How to know my RUC: Steps, State Consultation and MORE

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How to know my RUC? If you do not know how to carry out the procedure, in this article we will give you the guidelines to be successful and obtain the RUC without problems.

In Peru it is vitally important to timely cancel taxes. Keep in mind that breaking the law carries penalties. The RUC is an endorsement that identifies you as a taxpayer and has a numerical control to comply with tax processes. Don’t delay and complete the process!

How to know my RUC in Peru?

If you need to carry out the process, you must carry out the following steps, keep in mind that they are easy and simple:

  • Go to the official platform of the SUNAT entity, once there you will find a window with three options:
    • RUC / Type of Document / Name or Company Name.
  • To know the RUC you must press the option, Document Type.
  • Subsequently, you must select the document types.
    • National Identification Document DNI / Passport / Immigration Card / Diplomatic identity card, if it is for a natural person.
    • Name or company name, if it is a company, and must include all the information requested by the system.
  • Then the system will ask you to include the Captcha code.
  • Finally, click on «SEARCH». The RUC code will appear there.

With everything in mind, you must remember that enrolling in the RUC framework is vitally important, due to the different capabilities it offers people to meet their legal and spending commitments, helping you meet your business objectives.

Consequently, you must know the obligation you have to enroll in order to carry out the financial exercises.

How to know my RUC: Steps to follow

To complete the best approach to acquire the RUC, you have two options: one through a website or in person, in both cases the strategy is relevant and should be possible in only 4 stages, for this you need to have personal identification :

To enlist through the site:

Level 1:

  • Enter the SUNAT site, choose the pre-registration alternative in the RUC registration module.
  • The system will ask you for some data you must enter, after finishing the registration, print the Registration Certificate Information.

Stage 2:

  • Go to the SUNAT service office closest to your home, ask for a brief consideration and report the pre-registration via the Internet.
  • Present your most important needs to enlist in RUC, Person in Business. You must verify that the data displayed is all together.

Stage 3:

  • In this phase you must request the SOL Code (SUNAT Online Operations).
  • In the event that you are a legitimate person, you should choose this alternative.

Steps to make your engraving in the RUC in person

  • Consign the previous collections to have the RUC, you can do it through the entrance to the SUNAT, or when you go to the Citizen Administration centers or the taxpayer service office.
  • Go to the work environments of the organization with the important expenses to enroll in the RUC. Once there, please confirm that the information stated is correct and sign your endorsement.
  • Finally, while acquiring your RUC, request your SOL key.

How to know my RUC: Check the State

The RUC is the number that recognizes a legal individual or ordinary individual as a citizen. It is mandatory to present it in any declaration or system made before SUNAT.

  • To verify the status of the RUC, you can enter the entity’s page.
  • Next, it will guide you to another window, where all the alternatives on the subject will be displayed. The first one that will come out will be “Consulta de RUC”. You will need to click.
  • Right away, the alternative will give you the idea that will allow you to see the status of your RUC. Enter the consultation link that appears on the green box.
  • You can know the status of a RUC by entering the information of the name of the organization, DNI or RUC. Choose the alternative; fill in the code that appears in the image and click on «Search».
  • Next, you will see your information: RUC, name (or name of the organization), your area and the state where the Unique Taxpayer Registry is located.

It should be noted that if your RUC does not appear as active and been, you should contact SUNAT to regularize the situation.

How to know my RUC: Number

The Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) It is the distinctive evidence file that recognizes you as a citizen and relegates a thirteen-digit number to natural or legal persons to satisfy your tax purposes.

The RUC also allows you to get closer to the citizen’s own data, for example, office address, financial exercises carried out, type of citizen and commitments, telephone numbers, email. Likewise, it is the system with which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and complete financial control.

To obtain the RUC registration number, you must enter a series of files in case you are a legal person or characteristic and we will show them below:

Natural person

The common person with businesses in Peru must go to the SUNAT workplaces:

  • Recognizable test record.
  • Administration receipt,
  • Request for registration or communication of tax impact

In the event that it is for an Organization

  • Identity documents of the legal representative
  • Evidence of the public deed of incorporation registered in the public records
  • Service receipt
  • Signature of the legal representative
  • Application for registration of the General Manager and the legal representatives of the company.

You should consider at the time of your registration in the RUC what type of evaluation system you will use, since this must be notified at the time of registration. Additionally, you can choose one of these: General System, Extraordinary Personal Assessment System, or Simplified Single System.

What is the RUC and how to obtain it?

The Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) It is the number that recognizes you as a taxpayer, regardless of whether you are a characteristic or legitimate individual, that file contains the information of the monetary action to which your business has a place and all the significant data of the subjects.

This document is a legible and interesting test and consists of eleven digits, additionally it is required for any disclosure or procedure before the National Superintendence of Tax Administration (Sunat).

You must consider that when starting the labor movement freely, it is essential that you acquire the RUC of Sunat, so that you can deliver receipts for competent positions, either from your clients or from your manager, this is the way by which you will formalize the finances, action under the steadfast gaze of the law.

Therefore, it is worth saying that as a Speedy Driver you must obtain the RUC, as it will encourage any tax system identified with the agreement of the exchange administration. Know that your strategy is completely free.

Obtaining this Quick Driver (RUC) is easier than you suppose, since it is conceivable to obtain it through an online pre-registration, only in the case that you have a DNI, at that moment you must finish the face-to-face technique.

However, your consideration will be faster in light of the fact that your information will be recorded from now on. Otherwise, you need to go to Sunat workplaces for the face-to-face method.

What requirements must I meet to obtain the RUC?

  • Possess a valid DNI or corresponding identity document, be it the Immigration Card, Identity Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Temporary Permanence Permit Card or Passport with migratory quality, for the generation of income from Peruvian source, if applicable that applies to you.
  • Fill out form 2119: Application for Registration to the RUC or Communication of Tax Impairment.
  • If the address you are going to register is not the same as the one on your ID, you must present any private or public document that contains the address of the tax domicile that you are declaring.
  • You can entrust the completion of your registration to a third party, in which case you must grant them powers through a power of attorney with a legalized and notarized signature or authenticated by a notary of SUNAT, who expressly authorizes him to carry out the registration process in the RUC.

Activate your RUC

  • Request the User Code and Access Code (SOL Code), this will allow you to carry out various online procedures, such as paying and submitting your returns, requesting authorization to print payment vouchers through printers connected to this system, among others.
  • You must download your SOL Key Application.
  • You can check the status of your registration to the RUC.
  • Activate your RUC in virtual form by entering SUNAT Online Operations in the option: Inscription to the Single Registry of Taxpayers / Legal Persons or go to a Unit or Service Center of the SUNAT in your jurisdiction and present the necessary requirements for registration to the RUC .

It is simple and fundamental, to process the RUC with the related specialists and it helps all citizens to comply with their tax commitments.

What is SUNAT?

At present it is a specific specialized body, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has a legitimate statute of open law, with its own resources and appreciates useful, specialized, monetary, budgetary and regulatory independence.

It is important to highlight that, that it works in coordination with the Public Superintendency of Customs, assuming the capacities, functions and attributions that by law, are related to this entity.

He has legal residence and main base camp in the city of Lima, having the option of establishing workplaces anywhere in the public region. It has its legal headquarters in the city of Lima, being able to install offices in any part of the country.


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