How to know the IMEI: Consultation, Registration in the Operators and MORE

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How to know the IMEI? You are curious or you are presenting a situation where you ask yourself this question, because here we give the answers you need and something else on this topic.

IMEI It is a 15-digit code that can identify mobile phones internationally. It is unique for each cellular device and remains the same even if the user changes operator. Knowing this code can help you (through the phone provider) to unlock your phone or lock the device in case of loss or theft.

How to know the IMEI: Queries

The platform that focuses on all those cell phone codes reported by Colombia is called: Mobile terminal registration system or simply SRTM

There is also a query positive database, which is used to find out what IMEI is registered, so you should not be alarmed.

If you make a query in said entity, but no results are shown, you must register your phone with one of the mobile phone companies available in Colombia: Claro, Movistar, Tigo, Avantel, Éxito, Etb, Flashmobile, Virgin Mobile, etc.

How to know the IMEI: Registration in Colombia

The purpose of registration IMEI is to include mobile devices in the Colombian mobile phone recognition database. The database has been implemented by the central government to prevent mobile phone theft.

For to register your mobile phone, you must show some of your basic data, code IMEI , your purchase invoice or a document certifying ownership of the device to the selected mobile operator.

Next we will show you how to register your IMEI in one of the main operators in the country:


If you choose Claro as your operator to do the Registration of your cell phone, you should know that you have 3 options and these are:

  • By pressing * 611 # on your cell phone.
  • Calling the number * 611 and follow the instructions that the operator will give you.
  • Downloading the Mi Claro App.

For more information on the process you can visit the following link.


For to register your cell phone with the operator Tigo you have these two options:

  • Dialing the digits * 300 and option 6.
  • Entering your official page Web.


If you are already a movistar user or you have thought sign up, know the steps to be able to carry out the process of your cell phone by entering the following link.


Avantel lets you do the Registration, as well as the unlocking of the mobile terminal and from this link.

Flash Mobile

If you are a client of this operator you can do the Registration from this linkIf you have any other questions, you can ask your questions to the website support.


To do the Registration In Éxito you must have the phone bill, if you do not have it you must fill out a form stating that you are the legitimate owner of the equipment, in this link you have all the information.

Virgin mobile

Follow all the instructions they give you here on its official page.


Call the number * 700 and follow the operator’s instructions, you can to register your imei from the same cell phone, or you can go to this Web, to do the process online via the internet.

You must bear in mind, we must all register our mobile devices, it is completely free and allows us to help reduce theft. Also avoid being blocked because you are not registered.

How to Find Out IMEI: Unlock It

Legally speaking, it is only possible to unlock Phones that are reported as unregistered, duplicated or unpaid, you only need to contact the operator’s office where the report is located or have been there in person.

If the phone is locked due to theft, in some cases the lock can be removed by replacing the IMEI reported by another, but this is a crime. However, if you are the rightful owner of the device, you only need to issue the invoice to the operator so that they can proceed with the unlocking.

How to Know the IMEI: Report a Stolen Cell Phone

Cell phone theft happens frequently throughout the Colombian territory, if you ask someone you know if their cell phone has been Stolen Before, it is very likely that he will answer you yes, that is how this is something you should know, in case it happens to you and you did not inform yourself.

The management is very simple, you must have the ID and IMEI , after contacting the commercial operator of the device registration and informing him that the mobile phone has been Stolen, they will continue to validate the information you provide, if everyone agrees that they will block the mobile device, then it will be blocked without commercial use.

Can I know the IMEI of my Stolen Cellphone?

If for some reason you don’t have the serial number IMEI from your mobile phone, you can get it somehow. Do you know that Google knows the serial imei of your mobile? So if your device is Android you have the information at hand.

You can also find it because it will show you a detailed map and the last time Google found it. Being logged into your gmail account, simply press here and go to the «i» icon.

There are several options too, like playing a sound to help you find your phone when you lose it at home, or locking your device and logging out of your Google account, or even deleting data.

Another way of knowing IMEI is to contact your operator through the invoice, in the purchase box or the mobile phone purchase invoice.

What is the IMEI and what is it for?

The IMEI is an international mobile equipment identification code, which is a fifteen (15) digit code pre-recorded by mobile phone manufacturers. This code is used to identify devices around the world and also to report the theft or loss of devices, for their blocking.

This indicates that the serial IMEI of your cell phone is not repeated in another phone in the world, and when your mobile is connected to the network, it will automatically indicate this identifier.

This is how we can say that your mobile phone has a dedicated ID, through which you can identify or locate it without wandering the world. Identify your IMEI It will allow you to block the device in case of theft, just by telling the operator.

It will also allow you to unlock your phone so that any operator can use it, regardless of its make or model.

The IMEI of a phone has 15 digits and has nothing to do with its operator, although it does include a reference to the device manufacturer and the country of manufacture. The code consists of the following four parts:

  • TAC or Type Allocation Code: Consists of the first 6 digits. Among them, the first two represent RBI, which is the organization responsible for managing the phones sold and thus the country / region where the phones are produced.
  • FAC or Final Assembly Code: Consists of the next two digits and indicates the manufacturer of the device.
  • Serial number: These are the next six digits and represent the serial number (SNR) of the phone.
  • Verifier code: It is the last digit of your IMEI, and it is a serial that validates that the IMEI is correct.

These are the utilities that the IMEI:

  1. Lock the cell phone.
  2. Unlock it.
  3. Release it.
  4. Find him.
  5. Identify it.
  6. Test updates.

There are several ways to check the status of the code IMEI, the fastest way is to check it online via internet, then we will give you details in this article.

Consult IMEI with the Avantel system

The first way that we are going to detail you is through the official website of the company Avantel, this system allows to validate the imei code in «blacklists»And in positive databases«white lists«. Just supply the number IMEI from your cell phone and it will give you the results.

Query on blacklists

This method of query, is used to confirm if the phone is locked for any reason and the result will be displayed.

  • Choose the tab «Query on blacklists» and supply the imei code on your cell phone, if you don’t know it, just type the following command on your cell phone * # 06 # and it will tell you the code.
  • After receiving said code, you enter it in the line of the form and press the button «Consult» , then the system will indicate the results obtained.
  • It can give several results such as: theft / robbery, duplicate, repeat offender, lost, reported for non-payment, for non-registration.

It is important to note that if the IMEI is registered in Avantel, this means that that IMEI found in Avantel’s positive database. It does not imply that the mobile is registered as an Avantel user.

Query in positive databases

Check this option to verify that the number IMEI of your mobile device is registered correctly and is not easily blocked.

If the result is: IMEI and ID Registered in integrator, however, in Avantel it is not registered, this means that the consulted imei has been correctly registered, but it is not necessarily an Avantel user.

Check imei from the SRTM in Colombia

The second option that we want to point out is to verify from the system, the authorized operator informs Colombians if the mobile device has been blocked or reported for any reason.

  • Therefore, you must go to the platform of the SRTM, by means of the following link you can find it.
  • To make the query you only have to enter the IMEI of your cell phone in the form, if you do not know what it is, or how to consult it, simply dial the following serial number on the mobile, * # 06 #, after this, a series of numbers will appear on the screen, then that is the IMEI from your phone.
  • Now that you know the IMEI just enter it in the form and press the button that says «Look for«.
  • According to the result of the code IMEI that we consulted, it was registered successfully and there was no blocking problem.
  • If when you consulted IMEI, appears to be locked, then the output details the corresponding information about the reason for the report, the operator where the report is located, and other important information you need to know.


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