How to Know the Role of a Property: Online, in the SII and MORE

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If you have properties with security at some point you must make the request for the Role of a Property. In this article by How to Know the Role of a Property, You will understand how to apply and what is the purpose of obtaining this document.

Read carefully all the information that we present here, of course it will clarify the concerns you have regarding the subject. In addition, you can share the information with other people who require it and find it useful to know.

How to Know the Role of a Property in Chile?

Regarding this issue, it is important to know that to achieve the efficient planning of the territory, the Cadastral System. This system defines the boundaries of the territory, soil / land and is divided into properties or lots and these lots at the same time are divided into apples, being generally identified with numbers.

In the identified blocks are the real estate, buildings, houses and land without construction of various civil works. Each of the different infrastructures has a code or identity number.

The registries that have been made up of complete lands or communes are assigned, controlled and protected mainly by the Ministry of National Assets. However, the entities that are involved with land registry and the value of the territories are diverse.

These identification numbers of blocks and buildings within a community tell us exactly where the property is located.

The Cadastre system is led by the General Treasury of the Republic that it corresponds, among other things, to provide Chilean citizens with the Property Role of the real estate online.

Likewise, there is the entity called Internal Revenue Service (SII), that manages the corresponding to the appraisal and the appraisal of the lots of land, in addition to the collection of the land tax.

To obtain the Property Role it is necessary to have the exact location of the property, the correct address, the name of the region, the name of the commune, the name of the street and the number of the property we are looking for.

How to Know the Role of a Property: Online

To Know the Role of a Property online, it can be done from two institutions that allow it. There is the virtual modality through the web portal of the General Treasury of the Republic and also through the Internal Revenue Services (SII) that additionally offers face-to-face assistance.

Through the General Treasury of the Republic

You can make the request as follows:

  • You must enter the official portal of the General Treasury of the Republic.
  • On the screen the options are displayed in the field where it says «Collection».
  • You must press the option «Contributions by role», this option appears in Pay online.
  • Then you need to press Search.
  • Now go to Region, commune, address and property number.
  • Then pressures Search by Address.
  • Immediately, the Property Role.

Obtain the Property Role on the Internal Revenue Services web portal

In this portal you can obtain the Ownership role in two ways:

With RUT and password

  • Enter the platform Internal Revenue Service.
  • Immediately, the page of Online Services.
  • Then you need to press Real Estate Appraisals and Contributions.
  • Go to select where it says Consultation of Appraisals and Certificates.
  • Now, press where it appears: Know the Role number.
  • Also, you must enter the Region, commune, street and property number.
  • Similarly, press
  • The Property Role is displayed.

Without RUT and without password

  • Enter the platform Internal Revenue Service.
  • Immediately, the page of Online Services.
  • Then you need to press Real Estate Appraisals and Contributions.
  • Now come to place the RUT and password
  • Then it display a list with all the real estate associated with your RUT and secret password.
  • Finally, the Role of the property (s), Name of the owner, Address of the property, Associated commune, destination of the property are shown on the screen.

Also, you can access to request the Certificates you require.

How to Know the Role of a Property: In the SII Offices

To obtain the Property Role in the Internal Revenue Service (SII), you must go to the unit or office of this governmental entity. The steps are as follows:

  • Has to go during the public opening hours.
  • You must tell the official the reason for the visit.
  • Provide the property address.
  • He too RUT of the owner.
  • The personnel who work in the Internal Revenue Service (SII) make the corresponding steps to locate the Role of the Property.

How to Know the Role of a Property: What is it for?

The Role of a Property It is a required document for many procedures that have to do with real estate, such as those mentioned below:

  • To make the payment of contributions.
  • Equally, for the issuance of different types of certificates.
  • It is required, to get the building permits.
  • Also, for legal procedures and appraisals.
  • In the case of purchase sale of properties.

What is the Tax Appraisal and what is it for?

If you have properties or homes at a considerable market value, then you have to pay taxes or tributes to the Chilean State.

Tax Appraisal is the value assigned by the State to a certain property or real estate. Of course, this is done by doing an appraisal process by the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

In this particular case, it does not refer to a commercial appraisal, it is simply assigning a tribute or tax of a territorial nature called Contribution.

The Tax Appraisal is relatively lower than the amount of a Commercial Appraisal. The so-called Contribution is a portion of the Tax Appraisal and it is updated every five years by the entity in charge, which is the Internal Revenue Service (SII). It is a way to maintain a more real value with the economic situation of the country.

For Internal Revenue Services (SII) to carry out the process of assigning value to a specific asset, it must initially add the appraisals of the land, the buildings and also the surroundings.

Undoubtedly, the different appraisals carry variables or different factors such as the unit price per square meter, the location, the surface of the land, the age of the construction, the surface of the construction and the materials used for construction.

What is it for?

Knowing the value that the State assigns to a property by calculating the contribution or tax is the main purpose of the Role of a Property. Without a doubt, it is important to know this value because it serves as a guide when setting a sale price for the property.

In a transaction for the sale of a property, business or land, the Tax Appraisal makes it easier to set a more appropriate price and just. In the event that repairs, arrangements, major modifications, extensions or reinforcements have been made that have an impact on a better quality of the property.

Equally, It is useful for making future price projections, also for the calculation of a credit. If it is a mortgage loan, the value of the property is the object of the credit guarantee and serves as a guide in the approval of a certain amount. There are cases where banks grant a loan for up to 80% of the value of the asset.

What is the IBS?

The Internal Revenue Service (SII) is an entity of the Chilean State with an auditing nature. The main function is to supervise and apply the established internal taxes or of another type that are of interest to the Treasury and the control is not necessarily established in a specific law.

Other Important purpose of the Internal Revenue Service (SII) is to reduce tax evasion and provide taxpayers with services with excellence, to contribute by facilitating compliance with the payment of taxes on a voluntary basis.

Functions of the Internal Revenue Service (SII)

  • Has to administratively interpret tax provisions, set the rules, issue instructions and orders to ensure the application and therefore the inspection.
  • Likewise, you must monitor compliance with tax-type laws and tax.
  • Has to hear and render judgments as a court of first instance before the claims that the taxpayers make and assume the defense of the Treasury before the Courts of Justice in the trials for the interpretation and application of the tax laws.
  • Similarly, you must create tax awareness in citizens contributors.
  • Also, they must inform Chilean citizens about the destination of resources collected in the form of taxes.
  • Likewise, you must inform about sanctions that can be applied when the corresponding tax duties are not fulfilled.


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