How to know my Social Security Code ANSES: Get it, Change and MORE

How do I know my ANSES Social Security Code? This key is a password that guarantees that third parties do not access your personal data.

You need it to enter the «My ANSES» management portal, from where you can carry out procedures and inquiries safely without having to be in the office of ANSES personally. Below we explain how to remove it, make changes and other information that you should know.

How do I know my ANSES Social Security Code?

Remember, your social security code is completely personal and cannot be passed on to anyone or shared with others. The security of your information and processes in ANSES depends on this, so you must be very careful.

Among other things, the Social Security Code allows you to check family allowances, receive pensions, request this service first, check work history, etc. Currently, there are many Argentines who have their own social security regulations and take advantage of its benefits.

To obtain the security code, you must go to the website of the National Social Security Administration. Or show up at the agency office. This process is very simple, fast and efficient, so we will show you these brief steps and you will know your social security code in a few minutes.

The requirements to prepare for the process are as follows:

  • You CUIL or CUT. It is used primarily in self-employed situations.
  • The serial number of your DNI or main identity document.
  • A document can If you want your attorney to carry out the procedure for you at a headquarters. You can have the format enter in this link.
  • Present the fUSI-07 form with all the data. In this link you can download it.

If you want to know how to know my social security key When you live abroad, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Find yourself a third party, whom you can ask to serve as attorney for this process.
  2. Download, print your signature and have the power of attorney that we discussed earlier be certified.
  3. Get a photocopy of your identification document, so that your attorney can present it.
  4. Your attorney-in-fact must present this documentation at an ANSES headquarters.
  5. Once your request is approved, you will be sent an email with the temporary password with six characters.
  6. You must change the temporary key by another definitive password, that has between eight and fifteen alphanumeric characters (in addition to a capital letter).
  7. You are done with the process of how to know my social security code, if you are abroad.

On the other hand, if you do not have a lawyer in Argentina who can handle the procedures for you, you must follow our instructions below:

  • Download, capture your firm and have the form USI-07 described above.
  • Attach a photocopy of your identity document.
  • Go to a consulate of Argentina in the country where you are.
  • You can also use the Simplified Apostille System and send the precautions to the ANSES Operational Support Coordinating Unit. The address you must write down is the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Av. Paseo Colón, Piso Frente. Likewise, you must indicate the respective postal code, which is C1063ACO.
  • When your documents are well received by the ANSESThey will process as indicated above: they will send you an email with the six-character temporary password.
  • Change the temporary password for another permanent password that has between eight and fifteen alphanumeric digits (in addition to a capital letter).
  • Completed! Now you can use your key social security at any time.

How to know my Social Security Code ANSES: Get it for the First Time

Currently, there are two ways to know my social security key for the first time. These are simpler than the previous one, and here we will show you how to obtain the security key.

By Internet

  • We suggest you consider and write down a password make it easy to remember, but not impede your safety.
  • Write the password in a visible place, or remember it as easily as possible, so as not to forget and lose the password.
  • Enter the page Web of the ANSES, to establish your social security password.
  • Enter your complete ID number or identity document.
  • Answer the security questions related to your personal information and employment reference.
  • After confirming your information, you can use CUIL and your social security code to enter the «My ANSES» service portal.

In person

Once you have completed the social security code generated by my ANSES, use the USI-07 form and your identification at the physical office. You don’t need to make an appointment, because the process only relies on the activation key to get started.

You have 90 days consecutive to go to the office. Otherwise, the key you selected will be deleted and you will have no choice but to generate a new key.

You must take into account

  • Then in this link you are shown a list of the Offices by ANSES available near your home.
  • If you have any questions, you can call for free. For inquiries, call 130 before 8:00 am. 8:00 pm
  • The password for online activation you must have security level 2. Once certain steps are performed (such as changing the place where allowances or pensions are charged), they must be changed to security level 3 at the ANSES office.
  • If you forget your level 3 password, you must enter the office again and activate it yourself.

How to know my ANSES Social Security Code: Change it

For any other reason you need Modify the key to social security, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Use this link of the ANSES web portal.
  • Write down the social security key you want to change, your CUIL number and the new code you want to use.
  • We recommend that you avoid using very simple or closely related passwords, such as names or important dates. It is also a series of repeating characters because they are usually easier to find.
  • From now on, you can use the new social security code to access your «My ANSES» account.

How to know my ANSES Social Security Code: What to do if I forget it?

As often as one can imagine. Many people want to know what to do if I lose or forget my social security code.

For get it back your password, you must follow the steps detailed below:

  • Look for the option create your key of the Web of the ANSES.
  • Approve the organization’s security policies.
  • You respond to questions about the data of your personal information (this related to your CUIL number).
  • Reset or change your social security code.
  • Take care to keep your password in a safe and reliable place.

Frequent questions

Next, we will answer some of the questions common questions about how to understand my ANSES social security code and how to obtain it.

Who should obtain the social security code?

All the users who need to consult or carry out any procedure in ANSES through its website.

Is there a cost for this procedure?

!No way! This is a service gratuitous that is provided to users.

What is this social security code for?

It is used to query and perform managements in the following matters related to ANSES (except access to other services):

  • Request loans or welfare.
  • Check and affirm the proposals for historical reparation.
  • Watch updates about the liquidation of your pension.
  • View your already registered work history.
  • Inform you where and when your benefits are paid.
  • See all your files on the digital platform.

What do I do if I can’t enable my password online?

If you have tried to enable the password three times, but still cannot enable it on the website of ANSES, the solution is simple. You will have to use your ID to go to the agency office and ask for a password.

What if I can’t go to an office to enable my password?

As long as you present a letter of authorization, to keep us here (authenticated and accompanied by a copy of your identification), the agent you choose can make sure your password temporary. Once received, you can follow the instructions to make changes through the ANSES website.

Does my security key have an expiration date? Is it necessary to renew it?

The social security key will not expire. The only time you need to update is when you think others know or forget it. Otherwise, you can continue to use the service normally without problems.

It is very important to generate and activate your social security code. This tool will allow you to access the web portal of ANSES and become a participant and user of all its services.

What is the ANSES Social Security Code?

Complete an online procedure at the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) requires obtaining a social security password, which requires a series of very simple steps, and is a key that allows you to have access and ease. Without leaving home, a large number of solutions are offered for those registered with the agency.

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