How to know my ID: Application, In Case of Loss and MORE

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How to know my DNI, in all the countries of the world they have a mandatory identification system called DNI, which takes the personal information of citizens to maintain order in the population. In the case of Argentina it would not be different, normally each Argentine is assigned a DNI at birth.

But at certain times, the doubt of How to know my ID. In the following article we explain all the doubts and unknowns that surround this important national identity document.

How to know my ID in Argentina.

A DNI is a document processed at the nearest office of Civil registers and in the Rapid Documentation Centers (CDR).

The structure of the DNI consists by two (2) faces main, the first contains the identification number of the laser pad, a photo, the names and surnames of the citizen and finally the identification number.

In addition, it attaches the country of origin, gender, the date of issue and expiration, the digital code registered in the national data and the user’s signature.

In the second face we can observe the digital identification barcode, the place of residence, the date of birth and the fingerprint of each person.

The fingerprints They are the unrepeatable own brands of each human being, it is located on the fingers of the hand.

Identity documents they always have details that make them unique, for example, Argentina is differentiated by the various manuscripts, nanotexts and images of the national territory that are in it.

The DNI is a unique document and of great relevance for the residents of each country, thanks to the fact that it proves the identity of a person, a right established in the National Constitution.

DNI request.

The DNI in Argentina is processed by first time When a baby is born, this process is carried out by its parents or guardians. Then you have to update it twice in the future:

  • By fulfilling the 5 years old.
  • By fulfilling the 14 years old.

If a situation of loss, expiration, Stole and change of address, you have to renew the DNI because it can end in a severe fine.

There is also the option of removing a new one if there is modifications in our identity, as mentioned in the following list:

  • Change of name and surname.
  • Gender change.

For request a DNI for the first time you just have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have in possession of the original birth certificate of the baby.
  • Have in possession of the identification document of the father, or in his absence representative.

If the minor cannot be present for health reasons, you must process the DNI for the newborn 0 year – Provisional.

In this case you must locate a medical certificate that indicates the condition and the diagnosis it is in and the number of individual enrollment of the baby.

It is important to bear in mind that the validity of the certificate lasts for 30 days.

The sites to carry out these procedures vary by state, if your baby was born in Rosario, Córdoba, Buenos Aires or La Plata, you can get a shift online In the next link

The babies that they were not born in the states mentioned, they have to be presented personally at the nearest civil registry office. Before going, you must fill in the following online form: Take your turn (

When the minor enters school phase (Eight years) you have to request one DNI update, this procedure has a value of $ 300, what you need to request it is described in the following steps:

  • Your identity document.
  • In the event that the minor is under the care of a legal guardian, have possession of the judicial testimony of guardianship.
  • The ID of the minor.

The last DNI update is made when complying 14 years (maximum 15), for this process the father’s presence or legal representative, the minor only needs to have to pay a fee of $ 300 and report to the nearest offices.

If you need to know which offices are available near your place of residence, visit the following link: DNI Update of over 14 years |

What to do if I lose it

The loss of DNI is very common in the population, many people inadvertently forget it somewhere or in the worst cases, lose it due to a robbery.

Without the DNI You will not be able to put documents in your name, and if it is a long time after the loss, you would be infringing a crime, being able to fine you for it.

Therefore, the procedures in these cases must be done as quickly as possible, it is not very difficult, you just have to follow the Next steps:

  • If you lose your ID, product a a theft, report and ask for your certificate in the nearest police station.
  • Go to the nearest civil registry office and state your case.
  • Follow all the indications that the administrative staff.

For more information consult: Update the DNI from 5 to 8 years for Argentines |

What to do when it expires?

The DNI from the day of issue, has a duration of 14 years, regardless of whether they are Argentine or foreign natural citizens.

There is an option to update your ID without having to go directly to the civil registry offices, it is a virtual method made by the Government of Argentina that will allow you to renew this document from the comfort of your home.

The first thing you have to do is register in My Argentina, this page will serve as an alert function that will notify you when the time to update your ID is near. Here is the link: Get into | My Argentina.

From there, look for the option of expired objects, select the DNI and follow all the instructions that the page asks for in order to obtain the new updated document.

Advantages of the Electronic DNI.

At year 2017 A new modality was implemented in Argentina, giving birth to a new identity card, also known as National Electronic Identity Document (DNIe).

This type of ID substitute to the old green-cover notebooks and identity cards. It stands out for being a document of easy transport and use.

The new digital modality increased the security indexes to carry out procedures online, thus avoiding identity fraud.

Likewise, it improved the distribution of the conventional identity document, thus saving time and resources.

It is even used to carry out bank procedures in a way simple and fast.

Thanks to technological advance and modernization of Argentina, we can enjoy these benefits just by entering your website and pressing a few clicks.

What is the DNI?

The DNI is the unique record of the identity of each citizen born in a specific territory. It can also be obtained by foreigners who reside for two years or more in the region

These documents are processed by RENAPER (National Registry of Persons).

For those who do not know this state institution, it is a set of offices distributed throughout the country that are in charge of processing actions related to the civil status of citizens.

This document was initially issued in the year 1968 as an Enrollment Book (ET). Assigned to the men who would meet the compulsory military service.

As the years passed, it was suspended and replaced, from 2017 by the electronic DNI. This new document has the appearance of a green cover card, with the size measurements of 8.60 cm wide and 5.38 cm high.

The DNI in a certain way keeps the population under control, facilitating the Lifestyle of each one. No one can take anyone’s identity, as this would be identity fraud.

Knowing this, we realize that it is essential to always keep our ID with us to avoid problems with the law, and in case we lose it or it is stolen we only have to follow the procedures to be followed by the state.

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