How to know my Movistar Nicaragua Number: Consultation, Web and MORE

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Movistar is a company that has managed to rebound in Nicaragua with great success, that is why today we bring the topic on How to know my Movistar Nicaragua Number. This telephone company is one of the most important in the telecommunications area in the country.

Due to its excellent promotions, attention and an unsurpassed technical team, it has managed to satisfy the demands and requests of customers and users. Without a doubt, Movistar offers us the facility to know the telephone number that has been acquired, regardless of the reasons for which it is unknown.

Thus, this article deals with everything related to the subject, in addition to the services it offers to customers in the country and much more. Follow the reading that will surely give you data that until now you did not know.

How do I know my Movistar Nicaragua Number?

In Nicaragua, the telecommunications company helps its clients to recover the telephone number. It is the normal thing that the clients of the cellular companies want to know what the telephone number is. It is not significant for the company the reasons why it does not know or has lost the number.

So, to know the number of the Movistar Nicaragua chip, you must do the following:

Option 1

  • You should proceed to open the application calls on the mobile device.
  • Then you need to dial the number * 686 #.
  • Wait a few seconds for the Movistar Nicaragua number to appear on the screen of your mobile device.

Option 2

  • You must open the messaging application.
  • Write a message with the word “num”.
  • Then send the message to
  • Now, wait for the message with your phone number.

Option 3

If you are a user of online messages and registered with the digits of the Movistar Nicaragua chip, you can access the data in the corresponding application. You must go where the «Settings», touch the profile picture and look at the bottom of the screen to find the phone number.

Option 4

In case you do not have the application or are not registered with your Movistar Nicaragua number, the following methods are appropriate:

  • Communicate with a call to another phone number: You must call and hang up the call in this way, it is saved in the call history of that phone you called.
  • Has to check the contacts app: in certain telephone devices the number of the SIM card is automatically registered, the application must be reviewed in some cases it appears as: «My», «Me», «My Sim», «My Chip».
  • You can also check the bill for your Movistar Nicaragua chip or for the phone: When you buy the SIM card, find the phone number shown on the bill.
  • Check the box of the device: if you have bought the chip and the cell phone together, the box will surely contain the label with the corresponding specifications.

Movistar Balance Consultation and Customer Service

The services of Movistar Customer Service in Nicaragua is free. Its moderate use is recommended, so as not to exceed it and then the company makes the deduction of the value of the services to the Movistar Nicaragua telephone balance.

There is the option that allows you to communicate with the personalized service Movistar Nicaragua through the whatsapp number +50588880999. It is a service that is available 24 hours a day.

Of course, this is not the only option to find the Movistar Nicaragua phone number and go to customer service. Also, you can check this link.

Movistar offers an agile and close service to its customers and for this, this telecommunications company adopted new trends in the digital life of users by offering 24/7 customer support, that is, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customers and users They can make inquiries about balances and promotions, mobile phone locks and unlocks, billing inquiries, activation and deactivation of packages, internet settings, data update and details of calls and minutes consumed.

How to know my Movistar Nicaragua Number: Services offered by the Company

The services offered by Movistar Nicaragua are diverse and every day there are more services to customers, in addition to being optimal.

Telefónica has been present in Nicaragua through the Movistar brand since 2004. In addition, it offers the communication services in fixed telephony, cellular mobile telephony and also 3.5G Internet to private customers. The modalities are prepaid, controlled account and in post payment.

Movistar provides so-called integral solutions to companies and businesses in development in the country as allies in the communication area through products and services both nationally and regionally.

This telecommunications company has more than 2.8 million customers or users, being a leader in innovative products and services in Nicaragua. Has the offer of voice services, international roaming, advanced tools for making calls, data service, wireless service, wireless intranets and other corporate-type services.

Telefónica Movistar wants its brand to consolidate and have a presence just as its products are available and within the reach of everyone, thus reinforcing its leadership. The effectiveness of advertising and public relations is very significant for this telecommunications company.

The impact it has achieved with exposure in the television media, newspapers, magazines, radio, simple message service (SMS), social networks, among others, has been considerable.

Refering to Movistar mission in Nicaragua, is to be a leader in mobile communications, giving its clients an excellent service with a wide range of products, long distance, voice communication, data and mobile internet.

Movistar seeks to support the community in development, safeguards the interests of shareholders, privileges the application of solutions for customers. It also creates an environment conducive to the growth and development of employees.

On the other hand, Vision of Movistar Nicaragua It is to open the way to continue transforming realities into possibilities, to create value for employees, customers, shareholders, society and partners at a global level.

How to know my Movistar Nicaragua Number: Web Portal

Telefónica Movistar has been present in Latin America for 16 years, being the leader in operations in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and with operations in Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua , Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Uruguay.

The Movistar Nicaragua web portal that is active gets it in the following movistar link.

What is Movistar?

Telefónica Movistar is the Nicaraguan unit of this Spanish giant. Telefónica is based in Managua, Nicaragua. In addition, it is the mobile phone service provider. Currently, Movistar is Tigo in Nicaragua.

Movistar Nicaragua forms the South Region of Telefónica Latin America, with more than 2.8 million users of cellular mobile telephony, fixed telephony and internet. It has a network of service centers in the Departments of León, Masaya, Matagalpa, Rivas, Jinotepe, Juigalpa, Estelí, Chinandega and Granada.

Located in the Managua Shopping Center, MetroCentro, Plaza Inter, Sandino city, Tipitapa. It has three customer experience centers in Galerías Santo Domingo, Portales in Chinandega and Multicentro Las Américas.

Telefónica Movistar works to improve all clients and also:

  • It offers employees, workers and professionals an excellent place to work, retaining talent and providing opportunities for professional growth.
  • In the first place, it meets the needs of customers to achieve maximum satisfaction with the services and solutions it offers.
  • It also provides shareholders with the best growth and profitability in the telecommunications sector.
  • Movistar acts as a important engine of technological, social and economic development seeking to satisfy local markets.
  • Seeks to promote people’s values ​​and offer reliability to customers.
  • They seek to emphasize responsibility, effective and punctual compliance.

After reading How to Know my Movistar Nicaragua Number, you already have valuable and important information regarding this important telecommunications company. If you liked the information presented, we invite you to share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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