How to know my Social Security Number: Procedure, what it is and MORE

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If you have come to this article, it is because you have asked yourself how to know my social security number. This simple code that the Administration of Spain gives us, serves as a key for different procedures and procedures in the country.

So if you want know the methods and a little more about Social SecurityWe invite you to stay reading this article; since, here, you will find all the information you need to clarify your doubts.

How do I know my Social Security Number?

The Social Security number is unique for each personHence, it is so important to know it and, above all, save it so as not to forget it.

But, if unfortunately you have forgotten or lost yours, there is no need to worry; since you have several alternatives to know your number.

Let’s start with the Simpler methods to find your Social Security number:

  1. You can check your Social Security code through old documents; since, many of these register the number of the people.
  2. In the case that you work for someone else, you can find your number through the payroll that they deliver each month.
  3. Likewise, you can also check your code in the labor contracts that you have signed.
  4. If you are a self-employed person, it is possible that your membership number is in the supporting documents or proof of payment. This alternative is a complicated pruning, since, usually, Social Security does not issue vouchers, but charges for bank charges.
  5. Likewise, we can verify the membership number through the Social Security contribution documents.
  6. You can even use the past to get your membership number. Long ago, lThe health cards contained the Social Security number between your data.

How to find out my social security number: ask for it

Now, in the event that you do not have an affiliation number to the country’s Social Security, you should request it as quickly as possible, because it is a mandatory requirement in Spain.

The reasons why you do not have an affiliate code is mainly because you have never worked; since these numbers are delivered once you get a job. In the same way, this can be understood in the cases of very young or foreign people that are just arriving in the country.

However, no matter what your situation is, you must request the affiliation number in the Social Security web portal, Through Model TA.1, which is the document used to approve these cases.

On the other hand, the people who must carry out this procedure are the following:

  1. People interested in becoming self-employed or in special regimes.
  2. In cases where you work for someone else and the employer does not comply with the obligation to complete the procedure.
  3. Entrepreneurs who are going to register you for the first time.
  4. The Social Security Administration through the Labor Inspection or in legal proceedings.

Finally, to request this type of document, you must process the affiliation number a day before the date on which you will register.

How to Know My Social Security Number: Composition

To help you better and faster identify your Social Security number, we are going to tell you a little about how this code of affiliation to the governmental body is composed.

Social Security numbers are fully numerical and are composed through twelve (12) digits; so it differs a lot from the DNI -in case you had the doubt-.

It should be noted that the first two (2) digits of your affiliation code will make reference to the postal code of the province in which you reside.

For example, if you live in Barcelona when you get your first job and join the program, your affiliation code will start with the digits zero and eight (08), plus the rest of the remaining ten (10) digits.

However, one fact that you should keep in mind, in case you decide to move, is that your code will remain the same, there will be no changes. As we mentioned above, this membership number is unique for each person; so, if you joined first in Barcelona, ​​your first two digits will always be zero and eight (08) no matter how much you move.

In What Documents Does My Social Security Number Appear?

The Social Security number is comparable to the country’s National Identity Document, since both are used to identify people in certain roles and situations.

Normally, the Social Security affiliation numbers are associated with labor issues, compensation, remuneration, contracts, among other documents.

For example, people who are employed They must provide their affiliation number, as these will appear on the payrolls issued each end of the month.

Similarly, at the time of signing a labor agreementYou also have to provide your Social Security number; since the document contains various personal and private data of the persons, including the affiliation code.

On the other hand, people who are autonomous they must pay a fee to Social Security; Therefore, the banking entities must issue the voucher together with the affiliation code to the governmental entity.

How to check your Membership Number?

In the event that you do not have a document with which you can verify the information you need, you can make your inquiry through the Internet.

To do this, you just have to access the electronic office of the body in charge of these proceedings and seek the option of «Citizens-affiliation».

After you are inside the page, you must Click on «Consultation of the Social Security Number NUSS». In this case, the platform will ask you how you want to enter the system, among the options you have are:

  • Use of an Electronic Certificate.
  • Username + Password -It is the simplest and most traditional method of all-.
  • Use of a key.
  • Via SMS.

How to know my Social Security Number: Where is it processed and who can do it?

Very well, we have talked about Social Security and the affiliation numbers for said organization, but we have not yet explained where these procedures are processed, nor who can request them. Can everyone process this code? Should I go to a specific place to manage it?

All the answers to the questions that may arise, we will answer them below.

First we are going to talk about who can process the Social Security number. According to the laws, There are two types of people who can request this code:

  1. The citizens or workers employed or self-employed who do not yet have the membership number.
  2. The businessmen They must request these codes for the people who are going to hire and do not yet have their numbers.

Next, these people should submit your application with Form TA1 together with the National Identity Document or the Foreigner Card or Passport, as the case may be.

On the other hand, the places where you can request this code vary, depending on the modality you want to use to obtain them.

According to the law of Spain, you have two ways to request membership numbers and they are the following:

  1. Via Face: If you are going to use this alternative, you must present all the requirements in the General Treasury of the Social Security or Administration.
  2. Via Telematics: For these cases, you can access the Electronic Office and use the service «Assignment of Social Security Number.

Important! The terms established for the notification and resolution of the request are of forty five (45) days. If these days go by without nothing new, the request will have a status of «Estimated».

Finally, remember that this code is mandatory for everyone in the country; in addition to being personalized and unique for each citizen. Keep it in a safe place that you will remember.

What is the Social Security Number?

We have reached the end of this article, but we will not leave without talking to you in more detail about the Social Security number.

These numbers that we have mentioned throughout the article are a string of digits that will identify us in government systems. It is something similar to the National Identity Document, but these codes represent us for procedures for benefits, insurance, social welfare, among other aspects.

Therefore, it can be understood that the Social Security Number is another identification method, although this will allow us to have access to greater amount of benefits of the State; In addition, we can count on the help of services and programs to solve health or financial problems.


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