How to Know the Degree of Disability: Certificate, Benefits and MORE

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Do you have a disability or a member of your family? Here we tell you How to Know the Degree of Disability. This issue is of great importance, since when evaluated by a group of specialists, a series of benefits can be obtained. We invite you to continue reading.

You will find out who is considered disabled, how to obtain the Unique Certificate of Disability, what the Certificate is for. In addition, what are the benefits that exist for people with disabilities, and what is the Ministry of Health.

How to Know the Degree of Disability in Argentina?

The Degree of Disability refers to an estimate through which disabilities are categorized and can be reflected through percentages. This It concerns the technical evaluations that have been grouped.

Said assessments have been stipulated by the public administration, in addition to evaluating the person’s disabilities. Likewise, the social elements that could complicate the incorporation into society.

This in order that the degree of disability can be defined. With a valuation psychic, physical and sensory at the same time. In this way, the different elements are notorious, with which the medical authorities accredit the disability.

The authorities must be made up of different disciplines, a doctor, a social worker and a psychologist. There are other people in charge of accrediting the degrees of disability, in accordance with those established in the reports.

It refers to the autonomous communities, or the known Institute of Migration and Social Services, by means of different organisms. Likewise, they will determine how often the verification of the Degree of Disability must be carried out, while taking into account some modifications.

It is possible that the modifications presented are minimal, in terms of the first diagnosis and with the verification. This in order to evaluate a progress or a complication within the individual’s Disability. The evaluation is generally less than 2 (two) years.

Now, with respect to the legal issue, the process to distinguish, rule and be able to classify the Degree of Disability of a person, is established in the Royal Decree of the year 1971/1999.

How to Know the Degree of Disability: Who Is Considered Disabled?

According to what is established by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is said that disability refers to the restriction or difficulty that an individual may have, to carry out your daily activities on a regular basis.

Disabilities are characterized by some excesses, or through some disabilities, with respect to daily life, within what is normal. However, these activities can be long-term or temporary.

Too can be recoverable or it can be taken into account as a deficiency in the individual. This aspect is quite extensive, since each individual can have very precise situations regarding Disability.

Therefore, the Degree of Disability is useful since it serves to establish in a fair way, the identification or condition that an individual may have with respect to their Disability. This with the aim of providing all possible support so that you have quality of life.

How to Know the Degree of Disability: Certificate

If you are interested in processing the Certificate of Disability, or in that case a guardian or legal representative, you can request it and provide the documentation required by the relevant institutions, which are responsible for issuing it.

Requirements required to manage the Certificate of Disability

Depending on the diligence that is being carried out, specific documentation must be consigned, however, the basic one is mentioned below:

  • The National Identity Document (DNI), of the individual who is going to be evaluated both in original and in copy.
  • DNI (National Identity Document), of the guardian or legal representative (only if required) in original and copy.
  • Original and copy of the individual’s birth certificate for which the Certificate is requested (applies if it does not have a DNI).
  • In the event that the individual is of school age, the Certificate must also be consigned.
  • If he has it prepaid coverage card.
  • Last proof of salary of the individual in charge, if applicable.

Other requirements

The specific Medical Certificate, or a synthesis of the person’s clinical history in original, must be presented. This must have a validity no more than six (6) months. It should contain the following:

  1. The central diagnosis.
  2. The precedents that the pathology has and period in which it has advanced.
  3. The condition of the person at that time and the consequences.
  4. The treatment with the corresponding medications, and in some cases the respective therapy.
  5. The medical seal and the signature of the treating group.

If there is any current report issued by different professionals in the medical or educational area, such as a medical report. Also psychopedagogical, a neurocognitive or speech therapy evaluation, or another depending on the disability or condition.

In the event that the Medical Certificate with the qualities previously mentioned is not possessed, the consignment of the Complete Return is recommended. by the personnel who made the assessment. It must not be more than six (6) months old.

In the same way, the petition form for the Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD), both original and completed copy. To access it you can enter this link.

What are the Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Disability?

  • Gather all the required documentation, which has already been detailed previously.
  • With the documents on hand, you must go to the place where the appointment was granted personalized, and request an appointment with the evaluation board.
  • Write down the date of the respective shift, and be aware of attending on the scheduled date for the evaluation with the board.
  • The CUD (Unique Certificate of Disability), must be withdrawn in the same place where the evaluation was carried out on the indicated date.

It should be noted that, this free management, the expenses originate from the copies of the required documentation. The validity of the Certificate depends on the age of the applicant (between 0 to 5 years old), its validity can be up to five (5) years. Being older than five (5) years It is valid for up to ten (10) years.

What is the Certificate for?

Among the utilities that the Unique Certificate of Disability has, are those that are named below:

  1. You can reach medical services with 100% coverage, including: Educational aids, prosthetics, rehabilitation, medical treatments, among others.
  2. Moving for free in Public Transport throughout Argentina.
  3. If you own a vehicle or one of your family members, you will have the International Symbol of Access
    Exemption of some Municipal taxes. Also, other benefits for individuals or family members with some type of disability.

How to Know the Degree of Disability: Benefits for the Disabled

Below are the benefits that exist for people with Disabilities:

The need to pay for a vehicle license is waived

  • Being the owner of a vehicle, the known name must be placed on it. international symbol for free parking.
  • You must have the Unique Certificate of Disability, which has been issued by the corresponding authority. The advantage of not paying the patent is granted according to the regulations of the regime that is established in the Nation Law number 19,279.
  • Likewise, what is contemplated in the respective tax statutes, codes and laws. Said exemption from payment of the patent, only applies to a single vehicle, while the beneficiary preserve ownership of it.

You can request a tax exemption to obtain a vehicle

This advantage is that a contribution will be granted on behalf of the State. This has to be used to get a car in the national industry. Said vehicle must be a standard model that does not have accessories or commands for conditioning.

The cost of sale to the public must not be greater than 50%

  • You can choose the alternative of being exempted of some of the internal tariffs. Also of the lien, which has been established in reference to the unit and when obtaining one with foreign origin.
  • Apply the condition that must be a standard type vehicle, you have for the required adequacy without optional add-ons.
  • Its value in reference at FOB cost, will be exempted with the respective payment for the import duty. In the same way with the pertinent tariffs that you are among them with the statistics and the port service.

Ministry of Health of Argentina

The MSAL (Ministry of Health) is a public entity of the country. It is in charge of carrying out administrative activities related to the health service. Among those services are: Vaccination days, border sanitary control, epidemiological situations, drug bank, registration of health professionals, etc.

Health issues in Argentine territory are the responsibility of the provinces not commissioned to the Nation. At the end of the 19th century, public hospitals were created, since the provinces administered the public health institutes. The MSAL, is that he plans the meetings with COFESA (Federal Health Council).

Do youHow to Know the Degree of Disability? A question that many people with disabilities or their families ask themselves. Upon timely knowledge of this, a Certificate that proves the condition can be processed. In addition to society having the necessary consideration.

We hope we have helped you with this process, which is very easy to process. Meet the required requirements and you’re done.

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