How to know my Movistar Number in Peru: Without Balance, Web and MORE

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How to know my Movistar Number in Peru? Currently it is one of the questions asked by people who need to purchase a Movistar line, therefore, do not be left with the doubt. Next, you will get information on how to carry out the process.

Movistar is a company with a long history worldwide since it is characterized by providing a quality service to its distinguished clientele. The products offered are high-tech and the packages are adapted to your payment possibilities. Do not miss out on acquiring the line!

How to know my Movistar Number in Peru?

Sometimes it usually happens that we do not remember the cell phone number, especially if it is another line. It is almost certain that this has happened to you, you need to give your new portable number, but you do not remember it and you do not have the form at hand at that time, where they inform you what number you have registered.

In the event that this happens to you and you are a new Movistar customer, the question that will be asked immediately is How to know my Movistar Number in Peru? At the end of the day, there are a few different ways to do it, all simple:

  • First, if you need to provide the new number to another person, and you do not remember it at the time, then dial the number of the person in front of you from your cell phone.
  • Next, this person will see the number that you have assigned. At that time the person must add their number to their contacts and save it.
  • Finally, if you wish, you must write down the number that appears on the screen of the other phone to use when requested.

On the other hand, if you are in Peru and you need to know the movistar number assigned to you, keep in mind that it is very easy and fast. This strategy is simple because it includes a USSD code to obtain the number. It does not take a long time and it is totally free, so you do not need to have a balance.

Clients of Movistar in Peru they must carry out these simple steps, which we detail below:

  1. Access the official website of Movistar
  2. Then tap the call app option.
  3. Next, Dial the code * 128 #, replacing * # 62 #, although the latter also works in that country.
  4. Press call.
  5. Immediately (the maximum that may take two or three seconds) the phone number assigned to the Movistar chip will appear on the screen.

How to know my Movistar Number in Peru: No Balance

In case you do not have a balance on your phone, do not worry, as by doing these simple steps you will be able to go through the process. In fact, you will be able to know your Movistar phone number with any of the accompanying strategies:

Technique # 1

  • Enter the calling application.
  • On the numeric keypad, dial * 128 # and press the call key.
  • You will shortly see on the screen a message with the mobile number of the Movistar chip in the configuration 51999999999, where 51 is the nation code and the accompanying digits are those that make up the Movistar mobile number.

Technique # 2

  • Access the calling application.
  • On the numeric keypad, dial * # 62 # and press the green call button.
  • A message will appear on the screen with the phone number of Movistar.

Technique # 3

To discover the Movistar chip number on an Android phone, make the accompanying previews:

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Check at the bottom of the screen and select the «About phone» option.
  • In this screen you must press the option «State«
  • Now press the alternative «SIM status»
  • Finally, on that screen the number of Movistar will appear in the area My phone number.

In the event that the mobile phone is not an Android phone, you can also verify the information of the Movistar phone on an iPhone, executing the following instructions:

  • Enter the application «Setting«.
  • Select the alternative «Telephone».
  • You will see the number of the Entel chip at the beginning of the list.

As it should be obvious, with any of these basic techniques, you can know the Movistar phone number, you just have to place the chip in any of the iPhone Android or iOS device.

Services offered by Movistar

Movistar is a company that has been characterized by being at the forefront of technology. achieving efficiency, quality and telephone leadership. It also offers different categories and administrations.

The four main portions served by Telefónica in Peru are: Experts, People, Medium Organizations and Large Organizations that meet the requirements of entities, businesses and companies.

The rules that control business activity are: a welcoming relationship with clients and workers; the constant advance of development in its products; effective activity of the entity; collaborations with the Telephony Meeting; and the production of significant value for investors, among the most significant.

Subsidiary organizations

  • Movistar Telefónica de Administraciones Compartidas: assumes the administrations of the Board of Directors, Frames and Coordinations (under the Tgestiona brand).
  • Movistar Telefónica Collection Center: provides collection administrations so that customers can make their payments in a timely manner. In the same way, it has external offices that also carry out the process.
  • Movistar Telefónica Servicios Comerciales (Currently Movistar): Carries out all the publicity and promotes the Marketing of the articles.
  • Movistar Telefónica Empresas: Works Voice and Information Administrations to Organizations and Companies.
  • Organizations Terra Networks Peru: Provides access to the Web (under the Terra brand).
  • Telefónica Mixta: Delivers pay TV packages (Link / Satellite).

Movistar Peru Web Portal

At present, users can enjoy Movistar Telefónica del Perú SA, its role is very important since it is the communication assistant of the media worldwide. Similarly, it is the cell phone administrator with the most clients in Peru.

Adding 15.4 million (September 2018) followed by Claro and Entel with 12.8 million followers, which gives it initiative in the public market and an avant-garde place in the dispatch of the most creative articles and administrations in telephony mobile throughout the territory.

How to know my Movistar Number in Peru: What is Movistar?

Movistar Peru is a media administrator, assistant to the Spanish firm Telefónica, committed to providing fixed and portable communication, Web access, IT administrations, TV and payment information.

In 2000, the parent organization obtained 100% of the shares of Movistar Peru. The organization is based in Lima. Similarly, it is the most powerful media organization in Spain and Latin America.

Likewise, it offers types of assistance and elements for a versatile and fixed communication, as well as the web and TV at a public and global level. In Peru, Movistar is the administrator with the largest number of clients in the entire nation, adding 15.4 million for September 2018, surpassing Claro and Entel.

Companies that follow closely with 12.8 million subsidiaries. Subsequently, the organization promotes the Peruvian market, pointing out the vanguard in its administrations and areas to meet the requests of its clients.

By offering the most used communication administrations throughout Peru, it is normal that for new (and not so new) clients the query arises regarding How to know my Movistar Number in Peru?

Frequent questions

How can a user change the Wi-Fi key and organization name?

Change Wi-Fi passphrase and organization name and improve network security. Choose an organization name that is effectively recognizable to you and your family. Use a simple memorable secret word.

To make it more secure, use letters, numbers, capital letters, and pictures. Remember that you can change the secret word from the Mi Movistar Application or from the program on your PC.

How to configure the general controller?

There are two ways different from setting the remote control with the TV or the decoder: one manual and one programmed. The foregoing applies to both IPTV administration and conventional TV (also referred to as satellite).

It is important that, to configure the control, you will need a code, which will depend on the brand of television, decoder or player.

How to contract Movistar Play?

To activate Movistar Play, you simply have to enter the platform and create the Movistar Play account from your cell phone or PC. Likewise, you must enter the RUT and the consecutive number.

At that moment, the system will ask you for an email and a secret password. In case you experience problems implementing Movistar Play from the web, you can call 800 720620.

How do I pay for Netflix from my ticket?

All customers with contracted plans, except those with Control Plans, can contract Netflix through their Movistar Play account and pay for the service through the Movistar ticket.

As the contracting is done through Movistar Play, it is necessary to have an account created. If you do not have Netflix contracted, you must enter Movistar Play and contract the service. (Then the Netflix payment will be linked to your Movistar ticket).

  • If you already have Netflix contracted and want to pay for the service through the Movistar ticket, you must first enter your current Netflix account and cancel your membership.
  • Then go to your Movistar Play account and sign up for Netflix. With this you can pay for Netflix with your Movistar ticket.


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