How to Know What ART I Have: Attributions, Coverage and MORE

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Do youHow to know what ART I have? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when you are just starting out in a job. First, you should know that the Labor Risk Insurer in Argentina are privately owned companies that help you to take preventive measures and repair damages in cases of labor mishaps or work-related illnesses.

Therefore, the importance of knowing What is the Coverage? and where to call? ART is the company approved to operate by the Superintendency of Occupational Hazards and by the Superintendency of Protection of the Country. Keep reading and you will know more about the information!

How do I know what ART I have?

To know which provider of the safety net against occupational hazards you have, you must know the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) or the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT)of the organization; at that point follow the steps below:

  • You must have internet access.
  • Then, you must enter the official website of the Superintendency of Occupational Risks (SRT).
  • Locate the contract history of SRT.
  • Subsequently, fill in each of the fields on the indicated worksheet.
  • Provide the company’s CUIT number and enter the password requested by the system.
  • Finally, you will see the affiliation with the professional risk insurance company.

How to Know What ART I Have: Attributions

The obligations of professional risk insurers perform the following:

  • They provide the supervision of occupational hazards with information on the prevention plans proposed to the company.
  • Also, go to the company regularly to monitor compliance with safety regulations.
  • Likewise, it provides medical assistance to workers in accordance with the law and cancels established payments.
  • Advises employers and workers on how to prevent risks.
  • Periodically supervises the company to assess existing risks and changes.
  • If there is a hazard, validate that workers have physical examinations to monitor health.
  • It reports the employment situation and the balance available to the worker.
  • Finally, check the authenticity of the risks expressed by the employer.

How to Know What ART I Have: Coverage

In addition to cash benefits, occupational risk insurers also cover accidents occurring in the workplace and occupational diseases. Occupational accidents that occur during working hours, as well as accidents IN ITINERE.

That is, setbacks that cause damage and occur on the way from your residence to work and vice versa. The exception is the interruption of cause and effect, if the worker interrupted or modified the trip for reasons unrelated to work.

It is important to mention that, occupational diseases are: Asthma, acute poisoning, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, heart and lung complications, kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseases, skin and nasal ulcers, rhinitis, liver cancer.

In addition to taste and ear diseases, visual diseases, bone diseases, skin cancer, sound problems, dental diseases, viral hepatitis, hepatitis B and C, meningitis, herpes, hernias, AIDS, varicose veins, leishmaniasis.

Cash benefit coverage depends on the type of disability. If it is a temporary work disability (ILT), the insurance company must pay the worker the same amount of income that he has to stop working each month; and the increase and benefit agreed during the period of disability.

If it is a permanent incapacity for work (ILP), the worker will receive a payment, which will be calculated according to the formula provided in the occupational risk system, and 20% of other unforeseen damages will be compensated.

In the event of the worker’s death, the beneficiary will collect a payment according to the formula provided by the occupational risk system, plus 20% of other accidental losses.

How to Know What ART I Have: ART History

ART background

The historical background of the Occupational Risk Insurer is the number of agreements that he and the company or the manager have agreed upon. In the event that the company or worker wishes to know or affirm the history they have, they can do so as follows:

  • Access the platform of the Superintendency of Occupational Risks.
  • Press the option Contract history.
  • Then supply the Unique Identification Code (CUIT), of the company or owner of the organization.
  • In the system you will see the record of the agreement with each guarantor, dates, current alliance and if there were problems with an agreement due to non-compliance.

Frequent questions

What is known as ART?

It is an insurance agency against risks related to work, despite offering different types of clinical assistance and guaranteeing financial advantages, it also educates companies and workers to avoid setbacks and professional illnesses.

What is an occupational disease?

Occupational diseases are caused by the place or type of work. There is a list of occupational diseases, which lists the clinical pictures, exposure and activities of these diseases, and determines the risk factors that can affect humans in the workplace.

This usually happens due to temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, noise, chemical material, workload, etc. If the disease is not on the list and is suspected to be caused by work, a report must be made to an occupational hazard insurance company (ART).

What are ART Mutual?

They are private non-profit associations hired by organizations to exhort them to take measures to combat hazards at work and repair damage in cases of accidents or illnesses identified with the organization.

They are supervised by the Superintendency of Labor Risks and by the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (SSN).

What is the SRT?

According to the law, it is an administrative organization that regulates insurance agencies against risks related to the word in the exhibition of their capacities. In addition, they offer help to the worker in case he needs it.

How do I know what ART I have?

  • You must access the official website of the entity known as the Superintendence of Labor Risks
  • Click on the SRT Contract History option.
  • Subsequently, complete each blank box on the form and enter the company’s CUIT number and the indicated password.
  • Finally, the system will appear the affiliation to the ART.

That does an ART cover?

Work accidents, accidents in itinere, occupational diseases, medical care and cash benefits.

How is the payment for a disability?

In the case of ILT, the worker is paid month by month according to the compensation he had and the benefits obtained during the disability.

In the case that it is ILP, the specialist has an indemnity depending on what the law considers.

What is an ILT and an ILP?

The first is short-term incapacity for work and the other is long-term incapacity for work.

What is an accident in itinare?

The mishap can occur when the specialist comes from or returns from his workplace. The cases that are excepted are those in which the worker has obstructed or changed the path for random reasons to work, since the causal connection is broken.

Similarly, an «in itinere» work accident requires that it occur in transit to and from work, that there is no interference between work and the accident, and that the daily routine be used.

What is a work accident?

A work mishap is seen as an unexpected, sudden and abrupt occasion that happens to a worker, in his time and work environment.

What is ART?

An ART in Argentina It is an insurance company for occupational hazards; a private company that specializes in occupational insurance, employers or employees request their services to guide them in the measures they must take to prevent occupational accidents.

In the event that it occurs, they ensure that the company repairs the damage caused. They also pay attention to occupational diseases. The Superintendency of Occupational Risks, SRT defines the persons who are protected by ART «Insurer of Occupational Risks».

ART functions

  • Ensure compliance with the benefits required by law, including health and monetary.
  • Promote prevention and inform SRT about plans and the improvement plan requested by the company.
  • Provide employers with advice and technical assistance to prevent occupational hazards.
  • Carry out permanent activities of risk prevention and control of labor and environmental conditions.
  • Inform workers and employers of their rights and obligations.
  • Train workers in risk prevention techniques.
  • Check the accident record for each agency.
  • Assess the risks announced by the employer.
  • Make regular visits to employers to monitor compliance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Regulations.
  • Bring a report of the employer’s labor violations. In case they exist.
  • Educate companies to assign workers in the evaluation framework to verify consistency with the improvement plan.

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