How to Know My Gross Income Number: Calculation, AGIP and MORE

How to Know my Gross Income Number, find out everything related to this type of tax in order to understand the entire process and inspection that it implies.

In this article we let you know all the procedures and standards necessary related to this topic, eliminating some common unknowns that will help you easily understand this process.

How do I know my Gross Income Number?

It is important to know the number of gross income, since it will allow you to pay a jurisdictional and indispensable tax. The transaction will require the Tax Law of the province in which you are developing the Comercial activity.

For this you must process a Proof of Registration In Gross Income, it is an agile and fast procedure. Also, there is a way you can get it via Internet

This certificate certifies the taxpayers who apply to this type of regulation of the Argentine State. Since it allows workers to comply with their Fiscal obligations.

How to Know My Gross Income Number: Calculation

Usually doubts arise related to how to calculate the gross income assigned to an account.

In order to do this work, companies are obliged to act as IIBB Withholding Agents in the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA).

Thus allowing a automatic method from income calculation Gross from the information available in the taxpayer database.

It should be noted that the calculation plan will only be available if you join the ENTERPRISE (Copply) plans, in ARBA. You can register by entering the following link: Colppy | Colppy – Online Management System for SMEs and Accountants.

If you meet that requirement, the steps to perform the calculation are as follows:

  • Select button «Setting»
  • Click on it check box that will be shown on the screen and then press the button «Automatically calculate ARBA withholdings / earnings»
  • Select the Buenos Aires province to proceed to the configuration of jurisdictions.
  • When the payment is charged to the supplier, the invoice will be validated. At that time you must select the option «IIBB withholdings»
  • The platform will consult in its database the ARBA registry obtained for the quota corresponding to the Provider’s CUIT.
  • The calculation is made automatically based on the net amount of the applied invoices.
  • In the case of a current provider, and that in the payment the button to make retention has not been chosen, Copply will show a warning informing you about the situation so that you do not overlook that step.
  • Once the payment has been made with the IIBB withholding, select the option «Save and print» to finish the process. At the end it will show you a document in format PDF to verify that everything is in order.

How to Know My Gross Income Number: Who Should Pay It?

The persons or organizations that must compulsorily cancel the Gross Income assigned by the AFIP are those who spend or invoice the amount determined by this entity. In addition, they must be monotributistas and have an active trade in possession.

To know if you enter the monotax category you must comply with the following requirements.

  • If you are a merchant
  • Owner of a factory.
  • You have a professional title.
  • You dedicate yourself to a trade.
  • You are an agricultural producer

You must pay attention that the amount to pay depends on the level and activity in which you qualify. Likewise, fees are paid twice a month through the AFIP.

Through time Gross income laws have suffered a considerable amount of reforms in which amounts have been excluded in the following cases:

  • When the goods have been created by work done in relation to a college degree certificate.
  • Individuals who have a profession in a liberal way, in which intelligence stands out.
  • Citizens who are specialists in jobs related to the photo manipulation and the florists that do not have their own establishment.
  • The individuals who rent their property.
  • Organizations, health sites, places where car sales take place, old tool stores. Although, in these situations it must be borne in mind that to validate these exceptions they must have Declared jurisdictions already processed.

How to know my Gross Income Number: Proof of Enrollment

The Proof of Registration Gross Income is a very important proof that any citizen can acquire, you only need to be a taxpayer and correctly approach the requirement established by the IIBB.

Its relevance lies in the fact that it serves to validate inspections or records required by the state.

All regulations are structured thanks to AFIP and it is obliged to offer explanations and solutions to those citizens who do not comply with this tax.

Complete the procedures to obtain the Proof of Registration It does not have many complications, you just have to apply the indications that will be explained below:

  • The first step to follow is to enter the official website of AFIP in the following link:
  • When opening the page, locate there the space that says «Link Constancias»
  • Once this action is carried out, click on the Link that says «Gross income»
  • Once inside you must enter the CUIT code that you must have in possession.
  • The system will assign you a security code.
  • Select option «Consult».
  • The page database will quickly give you your Proof of Registration (It is recommended to print it instantly).

There is another way to check your registration certificate and it is through the ARBA official portal, it is a more extensive method than the previous one, but it has the same result. For this you only need to take into account the following and do what it asks:

  • The first thing to do is enter the official portal of ARBA in the next link: ARBA | Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Once inside, locate the tax menu, there you must select the option «gross income».
  • Then select the procedure menu and choose the Link Alta IB or AR button.
  • Then you must fill in all the spaces with the information requested, select the taxpayer and press «continue».
  • Then you will be asked to enter all the Tax data and the commercial activities that you carry out.
  • Then place your Fiscal Trade and confirm it.
  • You must immediately press the option «TO DECLARE»
  • Finally, the page will send a message to your email address with your proof of gross income, offering you the option to download it and if you wish, print it.

Administration Government Revenue (AGIP)

The Government Administration of Public Revenue (AGIP) is an autarkic organization of Argentina, it was created in 2007 and is the main leader in charge of managing the base statistics and tax of Buenos Aires. Among its functions are:

  • Have all the necessary methods for the collection, and delivery of an adequate service that offers attention and beneficial information for the nation.
  • Lead the base statistics of Buenos Aires, organize censuses and formalize surveys in the same, and finally make constant studies on the fiscal area with the Government.

The procedures that handle AGIP They are varied, among them are: paying real estate taxes, registering gross income, requesting a tax refund, among others.

For more information you can consult the official sources on its main website, here we leave you the link to save your time.

What is Gross Income?

Gross income is the original amount monetary unaffected by taxes that is incorporated into the budget of a national entity or business.

It is also commonly called Net income For which simply in a few words it is the total representation of the salary, income or capital obtained before being altered by national taxes.

And at the business level this term is used to mention or distinguish goods that adhere to the budget or capital of an entity or company. Either a public company or a private one.

Once we understand how the world of gross income and taxes works, we learn that we must have control of it to avoid problems that can end in legal disputes.

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