How to know my Movistar Number: Balance, Line and MORE

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How to know my Movistar Number, It is common to wonder when buying a new telephone line, not knowing what our number is, some even do not know how to activate it immediately.

In the following article we provide you with everything related to the Movistar operator so that you can carry out this process correctly.

How to know my Movistar Number in Costa Rica?

In the world, there are various companies that offer Telephone services. Among them stands out My number Movistar since it has offices distributed by certain parts of the world.

Acquire one telephone line Movistar does not have great difficulty, you just have to go to one of its offices or go to a store affiliated with this company. When obtaining it, the first thing you have to verify is what is the number assigned to your line.

Usually people manage to locate their number through the tool «SIM» in the phone’s operation menu.

If you have problems knowing your Movistar number.

Next, we present you different options and alternatives that will help you solve all your doubts, so fast, efficient and accessible.

Movistar offers an automatic consultation system that can be used at any time, for this you just need to follow the following instructions:

  • Send a SMS (text message) with the following text «MY NUMBER» to the number 606, once sent the consultation system will send you a message that contains exactly your phone number.
  • Make a call dialing any of the following commands * # 61 # or * # 67 #, later, the number assigned to the SIM card in use will appear on your phone screen.

The option below has a more complex process, but by strictly following the instructions you will still know your number.

  • You will have to dial to * 611 #, then, you will get a series of options through an answering machine, you must choose the one that corresponds to the query (number 5) and then press the number 1 which is the one corresponding to balance and number.

There are some forms of informal consultation that are not offered by the same company, but with them you can guarantee save your number and avoid problematic situations.

  • If you have forgotten your number and on another phone it is stored in your contact list, you can consult it to quickly solve the situation.
  • If someone asks for your number and you don’t know what to answer, you just have to send them a SMS to the person concerned and from there you can register directly.
  • Write your number in some address book or in a special notebook, in order to have a safeguard in case of having your phone downloaded or inoperative at the moment.
  • Save your own number On the same phone you use, you just have to create a new contact, enter the digits and save it with the following name: «my number»
  • Check in Movistar it’s easy, you can always resort to pre-assigned or personal methods. All thanks to advancement of technology and customer services.

How to know my Movistar Number: Activate my Line and Know my Balance.

Telephone lines are working due to SIM cards, these are a kind of chip inside a plastic card that contains stored the phone number and passwords user operations.

To obtain one, you just have to go to any site that offers you the services of the line legally. When you have already bought it, you probably don’t know how activate it, in the following list we inform you how to do it quickly.

Before starting, you should take into consideration that if you have a postpaid line, its activation is not necessary because it is already prepared previously.

But in the case of having a prepaid line You must follow the following steps to activate it:

  • To open the messaging app: is in the general menu cell phone.
  • In the recipients option to assign the following number: «1693».
  • Write the following text: «ACTIVATE» followed by a small space.
  • You must specify the identification number staff followed by a slight space.
  • Indicate the first name followed by a space, and finally, the Surname.

Wait a while and you will receive a message that will confirm if the activation of the Movistar line was successful or not.

At the end of the process you will have to make other preparations for its full functionality.

As soon as the line is activated, a recharge to give functionality to the rent and the chosen plan.

Balance takes care of capacity and time where you can make calls, send texts or use a data plan.

It should be noted that the recharge amount It depends on the plan you chose, be it prepaid or postpaid, if you have not made your purchase yet and you do not know which plan suits your needs, you can consult here.

With this mentioned, we will indicate all the ways to know your balance:

  1. You should send an SMS with the word «BALANCE«Next to the number 606, wait a while and you will receive back a message that will update you on the amount of available balance.
  2. Dial * 611 #, When answered by the answering machine, select the number corresponding to inquiries (number 1) and then press number 1. Once this process is finished, you will be shown a message with your current balance.

How to know my Movistar Number: Retrieve a Stolen Number.

The main problems of today’s society is crime, specifically crime cell phone theft.

We are all exposed to go through this unfavorable experience.

A cell phone theft can trigger serious consequences if the necessary precautions are not taken.

The outsider has possession of the phone and can commit a crime using your name.

In addition, you can access your personal data resulting in serious problems that can harm you and cause you tax disputes.

For this same reason, Movistar has a action protocol To avoid the problems mentioned above, you just need to call the center of customer service 1963 and make your case.

It will proceed to block your phone line leaving it inoperative, at the same time that you must report the theft from your phone at the nearest police station.

This in order to prevent false accusations from the offender’s actions.

When complying with all prevention measures, you should go to the Movistar agency or nearest affiliates and request the expedition of a new SIM card.

For more security on the SIM card, download the following app: «MOVISTAR SHIELD App» This has a wide variety of options that will allow you to protect your phone line as much as possible.

Frequent questions

Movistar, being a very extensive operator with multiple functions, generally users are left with some doubts.

Consequently, Movistar offers a detailed and prepared file on its web portal. Answer in a short and concise way all the common questions.

Are frequent questions span from the lines prepayments until prepaid lines and simple procedures such as payments or the use of any App (Application).

If you are one of the users who have these doubts, you can enter the link that will take you to the Movistar web portal in Costa Rica.

There you can view the document prepared by this company to improve the service experience.

Movistar in Costa Rica

Movistar is a world-renowned operator, the majority of the population has heard of it.

It is important to know the origins of this company to better understand its operation and its purpose.

Movistar or Telefónica de Costa Rica TC, opens its doors in Costa Rica in November 2011; thus gaining the support of the people who make her become 1 of the 3 big companies providers of this service.

And it not only offers telephone services, in the year 2018 an excellent plan of digital television with a variety of channels both sports and entertainment.

When starting el 2020 A national purchase and sale agreement is signed for this operator to merge with another operator with a good reputation at the national level, however, this could not be possible due to various external factors.

At present, Movistar continues its services and consolidates itself as one of the strongest operators in the country.

Offering great advantages and benefits to users who decide to trust it.

Once all the information that surrounds Movistar is known, we can observe that it fulfills a social commitment with the majority of citizens, if we are responsible and punctual we can enjoy the best quality in telephone and television services.


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