cycle. Likewise, it is important to have all the contributions required by law listed.

Similarly, you have up to a quarter of a year before reaching the age necessary to start the cycle. You can collect your retirement contributions after you reach the required ages.

What do I do if I am old enough and do not have the contributions?

You can work two more years to make up for insufficient contribution years. In this way, you can make up for missing services.

If the contributions have been registered in the dependency relationship but have not yet reached the required amount, you can add them as freelancers or individual contributions.

What to do in a scenario where you are old enough but would rather not give up?

In this case, you can ask the employer to continue the employment relationship for a maximum of one year, or until you decide to retire. Everything is at the agreement of the parties involved.

Who can use the web administrations of the official ANSES website?

All dependents or independent workers (including monotributistas) in Argentina who have contributed to the services they provide over the years. In accordance with Law No. 26,425, these contents are incorporated into SIPA.

In the event that you work as staff in private homes, what data could you access in the online administration of the AFIP?

As long as you identify yourself with your CUIL or DNI, you can access the consultation like the rest of the staff. They can access pension information that has been recorded for payment in the last twelve months.

They may also have the following information:

  • Social security contributions.
  • And the contributions to social work.

And the workers in a dependency relationship?

These citizens will be able to know if:

  • The employer adds it to the affidavit, which must be filed monthly.
  • The total salary declared by the employer coincides with the salary registered in the payroll and the corresponding contributions have been paid.
  • To simplify this process, we recommend that you verify the receipt, if you find any discrepancies you can contact AFIP to solve this problem.
  • In the same way, you will be able to verify if the amount discounted for your retirement and work has been paid and announced Social.
  • Contributions are paid according to the responsibilities of the employer. The funds have been transferred to social work to make the necessary donations.
  • Contributions that have been sent to YES DAD (if appropriate). The employer records the characteristics and general information about you and the ART (Occupational Risk Insurer).
  • If you are self-employed or monotax, where do your funds go? With the help of the services of YES CAM, you can access this information.

How can I get the secret code from the service Home Banking?

You can use the card issued by her to obtain this information at the ATM of the registered bank. Request it by entering the option «key» and later «local bank«.

Ready! With this password, you can access the bank’s website and check the contributions in the «AFIP service«. Also, if you have any questions about how to find out your contribution balance, It doesn’t have to be complicated! By quickly visiting the website of ANSES, you will find the information you need.

What are Retirement Contributions?

The pension refers to the remuneration corresponding to the time of service and age of the worker. The process usually begins with a 60-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man. Likewise, they must have contributed at least 30 years.

Depending on the characteristics of the workers and the activities they carry out, there are also different conditions.

How to know if the contributions are up to date?

The ANSES website lets workers know if their employers paid their fees on time and correctly. To make an inquiry and see if your donation is up to date, you must:

  • Enter ANSES, you can access quickly through the web portal of the official page.
  • Then enter the social security code.
  • Look for the quick query option and then select the item from work experience consultation.
  • Ready! Now you can verify that the employer has made contributions according to the current deadline.

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