How to know my Entel Number in Peru: DNI, Services and MORE

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Taking into account that Entel is one of the most prestigious telecommunications companies in Peru, thanks to its great variety and quality of services, it gives us the opportunity to find out How to know my Entel Number in Peru?

You will find, how to know your number using the DNI, what are the services provided by Entel, information about the website of this operator. As well as, what is Entel, and some frequently asked questions that users ask themselves, we will clarify their doubts.

How to know my Entel Number in Peru?

There are different ways to know your Entel line number, among which are the following:

  • Making a phone call, or send a text message to one of the contacts you have on your mobile, and ask them to send you your phone number.
  • In the event that you have the WhatsApp application installed on your mobile, you have the opportunity to know your number.
  • Check your phone line bill, the number of your Entel line will appear specifically on it.
  • By telephone.
  • Entering the Entel official website, accessing the option that says «Number Query».
  • Checking the Entel number with the mobile phone, calling * 1 #. Immediately, a message with your cell phone number will be displayed on the screen.

How to know my Entel Number in Peru: Using the DNI

Another way to find out your Entel number in Peru, starting from another operator, is through the website of that operator. However, the review it cannot be done with the DNIInstead, you should have the SIM number, the telephone number or in any case the Nextel number at hand.

This procedure is very easy, just follow the following guidelines:

  1. Enter the official website of Entel, choose the alternative of «Number Query».
  2. Enter the information requested and click where it says «Consult».
  3. Automatically, your number will be reflected mobile phone.

Services offered by Entel

Regarding the services that Entel offers in Peru, there are those of: Fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, mass text messages, and international roaming. In addition, they are available nationwide.

Prepaid Mobile Telephony

This type of service is the one where is amortized in advance, a specific amount of money to the operator. It includes an internet package, also minutes available in calls or SMS text messages, which are easy for users to use.

On the other hand, Prepaid Mobile Telephony provides services such as: Recharge system, prepaid mobile internet, activate your prepaid chip, long distance and roaming, prepower, prepaid rates, my Entel lite and prepaid bags. If you want more information, you can access this link.

Postpaid Mobile Telephony

This service is paid every end of the month. It offers three (3) postpaid plans known as: Entel Power of different speeds (13, 18 and 24 Gb). With this service, all plans have unrestricted internet, calls and roaming.

Landline Telephony

Landline telephony uses a telephone with a line, and used only on a specific site, it is usually in a house. This operator has a prepaid wireless plan, which can be requested through its web portal.

Wireless Fixed Broadband

This service provides three (3) speeds: 5, 10 and 20 mbps, and with a service without limits. It is specifically aimed at the business sector. For more information, you can enter the Entel website.

Entel Web Portal

With regard to the Entel web portal in Peru, just by entering you have clearly available all the services available to its users. This with the aim that, have an optimal experience through its platform.

The alternatives for both individuals and companies appear on the screen. Now, the first options that you will find in people are the following:

  • The cell of your dreams.
  • Migrates to Entel.
  • Renew your equipment.
  • Free teams.
  • Apple world.
  • Buyback program.
  • Pay my bill.
  • I want to recharge.
  • Internet home.
  • Ask for help.

In the case of companies, the following will appear:

  1. Buy new line.
  2. Migrate to Entel.
  3. I want mobile internet.
  4. Buy bags.
  5. Download your consumptions.
  6. Top up my balance.
  7. See internet plans.
  8. Pay my bill.
  9. Pay my orders.
  10. Change plans.
  11. Replenish my chip.
  12. Check my balance.
  13. See detail of my plan.
  14. See my billing.

How to know my Entel Number in Peru: What is Entel?

Entes is a telecommunications company of Chilean origin. Created on August 31, 1964, it began as a state company, and in 1992 it was privatized. At present, it is the largest telecommunications company in Chile, present in most information technology services.

It should be noted that the satellite transport of radio and television signals, satellite television, the internet, and fixed and cellular telephony are some of the services that this prestigious company provides at the communications level.

For the month of April 2013, Entel absorbs the company Nextel Peru. Likewise, by October 2014, it began its activities with Entel Peru, and it quickly ranks as the telecommunications company with the greatest progress in the country.

After developing its technological advances, we can say that Entel has the largest number of mobile phone users in Peru.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How can I top up and check my balance at Entel?

If you have a balance on your Entel line, you can dial * 144 #. Then choose alternative 1 and then submit. To continue, choose where it says Suns and send again. Likewise, you can carry out this process starting from the application, where you have the possibility of reviewing, recharging and canceling your balance.

In the event that you cannot make the query or recharge through the App or * 144 #, you can enter the official website of Entel, provide the information they ask for and follow the process according to what they suit you requesting.

What are the advantages that Entel offers?

Apart from fixed, postpaid, prepaid, and internet telephony services, Entel has other services, related to work and entertainment. Similarly, you can access the official website of Entel, and in the promotions section there are all the possibilities that you have available.

How can I activate my Entel chip?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to be the chip owner, have a unlocked mobile phone and of course sign up for an Entel plan. There are two (2) ways to proceed to activate the chip, and these are:

Through an SMS

  • The first thing is insert the chip on the cell phone.
  • Then you must dial * 125 # and press the «Call» option.
  • Put your ID, click where it says «Send».
  • Write the date you were born.
  • If you know what your town center is, choose 2 and enter the name. If you don’t know it, press 1.
  • Select the plan you want to hire.
  • Corroborates the request of the plan, pressing alternative 1.
  • When the process was properly done, they will send you an SMS confirming that your chip was activated. If you have any difficulties, you can contact the Customer Service Center, to number 125.

Through the Mi Entel App

  1. The first step is to open the My Ente App. This can be downloaded by Play Store or Google Play.
  2. The next thing is to click where it says «I want you activate my chip ”.
  3. Place your ID, and choose the option to «Continue».
  4. Choose if you want a new number or keep the one you have. In the case of wanting to keep your number, write the information they ask for.

Can I migrate from another operator to Entel?

If you can, taking into consideration the following:

  • You must be the owner of the line you want to portal in Entel.
  • Record the updated identity document.
  • Present the latest portability management done in a time greater than two (2) months.
  • Do not have debts with the current operator.
  • Submit the portability request in writing to Entel. If you want, you can download the form through the operator’s official website.
  • If the management is done through a representative, you have to consign a power of attorney and the legal identity documentation of the representative.
  • Own a liberated mobile team.

How can I migrate from Movistar, Bitel or Claro to Entel?

In the case of wanting to migrate, starting from other telephone companies, you must do the following: Call Entel to the number 0800 09001 or by WhatsApp. After making the portability request, you will have a time between 24 and 48 hours to attend an Entel office and formalize the contract.

If you want to migrate from your mobile phone to Entel, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the Entel web portal.
  2. Then Select the option where it says «Prepaid» or «Postpaid».
  3. Choose the «Migrate» alternative.
  4. Select the plan or device you prefer.
  5. Enter your phone number, and then an operator will contact you to complete the request.

The portability management takes at least 24 hours after making the request. In the case of subscribed or special users, and who have ownership in more than ten (10) telephone numbers, portability takes place in four (4) days.

How to know my Entel Number in Peru? Here you have different ways of how to know it, also, the steps to follow to achieve it. The intention of Entel is that its users can carry out their operations in a simple and optimal way through its services.

We hope we have helped you with your process, taking into consideration that this is a question that is frequently presented by users. Luck!


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