How to know my Zip Code: With Google Maps, Correos and MORE

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How to know my Zip Code, It is a doubt that many citizens have, since they are in need of resorting to the services of a postal agency, but they do not know what their code is when using it.

In the following article we will explain everything related to this specific coding of each zone, so that you can specify without problems any process that requires with this code.

How to know my Postal Code in Costa Rica?

When creating an email or requesting the services of a postal agency, one of the requirements that it requests is the Postal Code because it confirms the exact location of any place.

For this reason it is necessary to know your zip code, and although some consider it useless, it is not. The location representation It is a data requested for registration on some web pages.

So that you never run into problems when making these records, we will help you to know everything fundamental related to your zip code, including its structure and operation.

Learning the structure of this encoding is not complicated at all, since it is composed of a certain number of specific digits, each of them varies depending on the country and region.

The postal code in Costa Rica is made up of 5 digits related as follows:

  • The first number indicates the assigned province.
  • Then follow 2 numbers that represent the Canton of origin (Administrative Division of Costa Rica).
  • And already ending, the last two digits they refer to District in which the citizen is.

How to Find My Zip Code Using Google Maps

Somewhere you have surely heard the word «Google Maps», this is an application that offers countless locations supported by satellite photos.

Not only that, it also has a system of routes and information traffic in real time.

Therefore, Google Maps is one of those applications that provide different beneficial options to make life more comfortable for users who use it. It is worth mentioning that it also uses zip codes.

To get information regarding postal codes, you will only need to have a browser or the google maps app, you will also have to follow the following steps:

  • If you are on a computer, you must enter your preferred browser and enter the Web address of Google Maps, here we leave it to you. If you are using a cell phone, you only need to have the official application that is already installed by default.
  • When you open the page or application, a series of options will appear to configure it, you must choose the first one, which is the Standard configuration, but if you wish you can choose another option.
  • Immediately the program will open, once inside you will have to locate the search engine that is in the upper left and place the name of the city or region and press the search button.
  • Then the application will show you the map of the city you were looking for, there you will have to zoom in until you get the area you want to get.
  • Once there, click or select on the interesting place and automatically the system will take care of ordering all the satellite data including zip code.

There is a possibility that the system gives some kind of error or it just doesn’t show you the information you want, in that case you can go back to Step 4 and choose the section that says «What’s here» and later it will show you the data you are looking for.

Knowing your zip code using this application does not have so many complications, if you have a electronic medium You can do it as many times as you want.

Costa Rica Post

Manual messaging has been the oldest and most important means of communication in the world, the use of letters and documents since history has been recorded has always been relevant.

Over time it has evolved to what we know today as postal mail, this is responsible for sending objects to any site of choice. Manual submission of letters and documents it was digitized, thus creating the emails.

Manage information by virtual medium It’s very simple, you can also receive messages in seconds, something that you couldn’t before.

There are different platforms that will allow you to create a email, such as: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, among others.

In Costa Rica, the courier service by mail is governed by the Correos Law, which establishes a Correos de Costa Rica SA, as the supervisor in charge of National Communications Directorate. It fulfills the following functions:

  • Sell ​​postage stamps for the procedures that need these.
  • Seizear every resource available to you
  • Train and organize part of the courier market all in the margin of what is legal.
  • To ensure for excellence, punctuality and efficiency in the country’s parcel service.

The other functions can be found in the official regulation of Correos de Costa Rica, SA

It should be noted that you can always count on this service since it is distributed throughout the country, honoring its great reputation and sense of responsibility.

In addition, it fulfills one of its functions which is cover the national territory In its whole.

As an extra data, the delivery services of this agency are prohibited from making questionable content submissions or suspicious, such as drugs, firearms, knives, unknown substances, or unauthorized medications.

The services offered by this company are classified as 6 large groups known, these are:

  • Farma Correos: This postal agency processes any type of medication (except for psychotropic or narcotic drugs that require a cold chain) to chronic patients.
  • National EMS: It is a postal service that works in banks, companies with financial activities, state agencies, the common population, among others. Their contact number is: 800-900-2000 and also 2202-2900.
  • Post Box: is responsible for sending packages of products purchased online, to join you must call: + 800-900-2000 and from there you will receive advice.
  • Pymexpress: is a logistical support service for shipping products, if you need to request their services, dial:
  • EMS Premium: It is the fastest service of Correos de Costa Rica, it can make deliveries to more than 220 affiliated countries, offering highly accessible prices.

If there are still doubts about Correos Costa Rica SA, you can personally visit their Web page for more information on this.

Cost of a PO Box

A Postal mail It is a type of mailbox that is rented according to its size. You can get one if you cancel enough money.

Rates are frequently updated, today it has a fixed value of 12,500 colones, not to mention the right of use that an annuity of 16,750 colones.

The prices mentioned above are the overhead costsIt should be taken into account that the rates are constantly updated, due to which changes may occur.

The current rates are published in the Gazettes of 117 and 20 of the current year, as well as No. 203 of the year 2009.

It is necessary to mention that In addition to this amount, you must add the percentage corresponding to tax On the Added Value, which is in 13%

Postal Codes in Costa Rica

There are a lot of zip codes in Costa Rica, each region has different digitizations expressed in the form of codes.

As we explained earlier, the postal codes of this country consist of 5 digits with different classifications: province, canton and district.

To find out which zip code corresponds to you, you can visit the following link to answer this question.

What is the Postal Code and what is it for?

As mentioned above, a postal code is a set of hard-coded digits that represent a specific area of ​​the country. This system was born in the year 1932, in Ukraine.

It has evolved so much that most countries in the world use it, very few countries do not use it due to its narrow territory.

In short, it is a type of key that encrypts the vast majority of addresses of a country.

It is especially useful for companies that focus their activities on the sending and receiving courier can do their job easily.

For them it is very useful since it allows them to order quickly and efficiently shipments, in this way it is guaranteed that they arrive at their destination as soon as possible.

What’s more, the gps They have zip codes included in their databases to find any location in the shortest time possible.

By knowing the importance of the postal code, we can understand that there are certain procedures or processes that require it, so it is essential to know which of these keys corresponds to our state and area of ​​residence.


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