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If you are wondering about the Zip Code, stay here reading this article from How to know my Postal Code in Paraguay. Know everything in detail regarding the issue of postal coding in the country.

In addition, in Paraguay there is a new postal coding system, which is very well used by public entities. Take advantage of the information that we present to you and know what is the coding method, the list of codes, know where to locate an interactive map and much more.

Read on and learn more than you ever imagined, then don’t forget to share the information.

How to know my Postal Code in Paraguay?

If you need to search for a Postal Code, you must first select the Department, then the District and finally you must do it by neighborhood or locality. There is no general Postal Code for Paraguay as a whole.

The post of the Republic of Paraguay invites any citizen who want to find out some zip code, enter the following link. In this way, you can also get used to the postal codes of your home and work addresses.

This postal coding system promotes security and streamlining of processes operational applied to postal shipments. It is obtained, with its use, faster in the reception and delivery.

Postal codes make it possible to standardize everything related to the identification of localities, it is the operational technical base for the automation and mechanization of postal processes. It is a system of territorial division.

How to Find My Zip Code: List of Codes

The list of postal codes in the 17 Departments in Paraguay below:

Postal Codes

Administrative Region

Number Postal Codes

001001 – 001535



010101 – 011206

Concepción Department (Paraguay)93

020101 – 022108

San Pedro Department (Paraguay)


030101 – 032005

Cordillera Department


040101 – 041802

Guairá Department


050101 – 052204

Caaguazú Department


060101 – 061113

Caazapá Department


070101 – 073006

Itapúa Department


080101 – 081004

Missions Department


090101 – 091804

Paraguarí Department


100101 – 102204

Alto Paraná Department


110101 – 111919

Central Department


120101 – 121603

Ñeembucú Department


130101 – 130504

Amambay Department


140101 – 141409

Canindeyú Department


150201 – 150905

Presidente Hayes Department


160201 – 160510

Boquerón Department


170101 – 170506Alto Paraguay Department


This postal coding system facilitates location and tracking, since each locality or neighborhood in the country has a totally different identification. However, it is information that is sometimes unknown, even that which corresponds to the home or workplace.

It is also useful when shopping online. Equally, you can download the email app on your mobile and access to search any zip code.

How to know my ZIP Code: Interactive Map

The new postal code is a set of numeric characters that will identify the user’s postal zone. It is made up of six digits.

In the departments of Paraguay, the structure of these postal codes is determined by the initials that represent the departments, the third and fourth codes represent the district. The last two digits correspond to the town or neighborhood.

But now well What is a Postal Code?

The postal code is a numerical series that links the address of residence or domicile of Paraguayan citizens. Additionally, it allows the Paraguayan Post to organize correspondence, packages, shipments that go to departments, districts, and neighborhoods.

The purpose of the existence of postal coding is fAcilitate the geographic location under a reference of the places. Undoubtedly, it is extremely useful for public entities such as the Police, Hospitals. Likewise, to any individual and private sector companies.

To better locate a location with the postal codes of Paraguay, in this link you can find a interactive map.

How to know my Postal Code: Coding Method in Paraguay

The postal code is a series of digits that are related to the domicile address of the citizens, making it easier for the Paraguayan Post to order shipments, packages and correspondence to the different departments, districts and neighborhoods.

Similarly, Paraguay has a new postal code and each area has six numbers, where the first two correspond to the department, the next two digits correspond to the district and the last two refer to neighborhoods and localities.

The fundamental purpose of a postal code is to provide a geographic location for a specific address. This coding is very useful for all public, private and private entities.

Zip codes work as follows:

In the Capital and in the different Departments: 00 is from Asunción, 01 is from Concepción, 02 is from San Pedro, 03 is from Cordillera, 04 is from Guairá, 05 is from Caaguazú, 06 is from Caazapá, 07 is from Itapúa, 08 is from Misiones, 09 is from Paraguarí, 10 is from Alto Paraná, 11 is from Central, 12 is from Ñeembucú, 13 is from Amambay, 14 is from Canindeyú, 15 is from Presidente Hayes, 16 is from Boquerón and 17 is from Alto Paraguay.

Thus, in the city of Asunción there are six districts with their corresponding neighborhoods. For example, the district of Santísima Trinidad and the neighborhood of Santa Rosa the zip code is 001518.

What is the Postal Code and what is it for?

A postal code is understood to be a series of numbers, digits or figures that describe a particular location. These codes facilitate the work of the entities dedicated to sending emails.

In this way, they can dispatch correspondence, packages and others to different areas, sectors, localities. Also, it is called a postal zone, because a code identifies a specific zone.

The Postal Code is a series of digits that in some cases may have letters interspersed, with which a postal sector or region can be identified. Likewise, the purpose is to ensure the distribution of correspondence, instead of having the destination address.

Most countries have the postal delivery service for correspondence. However, some countries do not yet implement the zone or postal code modality. The code is different, for example, there are countries in which the code has five digits, another four digits, in Paraguay there are six numbers that make up this code.

The postal code is a kind of scheme that is used to assign to the places of a country, a code that motorizes and facilitates the delivery of packages and parcels. Also, they can be different between countries, and also have different rules of use.

Generally, in much of Europe for example, the postal code comes before the name of the place or city and is sometimes preceded by the country code. Meanwhile, in other countries the postal code is usually after the place.

There are also postal codes that serve to identify institutions. As are those that receive large amounts of mail, such as official entities, television networks, large companies, among others.

Zip code reveals location information, this way works well for online commerce.

The Postal Code in Paraguay

Since 2018, in the month of June, Paraguay has had a novel system of Postal Codes. The General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses (DGEEC), entity in charge of the creation of Paraguayan postal codes, provided support to the National Post Office of Paraguay (DINACOPA).

Undoubtedly the system of use of postal codes allows postal shipments to be made in a more accessible way. In addition, in this way they lower shipping costs, increase the reliability of the delivery service and improve efficiency.

New zip codes with a set of numeric characters that allow identifying the postal area of ​​customers and users. This code is made up of six digits, the first two digits represent the Departments; the third and fourth digits correspond to the District; the last two digits indicate the neighborhood or town.

The Post Office in Paraguay orders correspondence, shipments and packages by departments, districts and neighborhoods.

You have already read this interesting article on How to Know my Postal Code in Paraguay. Also, with certainty clarified doubts and concerns regarding the existence of zip codes. Now go and share the information with your friends.


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