How to Know the ICFES Registration Number: Steps, SNP Code and MORE

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How to know the ICFES Registration Number? If you would like to have answers to this question, you are reading the article indicated for you.

The ICFES registration number is also known as the SNP (National Testing Service) number, which is a code assigned to each student who registers for the Saber Test.

How to know the ICFES Registration Number?

If you have any questions or confusion about everything related to these educational programs, here we will teach you How to find out the Icfes registration number.

The registration number of the Test Saber 11 is quite easy to identify, there are two methods to know the registration number of the Icfes:

  • The first option, is if you already have the summons or the results of the physical test. In this case, the number is in the upper right corner of the result, and it is a code similar to the code that we are going to describe later in this article.
  • The second option, in this case you do not have any document in the previous format, because you must do everything online.

The process is very simple, since you only need to enter the type of document and the corresponding document number in the online portal of Icfes.

This is a very simple matter, since in both cases it is very obvious where the registration number is located.

How to Know the ICFES Registration Number: Steps to Follow

Of course, you already know how you can get it online, which makes things easier. However, there must be many people who have not tried it, because they will think that it is complicated.

For all these people, this is a little guide that details how to know the Icfes registration number.

  • The first thing you should do is enter the Icfes Interactivo page.
  • After that, the second thing is to enter the icfes test results section.
  • In the third step, you only need to indicate your type of document.
  • Finally you just have to put your identification number.

You only need to know the registration number assigned by ICFE when you request the exam.

How to Know the ICFES Registration Number: SNP Code

Perhaps you already know what it is to do all the things related to the how to know the Icfes registration number, but they ask you to use the SNP code of Icfes.

Before you start to think that it is very difficult to get it and get it, you need to prepare yourself and go through an adventure trip to get it, which we think is not difficult.

The serial of SNP (National Testing Service) is the same as the Icfes registry, so you only have to search for it to have both.

This is how, when mentioning the SNP codeYou only need to know the first part of the Icfes registration number, since this is the code used for several of the procedures that are requested in higher education.

The code What we are discussing is about the first two letters and the last three or five numbers.

How to Know the ICFES Registration Number: Know Test Results

You only need to enter the Icfes Interactivo page, there you can look for the first option in it to understand what the Saber Test result.

First of all, you should know that the report you will receive of the Saber 11th test results consists of 4 parts, of which:

Personal information

This is a box that is in the upper left part of the report with all your personal information:

  • Names and surnames.
  • Identification number.
  • Municipality,
  • The date of application of the exam.
  • The registration number.

This information is very important because if you want to double-check the results in the future, you just need to check the record number shown in the report and then enter it on the ICFES page, where you can see the full report containing the results.

Overall results

The second table consists of two parts: total score and percentile.

The score Overall is equal to your average score and is a general indicator of your performance throughout the exam.

Here, you must remember that it will be a number between 0 and 500, where 500 is the qualification Highest possible on the test, so the closer your score is to this point, the better your performance.

This is the formula you use ICFES to get the overall score:

  • The Critical Reading Result: LC
  • Math result: M
  • Results of social and citizens: SC
  • From natural sciences: CN
  • From English: I

Formula = ((LCx3 + Mx3 + SCx3 + CNx3 + Ix1) / 13) * 5

The second part of the table is the percentile of the total score. This means that your position is organized with the positions of other students throughout the country (from lowest to highest) and, depending on their results, shows how many people below you and how many people above you.

For example: If the report shows that your percentile is 60, it represents that you are above 60% of all the subjects who took the Saber 11th test, and at the same time you are below 40% of all the subjects who presented the Saber 11 ° test.

Based on this, the percentile is a very useful metric because it allows you to understand the condition of all the people who participated in the Saber 11th test.

Results by test

The table contains your scores and specific percentiles for each test: critical reading, math, social and civic awareness, science, and English.

The score for each test will be a number between 0 and 100, where 100 is the highest score on each test.

The percentile will show you where you compare to other students in each proof, so you can see which areas you are better at and which ones need improvement.

Performance levels

This is the last table, which contains a set of characteristics that tell you how your abilities Y competencies for each test to complement the numerical results, and through their interpretation, it is easier to understand the results.

Remember to commit to your future and do your best.

What is the ICFES Registration Number?

There are many things to go from high school to university, but one of the main things is to introduce the ICFES exam, so one of the first questions to ask yourself is How to find the ICFES registration number.

And these tests mark the destiny of people in many ways, because it is thanks to them that they can study what they want or can do. It is not a difficult process, but you should know about its process.

When taking the ICFES test (also known as Test Saber N ° 11), many things come to mind: from everything the preparation for studies, to the future and the importance of this for our lives.

However, not many people paid attention to one of the most important data obtained by this test: the ICFES registration number, also known as the National Testing Service (SNP) number.

In fact, many test-takers hardly think about what will happen after the test. However the registry number The test is very important, because it is very personal and everyone has their own.

Is this registry number the one that makes us the identity of the users of the national educational system at all levels who need the test to be valid.

In other words, when requesting any type of consultation (online or face-to-face consultation) about the ICFES tests, the registration number can be used as our «Identity».

This number consists of two parts or fields, and each part or field has very special characteristics, we will explain them below:

  • The first part consists of two letters and three or five numbers, which are the code for the test program.
  • In the second field, we can find the personal code consisting of seven numbers.

What is ICFES?

We already inform you of many registration codes of Icfes and from the SNP codes, but there is still one important point, which seems to be the most obvious: What is Icfes?

Among the many examples and institutions that the Colombian government must implement, the ICFS is the institution responsible for all matters related to college admissions and exams

This is how, the abbreviated Icfes, represent the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education.

So now you know that if you have to do some type of university entrance management, you must enter that entity.

Since 2005, ICFES The following objectives have been proposed:

  • Serve as a directive for admission to Higher Education.
  • Inform students about their high competencies in each of the evaluated subjects, with the aim of providing resources for the good orientation of their professional option.
  • Support the process of self-evaluation and permanent improvement of school institutions.
  • To become the base and tool for the development of cultural, social and educational research.
  • Used as a standard to grant educational benefits.


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