How to Know My Personnel Number: Methods, Web and MORE

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How to know my Personnel Number It is a question that is asked very frequently, believe it or not. The truth is that it is very important that you know your number, so that you can make calls and send SMS, as well as use different applications that ask for this number. As a result, you cannot miss what we will tell you today.

Today we will be explaining everything about this topic. Specifically, we will indicate the different ways you have to know your number, and we will also tell you what service the company offers, what you will find in the Personnel, Customer Service web portal and much, much more. If you are interested in knowing all this, keep reading!

How to know my Personnel Number in Paraguay?

Let’s start by talking about the main point of this article: How to know my Personnel Number. It is an extremely simple procedure, which you can solve in different ways and as quickly as possible. You just have to follow the instructions that we will give you below to the letter:

Per call

The first thing you can do is call someone else. Once you have acquired your Personal line, then you can pick up your phone and call a mobile phone that allows you to record calls.

If the number you are calling is not yours, then you should ask the person about the number that appears on the screen so that you can write it down. If you call another number of yours or a person who is with you, just see for yourself what your Personal number is.

By SMS and MMI Code

On the other hand, you can also send a message to the number # 64 # with the word my number. You do it from messaging and you will get your phone number in a matter of seconds. You do not need to have a balance.

In Argentina, 262 is marked with the word Line. The operator automatically returns the number to which the SMS is sent.

Additionally, you can dial * 88 # to know your number.


You can do it directly from your smartphone. Go to the Tools, Settings or Settings icon. There you go to the About phone option and select it. Your number will appear on the screen or in SIM Status. This procedure may vary from phone to phone, but you will always find the option in Settings.

By invoice

You can also choose to look for the proof of payment that the company gives you when you hire the line or when you pay your monthly rent (in the case of fixed telephony). There the cell phone number will appear reflected. If you no longer have the latter, you can wait until you have to pay again.


Finally, you can go to a Personal branch with your identity document and request your number. The manager will look for you in the system and will proceed to dictate your telephone number.

You can also check your number from the APP, if you wish.


Also, remember that in order to know your number, you must have the SIM card inserted in your phone, at least for the first three options.

Balance inquiry

Now that you know your number, we can go on to explain How to check your staff balance. If you thought that knowing your line was easy, then checking your balance will be much easier. In this sense, there are only three methods or ways that you can use to know your balance, so you will not complicate at all.


  • To check your balance, the first thing you should do is click on the call icon and go to the numeric keyboard.
  • There enter the code * 121 and you proceed to call.
  • Finally, the balance you currently have available will appear on the screen.


Send the word BALANCE to the number 121. This way you will receive a message with the balance you currently have available.


Checking your balance has a COST if you make a third call in the day.

Apps: Personal Store or Personal Wallet

Finally, you can download one of these two applications on your phone: Personal Store or Personal Wallet. It is available for Android and iOS. With them you can check your balance. That is, once you download it and enter your account, you just have to go to the main tab. There you can see your balance whenever you access the application.

Right there you can recharge your line, if you wish. It also serves the Personal web portal, where you should only Get into to your session to check your balance and in Balance Top-Up for this very thing.

For this last option you need to have an internet connection. The first is saved from this, since the codes do not require having an available balance.

How to find out my Personnel Number: Company Services

With respect to Services offered by StaffThese are very varied and you must know them to get the most out of your affiliation with this company. Next, we will tell you what services you will find available to you, at any time you want to access them. Let’s see!


It is a very useful service if you plan to travel abroad or if your life situation takes you to other countries frequently. Why? Well, because thanks to the conventions and agreements that Personal has with operators from more than 150 countries, the Roaming user can make calls, send messages and use WhatsApp for free when traveling abroad.

Also, if you have a prepaid plan, you can be connected in more than 30 countries through Automatic Roaming. As you can see, it is obviously a very useful service. If you are interested in this service, click HERE.


  • Personal Assistance. Only by sending a message or calling at no cost you can request:
    • Loan for balance.
    • Top up against your next bill.
    • Attend to me, where you call but the one who answers pays for the call.
    • Call me, so that the other person knows that you ran out of balance.
    • Finally, Recharge me allows you to send a message to another Personal number to recharge you because you ran out of balance.
  • Report against theft or loss. To be prepared for this situation, you can get your IMEI from your phone by calling * # 06 # and saving it. If it happens, then you make the report and then you approach your telephone provider to have your number blocked.
  • Equipment insurance. Finally, you can put coverage on your equipment in case it is lost, stolen or damaged. The validity is one year and can cost from Gs. 10,000 to Gs. 50,000.

Other services

Finally, there are other services that you can access: asterisks, personal mail, parental control and international calls. Their very names indicate what they are for. In the case of asterisks, allows you to know where you should call in case of requesting a service, in case of emergency, for financial institutions, banks, restaurants, etc.

Finally, they also offer a Customer service from your web portal, * 111.

How to know my Personnel Number: Personnel Web Portal in Paraguay

The Personnel Web Portal displays a series of information and services that will be very useful, whether you are a client or just an interested party in the company. Thus, at the beginning you will be able to see the range of telephones that they have at your disposal, as well as information on the three App that they handle: Store, Club and Personal Wallet.

On the other hand, you will find the options to enter your personal account, recharge balance at the top of the page. A little further down, all the options you have to choose from: plan offers, service guide, Club, your electronic wallet, home services (TV), institutional information, etc.

Finally, at the end of the page you can find the social networks in which the company is present, as well as the Attention Centers. In this last part you will be able to access the Frequently asked questions made by users of this telephony.

Personal Customer Service

The Personal Customer Service it occurs through various channels. First of all, you can call * 111 twice a week, since for the third you will be charged Gs. 300 for each one you make, to make your queries.

You can also access the Virtual assistant, just entering your full name, cell phone number and email. You will be able to make your queries from the web portal, where an automated wizard will answer you, so be sure to put keywords to get results in your search.

On the other hand, there are the Personalized Attention. You can go to these places, during the corresponding business hours, and ask the question you want to do. It’s that easy! Even knowing your personal number.

Finally, there is the Technical service with which you can make inquiries about technical aspects of your line or device.

What is Personal?

Personal is a company that offers products and services in the telecommunications area. It is located in Paraguay, founded in 1998, and provides its services in Argentina. It is just behind Tigo when it comes to mobile phone companies. Its products are internet, television and cell phones.

Now you know how to find out your number, how to check your balance and everything about the Personal company. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and, if not, now you also have all the tools to make your query directly with Personal.

Until next time!


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