How to know my ZIP code: what they are, what they are for and MORE

How to know my Postal Code in Argentina? the postal code is a scheme assigned to different regions or places in the country. The code is used to facilitate and mechanize mail routing.

Most countries in the world have major postal codes. Similarly, the provinces or states located within the national territory contain a series of independent numbers. Here is the information you need to know about this topic.

How do I know my Zip Code?

It is very important to use it in certain jobs, international national procedures or other large-scale documents.

Know the Zip Code it is an important factor in our daily work, because it allows us to accurately determine our address and residence.

In Argentina, there are several zip codes Argentines (CPA) that use special numbers for each province to identify each area of ​​the national territory.

Steps to follow to know what my code is

  • Enter the page Web of the Argentine Postal Codes.
  • After entering the system, write the site of the town to consult.
  • The same portal shows you an example of how to enter the address.
  • When we indicate the address where we want to check the code, we press accept, the system will show us the postal code of the area.
  • It should be noted that the Postal Code of this country is different from that of a province. because the main postal code is the world reference of the Argentina Location (ARG) in the world, while the area code is the digital location of the state. A region of the country.

How to know my Postal Code: What are they in Argentina?

Argentina has more than 20 national provinces, which are linked to the Presidency and administer their cadastres and mayors separately to expand all national services nationwide.

The postal codes of our country are the same as those of the local area, so we will indicate how many postal codes there are in each Argentine province.

To start this search, you must enter the site portal Web Argentina Postal Code and search for your municipality.

Search for the province you want to find its zip code, then click to find all zip codes for the city grouped across the country.

Remember that the code of the Argentine Republic is 3166-2: AR, this code can identify us worldwide and allow us to carry out some formalities for foreign locations.

What is it for?

From looking up addresses to sending large amounts of money from one country to another, the zip codes they are very important today.

The numbers are usually guided by the name of the country / region (ARG) and the abbreviation of the name of the province to provide a unique code without repetitions for easy Location.

A zip code will it serves for:

  • Provide the location of a country or state region.
  • Allow the order of mailing from one site to another.
  • It makes it easy for you to find a place historical or tourist.
  • It generates ease of the direction of an area.
  • Shows the Location exact information on certain land or parcels in the national territory.
  • Large freight offices focus on zip codes national and international cargo carriers, whether they are used to transport products, documents or other critical services.

Frequent questions

Next, we will answer a series of frequent questions about zip codes.

Is the postal code of my province the same as that of my town?

The answer is no. Because the postal code of your province is a reference among other regions, but that of your area is unique in that province.

Can I find a zip code online?

Yes, in fact, there are currently several digital platforms that allow you to search for these codes worldwide, this is one of these platforms.

Does Argentina have a postal code?

If it is ISO 3166-2: AR and has owned it since 1990.

Do all the countries of the world have a code?

No, since Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico are countries that for various national reasons do not have a postal code.

What is the Postal Code?

A postal code is a code that contains a alphanumeric identification series of a country / region and a country / region. Some countries only use numbers and some countries use letters and numbers.

In Argentina, this area code came into force around 1998. Due to this type of emissions, it is possible to locate it in all the country’s provinces through postal codes.

The main functions implemented by the country’s regulations are:

  1. Sort the state addresses.
  2. Generate mail systems for mailings or packages.
  3. Grant facility to find a state or province.
  4. Promote state mail.
  5. Contribute together with web pages for locating sites, land or digital cadastres or
    GPS location.
  6. All countries / regions have different codes and unique characters, so Argentina’s postal codes are characterized by alphanumeric, that is, they contain numbers and letters.

Email links to send documents, messages or other information move with the postal code of the shipment.

For example, if you send an email from Córdoba, you must indicate the identification number of the province of Córdoba and the code of the recipient, either an institution or a natural person.

Argentina’s postal code system has (8) characters, which vary from province to province.

Zip codes can help organize property, identify needs, facilitate planning and implement new public policies, improve the quality of logistics processes (especially in the distribution of receipts), and ultimately help make a diagnosis that supports the plan.

For what do you use it?

It is a scheme that assigns a code attached to an address for different regions or regions of a country, which is used to simplify and mechanize mail transport. It is usually a series of numbers, although in some countries it contains letters. It is also used in GPS navigators to locate locations.

The modern postal code system was first introduced in Ukraine (then a member of the Soviet Union) in 1932, but was abandoned in 1939. Germany opened in 1941, followed by Argentina in 1958, Great Britain and the United States in 1959. Name set in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964.

Most of the state postal services of the world They use zip codes. However, in non-existent countries and regions such as Ireland, their expansion is so small that it is not necessary to implement postal codes, such as Gibraltar or Hong Kong. The format and rules for using the postal code depend on the country / region.

In most of Europe, the postal code precedes the city or place name, sometimes before the country code, whereas in English-speaking countries the postal code usually follows the place name.

Although postal codes are generally assigned to geographic regions, there are also some organizations that can identify certain organizations that receive a large amount of mail, such as government organizations, large companies, and television networks.

Importance of the postal code

  • This is how the purpose of a country with Postal Code it is «identifying a specific geographic area regardless of its location, so that it is easier to get to that place.»
  • For e-commerce, having a postal code is the most important, because it not only promotes the positioning, distribution and delivery of products or services nationwide, but also opens the door to the world and provides people access to the world.
  • The advantage of e-commerce is «in terms of marketing, the presentation of quotes, because you can locate quotes and find alternatives for users close to home or work.»
  • In addition, the code will facilitate citizens purchase of products on foreign pages that always require a «zip code» to complete transactions.

Importance for Marketing

Zip codes activate commerce in different locations by decentralizing reach and improving regional location, which means less delivery time and increased demand for the Internet.

Including zip codes, «because it will facilitate the identification of delivery areas in a unified and more controlled way, it will bring many benefits in terms of efficiency, cost savings and buyer confidence.»

The importance of this virtual market is based on “significant advances, which allow companies in the electronic commerce sector to improve and significantly simplify their processes logistics and home care.

In addition, it opens the possibility of having a more precise relationship of precision and follow-up in the delivery of demanded products through «online», positively affecting the sales strategy, loyalty and satisfaction of end customers.

In summary, it has been confirmed that the implementation of postal codes has made a great contribution to deepen the developing of electronic commerce.

The fact of adopting this digital system will not only bring benefits to the community, not only in terms of planning, but also the possibility of obtaining products and services.

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