How to Know my Retirement Contributions: Consultation, Age and MORE

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How to know my Retirement Contributions, is a question that people who have already fulfilled their labor quotes.

For this reason, the following article explains all the unknowns regarding this pension system.

How to know my Retirement Contributions: Consult

Retirement contributions are a pension system awarded to retired workers by an employer.

Being an extensive system, it is normal for doubts related to it to arise.

For that reason, below, everything related to the consultation of retirement contribution.

  • Turn on a electronic medium preferably (computer, tablet, phone, laptop, among others).
  • Enter the Web page of the Institute of Social Security (IPS).
  • Select the option individual consultation.
  • Place the ID number without errors.
  • Follow, continue the instructions indicated on the page.

If the citizen does not have a account in the systemYou must create it by attending the offices of the institute closest to your residence.

In addition, you have to take into account the benefits of Ordinary retirement Law No. 98/92 and proportional retirement 4290/11.

It should be noted that for this process certain forms are used to gather essential information.

In the IPS offices They provide all the assigned forms, so it should not be a matter of concern.

How to know my Retirement Contributions: Conditions for Recognition of Services.

Retirement is a administrative process happens to be in a situation of work inactivity.

This, thanks to the continuous work carried out in organization, company or government institution.

For a retiree to become a pensioner, some conditions related to the age and time of work.

As an extra piece of information, retirement is the first phase that must be processed before receiving a pension by the employer.

The conditions for enter the pension system, are:

  • Have compliments 55 years old and have listed some 1,500 weeks.
  • To have accomplished 60 years old and have listed some 1,250 weeks.
  • 65 years old and have listed some 750 weeks.

To enter the retirement system (in case of need) it is necessary to take into account that the interested party must have fulfilled 60 years.

Although, there are cases where some 1,500 weeks of work and where retirement is voluntary.

Similarly, anyone who has fulfilled their duty to society you can access these benefits without any problem.

How to Know My Retirement Contributions: Age for Benefits

As mentioned in the previous point, all the people who comply with the assigned conditions they can get a retirement contribution.

With only having a certain age and number of weeks of contribution, it is possible to enter the IPS pension system.

The age required to obtain these benefits are: 65 years, 60 years or 55 years.

All in order that people who were committed to society, can enjoy benefits to make your daily life easier.

How to know my retirement contributions: funds involved

The family compensation funds They are legal persons with private law that perform functions related to social security.

These are also in charge of quote process for retired workers.

In short, they are organizations in charge of controlling various processes of human Resources. In the pension system, intervening boxes are:

  • The Social Security Institute (IPS),
  • Paraguayan Retirement and Pension Fund of Itaipú Binacional Personnel,
  • Retirement and Pension Fund for Members of the Legislative Power of the Nation,
  • Social Security Fund and Railway Employees and Workers,
  • Retirement and Pension Employees of Banks and Related,
  • Retirements and Pensions of Municipal Personnel,
  • Retirement and Pension Fund of the Ministry of Finance.

General Procedure and Legal Framework

Once the conditions for obtaining the retirement contributions are known, the pension application.

To do this, the following guidelines must be followed to the letter to avoid setbacks and failures:

  • Find out the types of forms used for the process in the authorized offices.
  • Perform the recognition request of the service time, in this, the number of weeks that was worked is specified.
  • Present the special form before the fund that is administering the retirement contribution.
  • Expect for the savings banks to verify the interested party’s form, specifying: the contribution time corresponding to the worker’s accreditation.
  • Verify that the boxes forward the form already approved, there, a extra confirmation indicated the contribution time processed.
  • Follow, continue all the indications set by the body in charge of processing the retirement contribution.

What Additional Information, the resolutions that offer benefits to applicants (the worker or his right holders in the case of the death of the worker).

They must be studied by the applicant, all in order to maintain the control over information involved in the process.

Similarly, benefit payments that were effective, will be canceled only in specific situations.

For this reason, it is essential that the procedure and all the mechanisms that make up the pension system.

Structure of the Legal Framework.

The set of laws, rules, regulations or agreements, which make up an entity or agency, is called legal framework.

The country’s social security It is governed by a legal framework, without it, the functioning of all public systems would be deficient.

The pension system contains laws that regulate its procedure, this being a organized process.

The legal structure of the retirement contributions, are the following:

  • Decree Law 1807/43 that creates the Social Security Institute
  • Retirement and Pension Law for public employees of 1902 and replaced by Law No. 23485/2003. Retirement and Pension System of the Public Sector, administered by the Retirement and Pension Directorate of the Ministry of Finance (Caja Fiscal)
  • Retirement and Pension Fund for Municipal Personnel;
  • Bank Employees Retirement and Pension Fund;
  • Retirements and Pensions of the Itaipú Binacional Personnel;
  • Retirement and Pension Fund for members of the Legislative Power of the Nation.

What are Retirement Contributions?

Retirement contributions, in simple terms, are amounts of money that is granted to workers who no longer exercise job functions (retired).

This money is contributed by applicants’ employers as a kind of payment for the amount of time that he himself was in service.

Retirement Contribution Benefits:

  • System of Pensions: According to the law, this benefit is a subsidy given to elderly people who in their youth played a role in society.

The requirements to obtain it are: have between fifty five (55) and sixty years (60) and have exercised at least 1250 weeks (24 years).

In some cases pensions are known as «Proportional reduced» in this system the age limit around seventy-five (65 years and 750 weeks worked.


Pensions work to make it easier for you fixed income to the non-active population, representing the 100% of the money that handles older people.

The pension amount is he 33% of the minimum wage that lay assigns as monthly.

Advance pensions are a bit different, they represent the 80% of net income of retired workers.

This has an additional of 4% for each year that the beneficiary exceeds the 55 years (limit 59 years).

  • Survivor / Dependent Benefits: In everyday life, it is normal for heads of households to die due to an accident, poor health or murder.

Therefore, the law grants benefits to dependents of the head of the family, such as, for example: widow, widower, children or parents of the deceased worker.

The insured must have worked at least 750 weeks and the amount in question represents the 60% of the total pension.

Said amount is divided equally between the widower or widower, the children of the insured or direct family members.

  • Medical attention: There are hospitals affiliated to the social security of Paraguay, they offer free care to retired insured persons.

Health as we age tends to decline, so having this benefit is a great advantage to expand the Life expectancy of a citizen.

As can be seen, if the corresponding guidelines and the assigned requirements we can enjoy all these advantages.


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