How to Know the RUT of a Person: Router, Differences and MORE

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This article from How to know the RUT of a Person, It is of a very unique importance because this is an essential document if you are a Chilean citizen or a foreigner permanently residing or not in Chile.

Any citizen who lives in Chile should know that an identification number is required, when a person has RUT it means that they have a tax registration within the existing database in the country.

Here you can find out how to locate a person on different platforms, what options are possible and the importance of having this document. Do not hesitate and continue reading and send it to a person who you think needs it.

How to Know the RUT of a Person Using the Router?

To know the RUT of a Person using the Router in Chile, you only have to follow the steps mentioned below to the letter:

  • You should look for the complete record of an individual in Chile with Rutificador.
  • You should check the RUT Search link.
  • It is a web portal that can be used for free and for the exclusive use of those who live in the country legally. It is a totally reliable way to validate identities based on first or last name.

Steps to use the Rutifier system

This is what needs to be done:

  • It is initially required to know the RUT with the full name.
  • Likewise, you must indicate the name of the entity.
  • Also, check if everything is correct.
  • You must enter the RUT web portal.
  • Also, you must press where it indicates: «Search the RUT of a person in Chile».
  • In this way, you can access the database.
  • The RUT is sent to the email address provided initially.

It is recommended to enter the full name to obtain a more exact search. Also, there is the option with the Unique Tax Role to place it on the form with the verification script.

How to Know the RUT of a Person: Other Options

To know the RUT of a person in Chile, under other options available there are the following:

  • You should consult the web portal of this link. It is a very useful way because you can even receive all the tax information of the person.
  • Also, you can verify the existence or not of a history of vehicle fines or any other irregularity.
  • Also, there is the web that is shown by here. Where you can make the query you want, press the Name and Surname tab, if you know the RUT, place it in the other tab.
  • Also, you can check the RUT in the following link.
  • On the other hand, another portal that you can consult to find the RUT of a person just by placing the name and surname is this.

How to Know the RUT of a Person: Family

If you want to consult a relative, the steps to follow are the same.

In this platform You can make the consultation of the family or any other person who requires it. You just have to put the full name of the person and do the data verification.

It is important that you know that this platform does not publish the data of minors. Similarly, you have little information about the people who have passed away.

Likewise, in the case of people who have died, there is this website. Here you can find a record of all the deceased in Chile through its very complete database. You can enter this website and search for the deceased person by name or also by date of death.

Differences of the RUT, passport, DNI and CI in Chile

For all those cases of citizens who are new residents in Chile or simply do not know or very little about the entities in charge of the registration and identification of citizens. Also, some have confusion between different identification documents.

Citizens in the country have the same number for both the RUT, RUN and CI. This also applies to foreigners residing in Chile.

Below are the differences between the various IDs:

ID TypeMeaningUse in Chile?Entity that grants itDescription
RUTUnique Roll TributaryYesCivil Registry / Internal Revenue ServiceThe RUT is granted to both natural and legal persons
CIIdentity cardYesOnly Civil RegistryThe IC only applies to natural persons, not to legal persons
PASSPORTYesCivil Registry or Institution in charge in the granting countryIn the case of Chileans, the Passport contains the CI number
DNINational identity documentNoThe DNI is a document that is not recognized by people or institutions in Chile

Characteristics of the Identity Number

As for the characteristics that are recognized are the following:

  • The Identity Number of a person is for identification in society and in front of the corresponding authorities.
  • In addition, it is essential to avoid deception and impersonation.
  • Likewise, it enables you to take steps and legal acts.
  • It allows you to participate in political elections and makes it easier for the State to know the number of inhabitants of the country.

The RUT is granted by the Civil Registry and by the Internal Tax Service, applies to companies and individuals.

CI is the identity card, only es granted by the Civil Registry and only applies to natural persons.

Likewise, the Passport is also granted by the Civil Registry or by the corresponding entity in the country of origin.

Regarding the DNI is the National Identity Document, this it is not used in the country, it is not awarded. It is recognized by certain institutions in the national territory.

The main purpose of all types of identification is serve as identity validation before the authorities that request it, in addition to being essential to carry out any type of procedure.

What is the RUT?

The Unique Tributary Rol or Unique Tributary Registry (RUT) is a mechanism that mainly serves to identify, classify and locate people or entities with taxpayer status. The RUT is an exclusive mechanism whose purpose is to identify and guarantee economic activity before others with whom an economic, labor or commercial relationship is maintained.

Likewise, it endorses it before the different supervisory and control bodies. The Internal Revenue Service (SII) is the entity with the power to grant it.

The Chilean State with the RUT does so because it is interested in particularizing corporations or companies, since they are also taxpayers. In addition, it is convenient to clarify that the RUT that is granted to a business entity, company or legal person is different from the RUT of the people that compose it.

The law establishes differences between natural persons and companies, each one is duly identified with the duties, obligations and privileges.

Documents required to apply for the RUT for foreign citizens

The requested documentation is the following:

  • Present the ID correspondent.
  • The current passport with residence visa, in addition with certification of registration in the registry of foreigners of the International Police.
  • Attach copies of the passport pages where the following is:
    • The identification of the owner.
    • Date of validity of the visa and passport.
    • Date of entry to the country.
    • Also, the registration card for foreigners.
  • The management of the procedure takes a span of approximately eight business days with a duration of five years.

This document It is not granted to foreign citizens who:

  • Sean holders of an official residence visa. May Acquire it with the identity card or with the authorization of the Directorate of Ceremonial and Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Those citizens who are holders of a crew or tourism card.

Once you have finished reading How to Know the Ruth of a Person, you already have all the necessary information related to the subject. If this article was useful to you, share the information now.


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