How to Know the Balance in Movistar: Options, Lines and MORE

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How to know the balance in Movistar It is a very important aspect if you are a user of this telecommunications company. It is an extremely simple and fast procedure to carry out, which we will be talking about in this article today. Whether you want to consult it from your phone, tablet or electronic device, today you will know all of it.

Specifically, today we will explain what options you have to consult, how to make the consultation online, what the post-payment and pre-payment line is like and what exactly Movistar Colombia is about, what services it offers and much, much more. If you are interested in knowing all this, do not think about it anymore, keep reading!

How to Know the Balance in Movistar: Options to Consult

Let’s start by talking about Options to Check the Balance in Movistar. The truth is that there is not only one option to know the current balance you have in your account, but there are multiple ones, each one adapted to your preferences. So you can choose the one that best suits you or the one that seems easiest to do.

In this sense, we will proceed to list each of these options:

  • By phone call. You can check your balance by simply calling * 611 #. Once you call, the call will be cut and you will receive a message with certain instructions, depending on what you want. Enter the number indicated by the server and you will be able to know your balance quickly.
    • In addition to the information about your balance, you will find the type of plan you have, the expiration date and options to change the package if you are Prepaid. Basically, you will be able to see all the information regarding your account in the different options that the system offers you.
  • Text messaging. Another option you have is to know the balance by text message. You just have to send a message to 611 with the word BALANCE. As with the call, you will receive a message with a series of services for you to choose from. To check your balance you must reply to another message with the letter B, as indicated in the menu.
    • Next, you simply have to enter the new letter or number and send it as an SMS to receive a response. You will receive an SMS with all the information regarding your data consumption and current balance. You will also be able to notice that the same server is telling you what you should do.
  • My Movistar. Using My Movistar you can check your balance, simply by following the steps that we will indicate below:
    • To get started, go to the service My Movistar, located on the Movistar web portal.
    • Log in with your personal data.
    • Once there, choose the line whose balance you want to check.
    • Choose Queries and locate the option corresponding to the consumption to date.
    • Finally, you will be able to see the summary of the data consumption. If you want to see the detail, click on that option.
  • Finally, MovistarCo. It is an application that you can download to your phone from the application store. Once you have it, you just have to enter the section of My Consumption (located in the menu that is displayed by clicking on the three horizontal bars).
    • There you will be able to know your voice consumption, you will be able to know how much data you have left or how much you have, and the messages available.

All these options are equally useful to know your balance. Of course, keep in mind that some only work for the pre-paid plan, because for the post-paid plan, the remaining available balance is not seen, but consumption to date is analyzed, which is accumulated until the date of payment.

Online consultation

On the other hand, you can do the Balance inquiry online, specifically from My Movistar. Either by entering from your computer, laptop or electronic device, you will be able to know your balances and consumption if you have the pre-paid plan, as well as check your invoice if you have the post-paid plan.

To achieve this, you just have to follow the steps that we will explain in detail below:

  • To begin, you must enter the web portal of Movistar Colombia.
  • Once there, locate the option of My Movistar, located at the top right of the page, and select it.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, in which you must click on Log in.
  • Enter your email and password with which you are registered. If you don’t have your account active, click Register now and go entering the data they ask for until you have finished.
  • Once inside the system, select the line to consult and then the option of Queries.
  • Then click Consumptions to date to see a summary of these. If you want, you can click Detail and see all about it.

Keep in mind that these are the steps you should follow if you have a post-payment line. If you have a prepaid line, then you must select the line and you will be able to see the balance.

Additionally, remember that you can also download MiMovistar to your phone, for AppStore and GooglePlay, and get to know it directly from there. You can also pay your bill and recharge your phone or Tablet, if you wish.

How to Know the Balance in Movistar: Prepaid Line

Now let’s talk about what would be the Pre-payment line. This is the one that most of us have on our mobile phones, for which a monetary recharge is made in exchange for minutes, messages and data on our phone. The balance comes from this recharge and is consumed over time.

On the other hand, they offer plans or packages. These come with an already established price, for which they offer you a number of free minutes, data and predetermined messages that you can spend as you like. In addition, they give you an expiration date, for which you will have to pay the plan amount again, on a monthly basis.

The balance recharge It can be done from the Movistar website, from My Movistar or from your bank (if it has a prepaid recharge service). There are usually minimum recharge amounts. If you don’t have a plan, then you can top up and spend the balance on whatever you want. For example, you can allocate everything to data, without calling or sending SMS.

The packages They offer you are divided into four, specially designed for your preferences in terms of mobile use. Let’s see!

  • Navigate: It is useful if the most you use is internet data. Recharging can be done daily, every two or three days, weekly, biweekly or monthly. They include from 100MB ($ 1,700) to 4.5GB ($ 50,000 / month).
  • Message: recharging can be done monthly, weekly or daily. The plans range from 25 SMS to all operators or 500 to Movistar ($ 1,000) to 180 SMS to all operators ($ 6,000 / month).
  • Speaks: If you call a lot, this is for you. You can pay daily, for three days, weekly, biweekly or monthly. The plan ranges from 20 minutes ($ 1,000) to Unlimited Minutes ($ 3,000 / month).
  • Combos: includes data, messages and minutes. The periodicity is daily, every three days, weekly or fortnightly. It can go from $ 20,000 biweekly to $ 1,000 daily.

Can CHECK PLANS entering that link. Choose the one that is most attractive to you and hire it by messaging, text call or online. Likewise, if you give More details you will know how to add it.

How to Know the Balance in Movistar: Postpaid Line

Finally, you will be able to find the Post-Payment Line. Unlike prepaid, this consumes a credit balance that must be paid from time to time, usually every month. Depending on the total data, minutes and messages that the person uses until the payment date, they must pay a certain amount.

This is in theory. In reality, post-paid plans They are used for landline and internet services. Some of the plans include Netflix, as they are is that of Family and Friends Plans and one from the individual plan.

Plans start at 12 GB, for $ 61,990 per month, up to $ 169,990 per month for unlimited data and two Netflix screens. This in the event that you change to Movistar or have a new line. In the same way, you can CHECK PLANS entering that link. You can also hire them from there, following the instructions launched by the system.

You can select:

  • We call you. Enter your number and someone will take care of you so that you can adopt this plan.
  • Purchase online. You can do it yourself, providing the information they request.

Finally, keep in mind that packages with unlimited data are only contracted through one call. You must select this option and wait.

Movistar Colombia

Movistar is a company that offers telephone, internet, satellite television and IPTV services. It is found within the telecommunications industry and has a presence in many Latin American countries. It is also dedicated to the sale of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, as well as accessories, from its headquarters.

Clients who contract movistar have the advantage of being able to consult the available balance or the amount of the invoice to pay from multiple channels. It also provides the option to pay bills online, contract packages with recurring payments and many other things.

Today we have answered your questions about How to know the balance in Movistar. We hope we have been of help to you.

Until next time!


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