How to Know the Sisbén Score: Steps, Certificate and MORE

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You are looking for How to Know the Sisbén Score? you came to the right place. The first thing you should consider is that you have to be affiliated with Sisbén to be eligible for the benefits that this system grants. Continue reading the information we have for you, and in this way you can carry out your procedure successfully.

Here you will find the steps to follow to know the score, how it is calculated, what is the process to join the Sisbén, how to obtain the Certificate. Also, how the Sisbén proceeds for foreign citizens, what is the Sisbén, its benefits, and other information of interest.

How to know the score of the Sisbén?

To know the Sisbén score, you have to be aware that to obtain the final calculation a general summation is made. In order to determine this, all the variables detailed in the survey that were previously answered are added.

Said score part from zero (0) to one hundred (100), based on the data specified in each of the forms. All the data acquired through the questions and answers on the form is downloaded into the database of the Sisbén platform.

In such a way that, it is the same platform that defines the final score. It should be taken into account that the score acquired does not undergo changes made by any person, institution or entity. The score is acquired in a systematic and automatic way. To know the Sisbén score, you must enter the official website with the identification number.

How to Know the Sisbén Score: Steps to Follow

The steps to follow to know the Sisbén score are mentioned below:

  • The first thing is to access the Sisbén web portal as said in the previous point.
  • After entering the web portal, choose the data type what do you want to know.
  • Write the identity card number and click where it says «Consult».
  • Wait for the database to load, in the case of not having results select the option that says «Advanced Search».
  • By last, the system displays the score requested.

NOTE: Having the Sisbén score, you can access social aid programs granted by both private and public companies.

How to Know the Sisbén Score: Affiliation

Possibly as a Colombian citizen, at no time have you been provided with the Sisbén survey. The reason for this is very simple, the person is not affiliated with Sisbén yet. However, below we tell you how you can do to successfully join Sisbén.

It is important to carefully read each of the guidelines that will be given to you, and it is recommended to write in a notepad everything you consider necessary:

The first step to follow is to explore where the Sisbén office closest to your home is located. This institution has offices in all municipalities. Having the location of the Sisbén office, you must go to it to begin the process.

While in said office, you must request the respective survey. It is convenient to know that the survey can only be requested by a family member who is over eighteen (18) years old. Therefore, if you are a minor, you do not have the possibility to carry out the procedure since the request for the survey will be rejected.

To continue, the office clerk will provide you with the survey you requested. It should be noted that the survey has no cost, since it is a service provided by the Government of Colombia. Having the survey in your possession, you must go home and complete it with all the members of the family together.

After completing the survey, you have to be aware of the corresponding dates to send the survey to the Sisbén office, and proceed to calculate the score. It should be taken into consideration that, you can not tell lies in the survey that was provided to you. This because?

The main reason is that the survey is carried out under oath, and also that when calculating the score, the Sisbén office has the power to find out the information you put in to confirm whether it is true. In such a way that, we suggest you not to tell lies in the survey, since the penalty can be severe.

How to Know the Sisbén Score: Certificate

The process to acquire the Sisbén Certificate is very simple. However, you should know something that is essential:

In order to obtain the Sisbén Certificate, you must be at level 1, level 2 or level 3 of the platform. This is the only way to be awarded the Certificate, in the case of not being in any of these levels, you do not have the opportunity to receive the help that Sisbén gives.

Therefore, to be in level 1 you must have acquired a score between zero (0) and up to forty-eight (48). Now, you can only be at level 2 when it has a score between forty-eight and one-tenth (48.1) and fifty-four (54).

When you score is greater than fifty-four (54) which corresponds to level 2, which means that you are at level 3. Very well, since you know which ones with the guidelines to be awarded the Sisbén Certificate, we will give you the steps to follow:

  1. Follow each of the guidelines you made to check the score.
  2. After clicking the option that says «Query»You have to find a space at the bottom that says «Print».
  3. Complying with the last step, you will already have the Sisbén Certificate in your hands.

Sisbén for Foreigners

In the case of being a foreign citizen, and you want to be affiliated with Sisbén, you only have to possess valid identity documents and attend the Sisbén office corresponding to your municipality, as we indicated before. Likewise, we suggest that you access this link so that you clarify all the questions you have.

What is the Sisbén?

The Identification System of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén) is a service that makes it possible to specify which families are or individuals who obey the qualities, to obtain benefits from social plans granted by the State.

This system is quite suggestive, it is not only an organism that recognizes a group of people with specific characteristics, but it is composed of well-defined norms, in order to have a successful tool. This tool is used to acquire the most accurate data on the socioeconomic condition of the Colombian population.

What is the function of the Sisbén?

Whatever function this body executes, it reaches all Colombians. This is because:

  • Sisbén uses a survey that has a score ranging from zero (0) to one hundred (100), for the entire family group or for a particular person.
  • Starting from the score and collecting all the information at a general level, this institution estimates the conditions of different communities throughout the Colombian territory.
  • The great objective of Sisbén is to have an approximation of each and every one of the consumptions in each State, parish or community of Colombia.
  • It is also in charge of granting family groups that are on the list of Beneficiaries of Social Programs », economic, cultural and social support, in order that they can deal with the situation in which they are.
  • Another important aspect of Sisbén is that, through the survey it uses and the score it allocates, it will be awarded to specific families some medical benefits.

This system provides great advantages to all families and also to the Government, this is because it is convenient for the State have a good international image, in reference to the health condition of the Colombian population. There are also other benefits that Sisbén provides.

It provides educational plans, which is a benefit for the Government, since it is natural that it wants the population to be as educated as possible. If a citizen travels abroad, it is essential that they perform very well and put their country on high, through everything they should have learned.

At what point should the data of the Sisbén Survey be updated?

The data above supplied in the survey, they should only be updated when:

  1. The number of family members varies (increases or decreases).
  2. When there is any modification in the identity documents of any of the members of the family group.
  3. When there is some error in identity documents.
  4. In the event of not meeting these conditions, it is not necessary to update the data.

It is important that you know everything you need to know about How to Know the Sisbén Score. This in order that it can be determined if you and your family group apply to enjoy the social benefits that this institution provides.

We hope that you can carry out this management as soon as possible, and thus you can improve in a certain way your quality of life and that of your family members.


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