How to know my WOM Number: Prepaid, No Balance and MORE

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Nowadays it is very necessary to have a telephone or cell phone line, to be able to be in communication with your family, friends, with your work, or as simple as having a number where they can reach you.

You already have your team, but How do I know my WOM Number? Here we give you the answers you need to enjoy your new acquisition, we invite you to continue reading.

How do I know my Prepaid WOM Number?

If you have a new cellular team or are you a member of the world of people who they forget numbers, which is a lot of times that happens, I suggest you follow the instructions below.

If you’re Username of a prepaid mobile phone, you only need to perform the following operations to know your number of Wom.

  • Enter the application to make a phone call.
  • Press this code * 103 #.
  • After pressing the key to make the call, you will have an automatic response when performing this action.
  • Then you will get a popup with multiple options. We have to choose option 2 and then choose option 2 again.
  • In this way, you will know your number of chips Prepaid wom completely free and without credit.

How to know my WOM Number with Plan and without Balance?

To find out what your phone number is wom If you have a Plan, you must follow the following instructions, because if you do the previous method described, it may not be effective as you expect.

  • Enter the application to make a call.
  • Dial the following serial: * 555 #
  • Press call and just wait for the process.
  • Finally, a pop-up window will appear on the screen where you can find your Wom number.
  • These are the most effective and free ways to find out the Wom chip number.

We hope you have the expected result.

How to Find Out My WOM Number: Other Alternatives

When you’re in a hurry and want to know your WOM chip number, there are other helpful methods. these are:

Contact the WOM CAC by WhatsApp

  • Save the following numbers from the WOM customer service center in your contact directory: +56 9 33 6000.
  • Visit the app WhatsApp and find the contact you just registered.
  • Open the chat tab and contact WOM CAC, to request the information you want to know.

Check the invoice or the purchase box

When purchasing a WOM line or a phone with a valid carrier line, the invoice it usually contains the number associated with the SIM card, so if you have this number handy, you can get your number.

This information can also be on the label inside the box of your purchase.

SIM card

If there is still a card connected to the SIM card of the phone, you can check its back. In this way, in addition to finding the code PUK and the code PIN, there is also a phone number associated with the chip

All these last methods are very effective, and I hope that with them you can answer the question of how to know my Wom number.

These are alternatives to the methods you found in the previous paragraphs. We believe that all your concerns have been resolved.

These detailed methods as you see are completely free, you do not need to deposit any credit or balance in Wom Chip to know your phone number without any problem.

Advantages of WOM and Services It Offers

Between the advantages and services offered by WOM we find:

  • Multimedia plans.
  • Equipment Offers.
  • Fiber Internet.
  • Prepaid.
  • Mobile Internet.
  • Equipment.

In turn, you have your page Web where you can carry out these steps:

  • Affiliate and hire.
  • Renew your equipment.
  • Check your account.
  • Pay your bill.
  • Carry out refills.
  • See the plans.
  • Review the consumption of your plan.
  • Know the details of your ballot.
  • Renew your equipment.
  • Hire new lines.
  • Buy additional bags.
  • Top up your balance.
  • Prepaid extra.

WOW with 3G and 4G

WOM has its own franchise and can cover the entire country on 3G and 4G in the AWS 4 frequency band (1700/2100 MHz). It does not have its own 2G network frequency.

As of 2017, the company has signed contracts for roaming National valid with Movistar and Claro (2G and 3G) to guarantee coverage in case your own network is not available or the device is not compatible with the AWS network.

At the end of 2018, Wom it actively participated in the conflict between Subtel and the mobile operators in the allocation of new radioelectric spectrum. To do this, it uses popular advertising and legal means to influence the results.

  • 4G voice: Allow WOM customers to make and receive calls over the 4G network provided by carriers across the country. This will complete the connection in 1.5 seconds and provide high definition audio quality.
  • WI-FI Voice: By itself, it allows us to make and receive calls through any Wi-Fi network in the world that can provide Internet connectivity, regardless of whether the WOM client is within the operator’s coverage. This is ideal for use abroad to avoid costly international roaming.

As of December 13, 2018, all company customers (prepaid and postpaid) can use the 4G and WI-FI voice services. Therefore, it became the first telecommunications company in Chile to implement this type of service in the company. national.


Both services are available to all WOM clients, and there is no additional cost for the client because they only deduct the minutes of the contracted service or the available balance (if a call is made).

To use both services at the same time, you must have a team compatible. For computers purchased with WOM, most of them are already up to date and can use these services. If you have a device that can be purchased for free, this update may be available now or will be released soon.

Contact means

If you want to affiliate with WOM, you have these means:

  • Writing by WhatsApp the number: +56 9 5920 8811.
  • Calling the number: 600 200 1000.

If you are already Womer:

  • Write them on WhatsApp: +56 9 3522 3070.
  • Call them at the number: 2 2 337 76 00.
  • From your cell phone, WOM dial 103.

What is WOM?

WOM SA, known for its trademark Wom, is a company of telecommunications affiliated with the British investment fund Novator Partners LLP, which was established in Chile in 2015.

It provides telephone and mobile Internet services, and offers multimedia plans, prepaid and mobile devices. Currently, Christopher Laska (Christopher Laska) is the CEO of the operator.

Since entering the country in 2015, WOM has achieved rapid growth, has 6 million users affiliated with the company, and won the ‘Customer Experience No. 1’ award in 2019.

On July 7, 2015, WOM was born after the acquisition of the old company of telecommunications Nextel. WOM is short for word of mouth, in Spanish it is «word of mouth.» According to official statistics, as of June 2020, WOM has 4,863,779 clients.

Its role and vision

Wow provides a telecommunications service that provides Internet solutions for individual and corporate clients to obtain all the services and benefits of fast and effective connections from their homes, businesses or companies.

For this, its technicians, operators, programmers and engineers are constantly committed to improving the quality of service and solving possible problems.

In function of the satisfaction general customer, use new technology to provide customers with excellent Internet services.

Its vision is to be one of the providers of Broadband internet largest nationwide, with the best state-of-the-art technology and the best telecommunications and customer service services.

Your technology

4G voice technology (called Volte in other countries / regions) will allow WOM customers with compatible devices to make and / or receive calls via 4G networks, allowing for faster connections and high definition audio quality.

Thanks to this technology, the team no longer needs to access the 3G network when making a call, because now it will be made through the 4G network to which most of us are connected.

WOM is the first operator in Chile to provide this service, and you can make and / or receive calls through any Wi-Fi network connected to your Android device. This service (called VoWiFi or Wi-Fi calling in other countries / regions), even without WOM coverage, you can use it anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi network and you can connect to the Internet.

Connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can receive and perform calls through the mobile service provided by WOM. For example, you travel to Brazil and connect to the Wi-Fi network at the airport, and then make a call from anywhere in Chile, so that the person you call sees your number as if you were connected to the WOM network in Chili. same. The same happens if they call you through your mobile number

You must remember that when you use the Wi-Fi voice services, you will not be able to make emergency calls through this technology. When making an emergency call, the device will make the call over the mobile network. More information on his page Web.


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