How to know my Tigo Number: Step by Step, Other Countries and MORE

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If by chance you run into a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and you want to give him the phone number to keep in touch and, surprise, he doesn’t remember the number. That is why in this article you will find the information on How to know my Tigo Number.

If the line is new it is not uncommon for this to happen, however this telephone company has its ways so that you can find the number easily, simply and quickly. Very well, continue reading, it will be very useful and also, if you like, you can share the information.

How to Know My Tigo Number: Step by Step

In this article on How to know my Tigo number, you can review in detail the procedure to follow. When you purchase a Tigo line at any authorized store, you are given a contract that specifies all the details of the SIM card.

Surely the agent gives you the phone number that was assigned, but it is common for customers after purchasing the line neglect and forget this number. It is in this type of situation that the question arises, how do I know my Tigo number?

Of course you can ask a friend to ring you and save the number, but there are times when this may not be possible. Therefore, the steps you must follow in Colombia are those mentioned below:

  • You should look at the box where the SIM card was or ship you.
  • Then on the side or back of card, it has a code that is the number associated with the telephone line.
  • There is also the option to search for the invoice or proof of purchaseIn the final part of it you will find the telephone number (this will depend on the store).

If you lost the box or the invoice for the purchase of the Tigo telephone line, then you can go to the forms that the company facilitates to search for the telephone number. The Tigo company has arranged a series of commands to find the telephone number.

Steps to know the Tigo phone number

  • In principle what you should do is mark the code * 255 * 4 #then you must press the send call send key. Wait patiently for the phone number to appear on the screen in barely three seconds.
  • Also, there is the option to mark * 200 * 4 # and click on the call send key.
  • Likewise, there is the option of sending text message. You must place the word Tigo and send it at number 647. It is an economical message and the message with the phone number arrives immediately.

It is recommended to save the number in the contact list, in order to have it on hand. Tigo is a telephone company that increasingly increases the number of its customers and every day the requests for SIM card numbers are greater.

How to know my Tigo Number in Other Countries

The Tigo company has become in recent years one of the most important companies in the telecommunications area in the world. It is a great and strong competitor in Latin America. Tigo is present in more than ten countries, among which Colombia, Bolivia and Central American countries stand out. With the corresponding exception of the countries of Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

In case you are presented with the problem of How to know my Tigo number In another country, here is a series of mentions regarding the codes that you should know if necessary. They are as follows:

  • In the event that you live in Guatemala or you are in this country you must mark the code * 99 # and press the call send key. Immediately, the requested number appears on the screen.
  • Also, for those who are in Honduras, you must do it by checking the code * 594 #, the corresponding number of your telephone then appears on the screen.
  • Also, if you are in The Savior, it is the same, you just have to mark the code * 627 # and call to display the requested phone number.
  • Likewise, in the case of Bolivia, where you should only place the code * 123 # and make the corresponding call, seconds later the phone number appears on the mobile screen.

The process that must be done is too simple and fast, it does not require more detail only to know the codes mentioned here.

How to Know My Tigo Number: Sim Card Registration

After purchasing the telephone line, what should be known in addition to How to Know my Tigo Number, is to register Tigo’s SEM card on the cell phone. It is a simple procedure, so just to be clear and don’t forget, below are the Tigo Sim card registration steps:

  • Proceed to dial from the mobile phone the code * 300.
  • Then you must choose the option number 2.
  • Then you must dial option number 2 again.
  • Now go to select the option number 5 for registration of the team.
  • Also, choose now the option number 1 and follow the instructions.
  • Once the registration is finished, Tigo sends you a message confirming the data.

How about the information, simple, don’t you think? As you can see, all the operations are simple and easy to do with Tigo.

Balance Check in Tigo

If you are a customer of the Tigo company, but you are not clear about the balance inquiry request, you should not worry in this section we will tell you what you need to know.

To know the balance, all you need is to have your mobile phone or personal computer available. Doing the query is not complicated at all. Here are the different ways to check your balance in Tigo:

For Postpaid plan

  • Access the App «My Tigo» and start the session with the corresponding data.
  • Then, it must be located in the upper right part of the screen and you must press on «Queries».
  • Afterwards, the list of services to which it is associated is displayed, you must choose the option «Consult».
  • Move to scroll in the upper bar to choose «My profile», where you find the personal information.

Balance inquiry by type Post payment

This is a direct method of consulting your Tigo balance. The steps to follow are those:

  • You must dial on your mobile phone the code * 10 #.
  • You can also dial the code * 111 # from the cell phone.
  • Then you should look at the menu that appears on the screen.
  • You must then select the balance inquiry option and that’s it.

Make the inquiry online

To make the Tigo balance inquiry through the Tigo web portal, follow the steps below:

  • You must enter the portal You.
  • Then in the white space you should add email address that was used in the registry.
  • Then you must enter the password corresponding to enter.
  • Now, select the balance inquiry option and that’s it.

If you have not registered, what you should do is go to step number one and click on «Create Account». Then follow the steps already mentioned.

Prepaid Balance Consultation

To consult the balance of a Prepaid Plan and the steps are as follows:

  • Should enter the App My Tigo.
  • You must log in with the corresponding data, if you have not registered, you can do so in this link.
  • Once, in the account you can make the query from the mobile by pressing on «Queries».
  • You can only consult the data consumption of the last fortnight and not do the review of the history of «Consumption ”.

Check the Balance by Phone

In Colombia with the Mi Tigo service you can know the balance using codes and these are:

  • You can make the inquiry by making a call to * 600.
  • Also, you can make the query of balance by SMS to the * 10 #.
  • To check the IMEI of the phone at * # 06 #.
  • Likewise, for Tigo line balance inquiry * 327 #.
  • Also, to redeem gifts, purchases and cancel subscriptions to the * 111 #.
  • Also for check the line number * 255 * 4 #.

Online Consultation

Likewise, from the Mi Tigo account, you have the opportunity to review the consumption of the telephone line in a simple and very fast way. You can do it as follows:

  • You must log in to My Tigo.
  • Then, locate in «Services».
  • You must select the option «Details».
  • It is your responsibility to click on «History of consumption», where you can view the details of consumption.
  • Then go on to select the month you want to check the consumption by selecting the option «See detail».
  • Also, the details of daily consumption should go to the left by sliding the screen.
  • Choose the date and you must select the option «See detail».

What is Tigo?

Tigo is a telephone company that began operations in Colombia with the company name Colombia Móvil in 2003. It was created with the participation of the Bogotá Telecommunications Company (ETB) and the Medellín Public Companies (ESP).

It was created with the main purpose of allowing the adoption of mobile cell phone technology. This company was the first in Colombia to obtain the Personal Communication Service license, which is what facilitates the use of the frequency for mobile devices.

On November 11, 2013, the Bogotá Telecommunications Company (ETB) made the decision to sell the shares in Tigo UNE, a subsidiary of EPM, and then created what is currently known as TigoUNE.

Tigo has provided services since 2014 also internationally, it has a presence in 13 countries around the world.

After reading the article on How to Know my Tigo Number, you should not be concerned about anything regarding the knowledge of the Tigo telephone line, because we inform you of everything you need to know. Share the information now.


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