How to Know the NIT of a Company: Types, Requirements and MORE

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Both natural and legal persons are subject to certain parameters established by the nation to promote the proper functioning and management of the country’s interests. Among these parameters, we find that the NIT is of strict obligation, and in this content you will know how to know the NIT of a company.

Stay and read the following content so that you can know everything about the NIT and thus you can carry out all your processes efficiently within the established parameters.

How to know the NIT of a Company?

For the proper functioning and development of companies and industries worldwide, it is necessary that they are governed by certain laws, standards and parameters that allow their behavior to be regulated, thus establishing a good and correct policy within them.

In this sense, these parameters and laws can influence all areas of industries, especially the economy. Due to this, it is very important to comply with them in a mandatory way.

Colombia uses the tax registry to be able to process correctly which is the Tax Identification Number (NIT).

Throughout our content we will show you more about the NIT of a company.

How to Know the NIT of a Company: Types of NIT

The NITs are assigned in several categories to a specific group of company or industry, and to learn much more about this, we present below the types of NITs that can be registered:

Great contributor

In this category belong all those entities and organizations that have to do or are related to public law, spatial income policy or non-profit.

Medium High Taxpayer

Within this category are all legal and natural persons that have an economic capital greater than the established amount of 30,000 Colombian pesos.

Medium Taxpayers

In this section or category of NIT, belong all those natural or legal persons who have a capital of an amount between 5001 Colombian pesos and 30,000 Colombian pesos.

Small Taxpayers

This type includes legal and natural persons that have a minimum capital of 501 Colombian pesos and less than 5,000 Colombian pesos.

Micro Taxpayer

Legal and natural persons with a minimum capital of 500 Colombian pesos participate in this category.

How to Know the NIT of a Company: Requirements to Obtain It

Now, in this part of the content, we are going to know the requirements and requirements that are requested to carry out the procedure corresponding to the NIT.


To process the request to obtain the Tax Identification Number (NIT) it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements, which may vary according to whether it is a legal person or a natural person.

Next we will tell you what requirements you need to carry out this process quickly and easily. Remember that the issuance of all these requirements is mandatory:

For natural persons

In this case, the NIT applicant must provide the following requirements:

  • Printed form issued directly by the Single Tax Registry (RUT). It must be duly issued by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN).
  • Bring an original and a copy of the personal identification document, that is, the National Identity Document. (DNI). In case of being an attorney-in-fact, bring an original and a copy of the special power of attorney together with its respective validity certificate.

As you can see, these are simple requirements.

For Legal Persons

If it is a legal person, the applicant must issue the following requirements:

  • The printed form issued by the Single Tax Registry (RUT). This must be duly issued by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN). Note that it contains the annotation «FOR PROCESSING IN CAMERA ”.
  • Bring an original and a copy of the national identity document of the legal representative of the requesting entity or company. In case of being an attorney-in-fact, bring an original and a copy of the special power of attorney together with its respective validity certificate.

It is important for the process to be successful not to omit any of these requirements.

What is the NIT?

The Tax Identification Number (NIT). It is known throughout Colombia as the identification number possessed by each and every one of the Colombian taxpayers, which are registered with the Single Tax Registry.

The NIT is used or functions as a mechanism to identify each of the taxpayers, including both natural persons and legal entities. It has an important value in the nation, it is only established once and it is also non-transferable.

Now, it is important to be clear that the NIT it’s just a stretch of RUT The person who wants to obtain the tax identification number in the future.

In Colombia the Tax Identification Number (NIT) It is the personalization of each one of the contributors, which creates an identity for the nation and is of vital importance. Because it is a tool to be able to comply with each of the corresponding tax obligations.

What is the RUT?

The Single Tax Registry It is a tool used to identify, position, and classify citizens regarding their administrative tax obligations, these being controlled by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs of Colombia in a tax, customs and exchange manner.

They have the purpose and purpose of guaranteeing the proper functioning and unification of economic actions against third parties, with whom commercial contact is maintained.

How to obtain the RUT

The process of obtaining the RUT, that is, the Single Tax Registry is quite easy and simple, as long as each and every one of the established parameters is met.

Below we will show you the steps you must follow in order to obtain and thus carry out a successful process:

  1. To start the first step you must follow is enter the website of the DIAN. You can do it if you click here.
  2. Then, when you are inside the page, you must proceed by selecting the RUT option
  3. Thanks to this choice, the system will provide you with the option of new users, which you must select.
  4. Once this is done, you must complete all the required fields with the information requested by the system to register.
  5. Then the system will assign you a code that you must use to create the RUT.

In this way you can carry out your process to obtain the RUT easily and simply, you just have to make sure you comply with all the steps mentioned.

Frequent questions

As we have been able to appreciate in all this content, the NIT turns out to be a fairly important instrument and its use is mandatory for all natural and legal persons of the Colombian nation.

Now, taking into account all the above, in this section we will proceed to answer all the questions, doubts and questions about the Tax Identification Number (NIT) so that you can have a very successful process.

Who must register for the NIT?

All those people, whether natural or legal, who have economic activities that are information agents or that are related to the country’s taxes must be registered.

If I do not have a NIT, do I have to pay a penalty?

Yes, in fact the use of the NIT is mandatory, as established on January 1, 2005. Therefore, if a person does not have this identification and control instrument, he or she is entitled to the corresponding sanctions. effect.

Do I have to pay to get the NIT?

No, the process of obtaining the Tax Identification Number (NIT) It is completely free, therefore you should not cancel any amount for the.

When does the NIT come into effect?

The Tax Identification Number (NIT) It comes into effect on January 1, 2005, establishing itself as a fundamental requirement to comply with all the corresponding tax obligations.

If you take into account all our content you will have a successful process.


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