How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number: Consultation, Web and MORE

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How to know my clear number, It is a mystery that arises when acquiring a Claro telephone line without having investigated correctly.

For that reason, in the following article we explain everything related to this telephony and entertainment services company.

How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number?

In the last century, Telephone services, have acquired great relevance in the daily life of the common population.

This is due to the great benefits it offers, the main one being the long distance comunication. Among the most prominent telephone companies in Nicaragua, is Of course.

It has offices distributed throughout the country, therefore, acquiring a telephone line it does not have much difficulty.

For this, it is necessary for the interested party to enter this link and find the store closest to your province and locality. When getting a new line, the first thing to do is discover the number assigned to the chip.

This process is usually instantaneous, since, through the tool «SIM» it is possible to consult the assigned number.

As an extra piece of information, the «SIM» tool is located in the phone operation menu. However, depending on the phone model, there are cases where it is difficult to find out the established number.

For this reason, in the following list, we present different options and alternatives that will help to solve all the doubts raised in a way fast and efficient.

How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number: Methods to Know my Clear Number

Method 1: use Claro’s query system. To do this, it is mandatory to follow these steps:

  • Enter the messaging application to send a SMS (text message) to number 606.
  • In the message text, write the word «number».
  • Confirm the message and send the text message.
  • When sending it, the Clear platform will recognize the command used and will send you a message specifying the phone number.

Method 2: use the WhatsApp application. This, in its settings menu contains an option that provides the citizen’s telephone number.

The indications to access the menu, are:

  • Login to the application WhatsApp.
  • Once inside, select in the upper right corner a column icon made up of 3 points.
  • In the emerging lead, choose the option settings which will open another additional section.
  • While there, locate the section «telephone»
  • Save the number that will appear on the screen.

Method 3: save the number within the same phone. It is a useful option that can be done by doing the following:

  • Find out the phone number.
  • Enter the application to make calls.
  • Create a new contact with the assigned number and save it with any name, example «my number».

Method 4: write down the number in a directory or ask a trusted contact to forward the number by SMS.

As can be seen, consult Claro it’s easy, you can always use pre-assigned methods thanks to the advancement of technology and customer services.

How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number: Balance Check

Telephone lines are sold in the form of electronic chips, better known as «SIM cards».

These contain all the information related to the telephone service, such as the amount of available balance. The balance, in simple terms, is the amount of money that we have entered into our account.

It should be noted that the rent amount (balance) will depend on the plan selected when the line was purchased. Having available balance, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Mobile data availability (internet access) in places with open signal and good connectivity.
  • Service mobile messaging.
  • Service phone calls.

When understanding how the balance works, it is important to know how to consult it to avoid problems and inconveniences.

For this, the interested party must dial the following number in the calling application: «* 55 or * 812 from your mobile.» The platform will immediately recognize the command and all related information will be sent.

If the results are not favorable in the balance query, the user must do a recharge guided by these indications:

  • Turn on the electronic medium to use (computer, smartphone, tablet, among others).
  • Access Claro Nicaragua web portal or directly select this link.
  • Once inside, select the Type of line (mobile, landline, contract).
  • Get into the phone number assigned to the line in function.
  • To select payment method (credit, debit card).
  • Follow, continue the indications provided by the page.


As additional information, if this method cannot be used, at Claro’s offices it is possible to carry out cash refills.

How to know my Claro Nicaragua Number: Services offered by Claro.

Of course, it is not only a company focused on telephone services. It also offers various benefits and services that cover different commercial areas, among them are:

Residential Internet: It is a set of systems and plans that provide broadband internet to residences or sites that request it.

The prices of this service vary according to the chosen plan. The most accessible has a cost of $ 36.99 per month (30 Mbps speed).

The most expensive has a cost of $ 90.99 per month (130 Mbps speed). This service enjoys a good reputation because of the stability, diversity and internet performance.

It is worth mentioning that, if needed, you can access a speedometer to verify its performance.

Claro TV:

is a service that offers open television signal to affiliated users, it stands out for the large number of plans it contains:

  • Basic: It is a rental plan that must be paid monthly, it has 90 SD channels in its catalog.
  • Basic Digital: It is similar to the previous plan except that it has 130 SD channels in its catalog.
  • Advanced Satellite HD: It is an advanced plan that must be paid monthly, it has 92 SD channels, 28 HD channels and 50 music channels in its catalog.
  • Advanced HD: It is the best plan, it contains 138 SD channels, 44 HD channels and 50 music channels.

Claro Triple Home:

This is a section where Claro Video, the company’s multimedia platform, can be found.

In case of presenting problems with the services of this company, dial 121 free line from the phone with the Claro line.

As an alternative, the client can enter the platform Mi Claro Nicaragua and find out all your unknowns

How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number: Claro Web Portal for Nicaragua

With the technology development, companies use a system to post information about their functions and services.

This system is known as «Web page». Of course, you use it to facilitate different procedures that were previously done by attending authorized offices in person.

Upon entering the page, the screen displays various reasons for consultation for various situations:

  • Payments and inquiries
  • Renewal and contracting of Postpaid Plans.
  • Online store.
  • Visit Claro Blog.
  • Refills and packages.
  • My Claro App.
  • Attention via WhatsApp.
  • Electronic bill.

If no option is selected, the window closes and the web portal.

By continuing to browse the page, you can find additional information about the company such as fair use policies. In the same way, it appears the places where the affiliated offices distributed throughout the country.

Of the rest, there are the options to consult the services, products and plans offered by the company. Finally, the platform also contains all the information related to the Customer Support.

How to know my Nicaraguan Claro Number: What is Claro?

Sure is a Brazilian-Mexican operator oldest recognized in the world, in fact, most of the population has heard of it.

To better understand the operation and objective of this company, it is essential to know its beginnings.

The Clear brand, was created on September 14, 2003 in Brazil from the merger of several telephone operators in that country belonging to America Movil

In 2005, América Móvil announced the expansion of the brand to other Latin American countries.

By expanding it Latin America, the number of clients rose rapidly until reaching an approximate of 262 million of wireless clients.

In Nicaragua, the brand was born through the union of brands PCS Digital, Alo and Enitel (Nicaraguan Telecommunications Company). These brands operated throughout the region, which is why many people knew of their existence even up to moment of its merger.

Currently, Claro continues to offer its services and consolidate itself as one of the strongest operators in the country.

By understanding everything related to Claro, we can conclude that if we request the services of this company we can enjoy big benefits. As long as, all the assigned quotas without delay and all the terms and Conditions Of the brand.

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