How to Know My Retirement: File, Contributions and MORE

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If you are in Argentina and have already started the Retirement, Derivative Pension, Direct Pension, Recognition of Services, Readjustments, Judgments, Non-Contributory Pensions, Actions, International Agreements, among others, and you were asking yourself the following question: How to know my retirement?, you can now track online.

Here we will talk a little about what retirement is, the benefits, how to consult it and more. If you are interested, keep reading!

How to know my retirement: check your file

  1. Consult online the ANSES form.
  2. Enter the file number you want to consult.
  3. Add the security code that appears on the screen and click continue.
  4. The system will report the status of the file.

The consultation can also be made through the ANSES toll-free line: extension 130. The telephone service hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

How to Know My Retirement: Types

Retirement guarantees an income to people who can no longer generate it due to old age, disability or death of the household’s source of income.

There are different types of pensions depending on your situation:

  • Ordinary retirement.
  • Disability withdrawal.
  • Teacher retirement.
  • The retirement of a disabled worker.

Ordinary retirement

It is a pension benefit that corresponds to you if you have reached the age and years of service with contributions required by law.


  1. Have 30 years of contributions to the pension system.
  2. People who are 60 years old if you are a woman and 65 if you are a man.

If at the time of retirement you are older than the required age, one year of service can be compensated for every two years that you overworked. For example: If a woman retires at 62 years of age (2 years longer than those required by law), she may retire with 29 years of contributions (instead of 30).

Teacher retirement

It is the benefit that corresponds to you if you are a teacher and the following requirements are met:

  1. 60 years of age if you are a man and 57 if you are a woman.
  2. 25 years of service, of which at least 10 must have been leading students.
Services in unfavorable placement or special education schools will be counted at the rate of 4 years for every 3 effective services. To find out what documentation to present, make an appointment or obtain more information, contact ANSES by calling 130 or entering BEFORE.You can also go to the nearest CAJ.

Disability withdrawal

It is a benefit that you can request if you work and, for physical or intellectual reasons, you are unable to carry out any activity compatible with your profession. Service for all those who are or comply with the following: Dependency workers or self-employed workers.


  1. A medical board must conclude that those physical or intellectual issues prevent you by 66% from carrying out your activities.
  2. Not having reached the age and years of contributions established to access ordinary retirement.
  3. Comply with the condition of regular contributor or irregular contributor with the right.
  4. Submit documentation requested by ANSES.
This benefit is incompatible with the performance of any activity in a dependency relationship. The procedure is carried out before the ANSES and is face-to-face with a prior appointment.

Disabled worker retirement

It is a pension benefit that you can request if you work and have a physical or intellectual disability greater than 33%. Aimed at people with the following characteristics: Dependency workers or self-employed workers.


  1. Be 45 years of age for workers in a dependency relationship.
  2. People who are 50 years of age for self-employed workers.
  3. Have 20 years of services with contributions.
  4. Have provided services in a state of physical or intellectual decline (this must be greater than 33%) in the last 10 years.
  5. Submit documentation by ANSES.

How to know my retirement: contributions

The contributions work as follows: 30 years of contributions will be 45% of the average gross salary of the last 10 years. 31 years of contributions, it will be 46.5%. 32 years of contributions, it will be 48%. 33 years of contributions, it will be 49.5%.

For example: if a woman retires with 62 years (2 years more than those required by law) may retire with 29 years of contributions. In the case of having more than 30 years of contributions, the credit is increased by 1% for each year in excess, up to the limit of 45 years of contributions.

How to Know My Retirement: Requirements to Retire

To process retirement, the years of work with contributions and the age of the person are taken into account. In general, women must be 60 years old, men 65 years old, and have contributed for 30 years. This may vary depending on the activity and the characteristics of the activity carried out.

  1. Verify the contributions made by you or by your employer in ANSES.
  2. Have your information and that of your family group registered in the ANSES bases.
  3. Take an appointment for ordinary retirement from the ANSES website or by calling 130.
  4. Present yourself on the day of the shift at the ANSES office with your ID and the required documentation.
If your data or those of your family group are not updated in the ANSES databases, you will have to present different documents at the ANSES office to update them.


The documentation that must be submitted will depend on the job, whether it is self-employed or in a dependent relationship. To find out what specific documentation to present, make an appointment or obtain more information, contact ANSES by calling 130 or entering or go to the nearest CAJ.

National Social Security Administration (ANSES)

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) is a decentralized entity of the national public administration of Argentina dependent on the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

It is responsible for managing social security benefits, which include family allowances, unemployment benefits, the Universal Child Allowance system, pension service, reimbursements, information and worker records (delivery of the CUIL number and certification of services).

What is Retirement?

Retirement is the administrative act Whereby an active worker, whether self-employed or employed, passes into a passive situation or inactivity, after reaching the maximum age, or due to serious chronic illness or disability. You then get a monetary benefit for the rest of your life. The labor laws of each country stipulate different conditions in this regard.

The first antecedent to be found on pensions and retirements in Argentina is in 1919, in the province of Tucumán, a project by deputy Alberto Aybar Augier «called the humanitarian project.»

In 1919, the elderly or helpless did not receive any help from the state. That is why the project that Dr. Alberto Aybar Augier (1885-1950) presented that year to the Chamber of Deputies of Tucumán, of which he was president, was a positive novelty.

It was proposed that “every native person of the province’s territory, who has reached the age of 70 or at any age in the event of absolute disability and indigence, has the right to receive from the State a minimum pension of 360 pesos per year, or its equivalent in direct or indirect assistance ».


  • Ministry of Labor, Employment and
    Social Security

    Secretary of social security
    Av. Leandro N. Alem 650, CABA
    Tel: 0800-666-4100 / 0800-222-2220

  • Risk Superintendence
    Labor (SRT)

    Sarmiento 1962 – CABA
    Tel: 4321-3500, extension 1062

  • National Administration of the
    Social Security (ANSES)

    Tel: 130

  • Superintendency of Services
    Health (SSSalud)

    Av. Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña 530

  • Public Prosecutor’s Office of the
    Nation Mayo 760 – CABA
    Tel: +54 11 4338-4300

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