How to Know the Company Name of a Company: Differences, What it is and MORE

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How to Know the Company Name of a Company? It is one of the questions that Chilean citizens ask themselves when they are about to start a business. Therefore, they must consider several important points, among them. Why know the company name? What procedures must be performed? and more. But, do not stay with the doubt below, we will explain everything about the subject in detail.

In the business world, a very important activity is the creation of a company, and when doing so, you must bear in mind that one of the first factors is to have a name that distinguishes the company from others.

How to Know the Company Name of a Company in Chile?

To better understand the company name, let’s quickly and easily compare the personal name with the company name. This is a characteristic in itself, which allows us to recognize the people of others, subsequently creating our own personality.

For companies, it operates in the same way, and the name of the company allows it to be differentiated from other companies. In this way, natural persons have their own name (such as «Pedro López») and appear on the identity card.

However, legal persons may have extravagant names, such as «Casa Pineda», and the name or company name of the company will show «Pineda SA».

How to Know the Business Name of a Company: How should it be?

How to create a business name Do you want to know what you need to do to register a business entity the right way? To do this, check out our list for some specific tips for creating a business name:

  • It must contain the initials of the type of company in question (there are corporations, capital and industry, limited liability, etc.).
  • You can use words or a combination of words and numbers.
  • Personal names are allowed.
  • You can use social reasons caused by meaningless terms in a certain language.
  • The name of the person who belongs to the company is often used instead of the name used when the entity is small.
  • The business name of the company can match the fancy name used for the business.
  • It consists of two parts: the identifying name of the company and then the type of company (for example, a company name such as El Makeup SA that can identify a public limited company specialized in the cosmetics business).

In addition to these details, there is also a basic fact to take into account: there are multiple online applications that allow you to generate a name for the company. If you can’t come up with a name that you like, this will make the task much easier. Let’s look at some possible options:

  • Frozen lemons
  • Namelix
  • Shopify

Differences with the Company Name and Trade Names

Now, it is important to know the difference with the Company Name and the Commercial Name. First of all, we must be clear that both are different. The Name of the Organization is with which an organization is constituted and that appears as such in society in general or in the private file of the resulting records that modify it.

On the other hand the Tradename, is any sign that identifies an economic activity, a company or a commercial establishment.

How to Know the Company Name of a Company: Tax Situation of Third Parties

Depending on the taxpayer’s situation, the response generated should include a description of the different situations that affect him, as well as some suggestions for his position. The situation to be shared in this negotiation will describe the situation presented by the taxpayer.

Only for the reasons indicated, and must be updated on the date of the negotiation. Since this information is incomplete, the observations of the taxpayer may be different from those that appear in the consultation of the IBS.

How to Know the Company Name of a Company: Differences with a Brand

Next, we will explain in detail the difference that exists with the company name of a company and the Brand. Keep in mind that, it is very easy and straightforward.

The commercial name is when we can clearly identify the company among other companies in the market, whether they are of the same or of different categories. In most cases, this equates to a brand: think of your favorite brand of fast food, clothing, shoes, or mobile phone.

However, this name is not always the same as the company name. It is important to note that some countries / regions have laws and regulations on intellectual property rights, which can provide some legal protection for the trademark.

So, only under certain circumstances, the company name is consistent, the company name It matches the name by which consumers know it, the one that is visible in the market.

How do we know, when we see a brand, if it is also in front of the company name? It’s simple: you just have to pay attention to the content of the invoice. If you have ever eaten in a food establishment, you will notice that the payment receipt presented by the waiter is the name of entity X, which is different from the name of the establishment.

Although these two concepts are confusing in practice, there are still differences between them. The first is that the name of the company is essential for the entity to carry out business operations; instead, you can deploy activities well without using a specific company name.

Also, the name of the company appears in the official legal documents related to the entity, while the brand does not. Among the many characters that make up business life, one can see company names rather than fancy names.

Furthermore, registering a business name requires a longer and more elaborate process than simply registering a trademark. This is so because the company name identifies the company in the formal, administrative and legal fields.

What is the Company Name and What is it for?

Just as people often have one or more first names, one or more last names, and an identification number in their national records, a business enterprise has a first name when it is established.

Therefore, when we use the latter term, we mean the specific name registered with a specific organization or company, that is, a formal and legal term used to collectively refer to that organization or company and to distinguish it from other organizations.

It is important to note that the name of the company will appear in the founding documents and will also identify the legal person and the organization’s community, which is why the company is used at a formal, administrative and legal level.

This name may be the one that appears in authoritative writing material or promotional statements, or it tends to be carefully administrative and offers a route to a more attractive name (trademark) by which to recognize your articles.

The means of obtaining a business name are controlled by the commercial laws of each country, except that, as a general rule, it will be a complete cycle of exhibition of the creativity of the name.

It is important to mention that the use of an unknown commercial name is considered a forgery and is dependent on legitimate and legal authorizations of responsibility for rights.

In addition, changes in the name of the organization are usually subject to control and documentation measures, from the change of name of an association, especially in the case that it has capital and resources that may affect third parties or that may be affected. an illicit origin.

Importance of the company name

When starting another business, you must be familiar with the new terms that will be used all the time. By not knowing the terms, they add to the little experience, making the learning cycle and variation more confusing.

Despite the fact that these are typical cycles for the new entrepreneur, it is imperative to know them so that the name of the organization is used. Even though it is anything but exceptionally meaningful information, it is one that allows you to separate yourself from the rest.

Understanding what the organization name is, when and how it is used, and how it varies from the rest, places great importance on job knowledge. It is essential to know any of these terms, since that once you start a business, it will be much easier to enter a name for the organization and the brand.

Prohibitions in the company name

Currently there are certain restrictions on the business name you can choose from. Among these we can probably discover the most outstanding ones:

  • SR cannot allude to a move that is not essential for corporate reason.
  • A person’s name may not be entered for the organization name without their consent.
  • In the event that the commercial name exists from now on in another dialect, it cannot be registered if they are phonetically the same.
  • The inscription of the name of the organization will not be allowed in the event that it has words similar to another organization but the application diverse, or uses words that sound fundamentally the same as phonetically. (Lord Burger, Burge Family).


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