How to Know the Legal Certificate of a Company: By Name, Registration and MORE

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How to know the Legal Certificate of a Company, is a question that many may not know to resolve situations related to trade, but there are cases of how to process it.

In this article we name some steps to understand the process of processing the legal certificate, optimizing your time and money.

How to know the Legal Identification of a Company by the National Registry?

Whenever a company is registered with the National Public Registry, it is given a kind of asset identification, this is known as legal identity card.

People question or simply do not know what the legal identity card is assigned to a company of interest, some procedures are also unknown.

If you are one of the people who fall into this category, pay attention. Next, we detail all the steps to take to find out the legal identification number of any company located in Costa Rican territory.

First of all, you must enter the official website of the Public Registry in Costa Rica in the following link.

The public registry system has a database and a system that has high security, which indicates that you must be cautious when conducting your search.

For example, as a fun fact, you can do a maximum of 10 searches in the course of 2 minutes, but if you exceed it, the system will recognize you as a threat and will lock your registry to guarantee the page security.

Once these main considerations are known, now we will detail all the steps you must follow to consult the legal identity of any company.

  • When you are inside the system, you must locate at the top and select the option «Certification System Y Free Consultations ”.
  • Next you must place the user data and password If you do not have an account in the system, you just have to click the button «Register for the first time» and then follow all the indications that they place on you.
  • When the page redirects to your account, the database will show you multiple options, you must immediately press the one that says «Consult by name»

  • You will quickly be shown a short menu where you must enter the name of the company to consult.

  • After confirming the company name, the page will activate a security method that you will have to do, you will only have to solve a small mathematical operation in order to write the result of it, for example: 7-3 = 4.
  • The system begins to perform a search according to the name, and in the extreme right of each one of these will appear its assigned legal identity card.
  • Finally, you must find the identity card you need to know and select its legal identity card to find out all the data available at that time.

There is the possibility of the same results, thanks to the wide variety of companies that share the same name.

Great care must be taken in this situation.

It is not difficult to know a legal identification number from the national registry, just by having a electronic medium and one Internet connection you can get that information easily.

How to know the Legal Certificate of a Company by Name?

Knowing a legal identification of a company by name is basically performing the same steps as in the process named above.

If you are still not sure how to complete this process, we will give you more details about it:

  1. You just have to access the menu and specifically choose the option that says «Free Discussion»
  2. At the beginning of the article it was emphasized that searches have a ten times limit For every two minutes, if this amount is exceeded, the client’s record will be blocked.
  3. Once inside, you must select the option: «Conference by name»
  4. A model bar where you will have to place the name of the company you need information about.
  5. Before continuing, the page will ask you to complete a scientific verification activity to ensure that outsiders are not interfering with the database.

Once the security check, you will be shown a summary with the name of the organization where information will appear that ranges from the current situation of the company to the name of its different tax-approved businesses.


In case you want to start a project or create a businessFor this, you need a legal identity card and the knowledge to process one.

The first piece of information that you should be very careful about is that they are only processed legal certificates to those companies that are not yet within the National Public Registry system.

In case you meet the requirement set out above, you must follow the following instructions so that you can carry out a correct assignment request of legal identity card.

  • The first step to make a request is the presence of the legal authority of the company to be assigned in the National Public Registry.
  • The legal authority must submit an application which in turn must be in good condition, it must have the complete company data like: the complete name of the company, objectives of the company, and even its signature.

It is essential that all these data are validated and confirmed by a public notary. Likewise, it must Note that depending on the company you are going to attach, the steps and additional information may vary.

What is the Legal Certificate for?

A legal identity card has a variety of considerable uses, being relevant to process any tax procedure that involves a company or legal person.

If you do not know exactly what a legal identity card is for, in the following list we will explain everything related to them, especially about their functionality and importance in natural persons.

  • Is used for give information of any national or legal person before any public and private body. All the information that the legal identity card has is 100% legal and reliable.
  • It is used to carry out different procedures associated with financial entities, the most common cases are: loans, transactions of large amounts of money, payment of debts, among others.
  • If you need to acquire any information related to a company, as a mandatory requirement they will ask you for the current number of legal identity card to be able to authorize this action.
  • If you require the services of a company that provides goods, they will naturally ask for your legal identity card.

Types of Shapes Legal

For process a legal identity card You need to know all the types of form that make up this document and legal record.

The document is mainly divided into two characteristic types: individual and corporate. According to Costa Rican laws, they are classified as follows:

  • Common population
  • Mysterious population.
  • Helpful character
  • Restricted population
  • Goods network system.

The criteria for choosing a legal form vary depending on the situations, in the next list we will name them.

  • Number of advertisers: In the event that the company has these numbers of advertisers, it is smart to start an organized structure.
  • Type of action: certain places that carry out economic activities such as: banks, party agencies, Common establishments, among others, function thanks to an authorized document.
  • Financial initiation: To create a structured organization, an initial payment of 3,000 euros must be made to the National Registry, in order to validate a capital commitment.
  • Liability towards third parties: The document in the possession of each organization must specify what functions it will fulfill and its duty to society. Briefly describe the network of benefits that it will distribute.
  • Tax assessment: the legal certificates must be submitted to an annual individual evaluation, taking into account the obligations and associations.
  • The individual annual evaluation: It is a dynamic expense, so the higher the salary, the higher the right.
  • Accounting: In the same way, an accounting record must be kept between employees and independent acquaintances (anyone). This in order to maintain their organization.

What is a Legal Certificate?

The legal identity card is a document that is responsible for register a company or organization that is dedicated to economic activities as a legal person before the organisms nationals.

By knowing all the characteristics that surround this tax document, we realize that it is necessary to have a legal identity card to be able to create great economic opportunities and if we wish to create a valid organization in front of the state.


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