How to know my Identity Card Number: What it is for, What it is and MORE

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You must be aware that every Colombian, upon turning 7 years old, must be presented by their parents to a Registrar to receive their Identity Card. That is why you must be interested in How to know my Identity Card Number.

You know that this card proves your identity in different situations. So you are interested in reading this article.

How do I know my Identity Card Number?

It is of course necessary that you have an identity card so that you can Consult your number. Before you are 7 years old, you have the information from the Civil Registry of Birth that works for you as identification.

After you turn 7 years old, you must manage your pink identification card. When you turn 14 years old, you have to remove the blue one with biometric technology that collects your information so that it is impossible for it to be replicated and falsified.

Once you reach the age of majority, you have to process the citizenship card. This will become your identity document until the last of your days. So you must take care of it and always be up to date with it.

For everything related to your identity card, you have the service of the Registrar of the Republic of Colombia. Just by calling 357 82 40 if you live in Bogotá or 01 8000 52 1112 for the rest of the country, you will be able to check if your identity card has already been processed so that you can pick it up. In this way, you will be able to know your identification card number at any time.

We are interested in making everything very clear to you. It is important that you are interested in how to know your identity card number, because it will be useful if you are still a minor and have lost your card.

Well, so that you know your identity card number, simply enter the portal where Colombians can do their errands and use online services to find all this information. This portal is the «Yes virtual».

This platform allows you to carry out procedures in a simple and effective way on-line. Follow these steps:

  • Enter to Sivirtual portal.
  • Click on «Enter public user»
  • You will see the following menu displayed:
  • Type of Civil Registry
  • Search type
  • Civil Registry Serial
  • Identification Number (Nuip / Nip / Identity Card)
  • Surname
  • Second surname
  • First name
  • Second name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Verification image

Since what you are looking for is to know your identity card number, do not take the Serial Civil Registry and Identification Number fields. Just by registering your data in the other fields and clicking on Search Civil Registry, the number of your identity card will appear.

It only matters that you enter your names, surnames and date of birth so that you can see how easy it will be to have your identity card number.

How to know my Identity Card Number: What is it for?

As we have already told you, the Identity Card is the document that will personalize you as a Colombian citizen. Please note that it is a unique and distinctive number.

We inform you that you will currently see two formats:

  • the pink identity card for minors between 7 and 13 years old, and
  • the biometric blue card that corresponds to young people between 14 and 17 years old.

You should know that it is mandatory that you present young people when it comes to renewing and changing their identity cards when it is their turn.

It is important that you know that thanks to this biometric blue card is almost impossible to counterfeit. Take a good look, on the back you will see a barcode where it has the biometric information (RH blood group, sex, height).

To complete with your color photograph, full names and surnames, your signature, the place and date of your birth and expedition, and your fingerprint. Detail it, also take some micro-texts and security paper that efficiently block a forgery attempt.

Now, you must be very attentive to the issuance time of this document. It lasts between 1 and 4 months while they process your application and document or that of your child or represented. They will give you a title that they call a unique password that will do the same until they give you your blue identity card.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the pink card is automatically delivered to you when you go to process it.

You have one month to submit a correction request if there is a problem with your blue ID card. We want you to know that this adjustment has no cost. Only if you allow the time provided for the rectification of the document to pass.

How to know my Identity Card Number: Check my Old Number

Here we are going to guide you so that you know some rules that can help you check your old identity card number.

You should know that, if your ID was issued before 2003, you keep the same number and you should not change it to the unique personal identification number (NUIP) system.

Other information that we are sure you will be interested in knowing is that minors under 18 who already have their personal identification number should use it until they have their citizenship card and with it their NUIP.

It is essential that you know that as of 2004 only unique personal identity numbers are assigned. Look closely, since then the numbering starts from one billion (1,000,000,000) without differentiating the genders or ages of the holders.

How do I know if my ID is Ready?

At this point we are interested in knowing now the different ways you have to check if your identity card is ready. You can do it by phone or through the internet.

If you choose the telephone option, you have to use the service of the Registry of the Republic. Call 357 82 40 if you are in Bogotá; and to the number 01 8000 52 1112 if you are located in another part of Colombia. This way you can check if your identity card is ready to go and look for it.

When choosing the online service, you will see how convenient it is to follow these steps:

  • Enter the Registrar’s page. Go to the box that indicates this phrase: «Where do I claim my identity document?».
  • Then there you must register the unique password number assigned to you. This way you will be informed about how your process is going.
  • After all this, and when you receive your identity document, review it in detail and check that all your information is correct on the form.

This last step is essential, since, if you find any inconsistency or error in time, You have one month to return the card to the center that processed your document.

Do it right and avoid running out of your card correctly: it is your identity and all your legal proceedings will depend on it. Let’s go back to the process.

The center will be in charge of rectifying the incorrect information. Be aware that, if you exceed the period of one month to present the card, you will be charged the amount that is decreed. Then they will manage your reprint.

What is the Identity Card and what is its History?

We have already traveled the necessary path with you so that you can detail everything about How to know my Identity Card Number. It seems important to us that you know more about the importance of the Identification Card. Finish reading what we love you tell.

This document is the first of many formal documents that open the doors to the different procedures and processes that you have to go through to live in society.

With this card, the State will be able to ensure that no citizen is left without this lasting and unique record, which is the only identity certificate of a minor until he reaches his adult life.

To close we want to tell you a little about the origin of this document and the transformations it has undergone since it exists.

Look how interesting, the identity card was born in Colombia in 1970 and the first card was granted in January 1972. For At that time it was granted to children and adolescents between 7 and 21 years old. Were you already born? Did you know this? Well keep reading that there is more history.

In 1975, you may already know, Colombians could already be 18 years of age or older. Then look what happened: the age limit for the identity card was changed.

You can’t imagine how the numbers were assigned to the cards. We find it interesting that you know that In 1972, the Personal Identity Number (PIN) system consisted of 11 digits distributed in two sections:

  1. The basic part was 6 digits which was the date of birth: year, month and day. Isn’t it good to know this?
  2. And the other part, the complementary part, you had the remaining 5 digits assigned by the system and that you were different from one person to another.

Super interesting that you know where those numbers come from that you must always remember!

Perhaps already approaching the new millennium everything sounds more familiar and closer to you. It was in the year 2000 that the PIN of the identity card became a Unique Personal Identification Number (NUIP), with those 10 alphanumeric characters that you always see and that you should not forget. In 2004 the NUIP changed and became only numerical.

Today, as we already told you at the beginning of this article, there are two formats of identity cards: pink and blue. Look how wonderful! the National Registry of Civil Status is moving forward to unify the two identity card formats in a blue biometric identity card.

Everything is moving forward to ensure simpler and more standardized procedures. Thank you for your interest in reaching the end of the story.


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