How to Know What Kind of Driver’s License I Have: Types, Exam and MORE

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As in many countries in the world, in Argentina the driver’s license is a very important identification document. Due to its great relevance, it is common for people to ask themselves this question: How do I know what type of driver’s license I have?.

Today we will answer this and other questions that we know are generated during this process. Additionally, we will mention important data of the driving test, requirements and more. Let us begin!

How do I know what kind of driver’s license I have?

The types of licenses that are possessed can be verified with two certification methods. Both methods are easy to use.

The first method is quite simple to carry out, simply by looking at the data that appears on the driver’s license, in the upper right corner as Type of License.

Driver’s licenses are classified into classes and these specify the type of transportation that is used.

For drivers there are several licenses. The Type A license and / or the Type B license, granted to private drivers.

If you do not have the license to hand to perform the query, there is another method. This consists of verifying on the website of the Ministry of Transport. For this you must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the web portal of the Ministry of Transport.
  • Select the option that points Check the details of the national driver’s license.
  • Provide data requested by the system to continue with the consultation.
  • After a short wait, the screen should show what type of license you have, the expiration date and where the document was issued.

How to Find Out What Type of Driver’s License I Have: License Categories

Driver’s licenses are divided into several categories and subcategories, broken down below:

A class

A1, Derives in A.1.1 and it deals with Mopeds up to 50cc or 4kw; Derives in A.1.2 and deals with Motorcycles up to 150cc or 11kw; Derives in A.1.3 and deals with Motorcycles up to 300cc or 20kw; Derives in A.1.4 and it deals with Motorcycles of more than 300cc or 20kw.

A2, Derives in A.2.1 and it deals with Tricycles and quadricycles without cabin up to 300cc or 20kw; Derives in A.2.2 and it deals with tricycles and quadricycles without cabin of more than 300cc or 20kw.

A3, Derives in A.3 and it deals with cabin tricycles and quadricycles of any displacement or kilowatts with directional steering wheel.

Class B

B.1 covers Cars, utility vehicles, trucks, private vans and motor homes up to 3500 kg.

B.2 covers Automobiles, utility vehicles, trucks, private vans and motorhomes up to 3,500 kg with a trailer weighing up to 750 kg.

Class C

C.1 It is about Trucks without trailer or motorized motorhomes up to 12,000 kg.

C.2 It is about Trucks without trailer or motorized motorhomes up to 24,000 kg.

C.3 It is about Trucks without trailer or motorized motorhomes of more than 24,000 kg.

Class d

D.1 It is about passenger transport of up to 8 seats.

D.2 It deals with passenger transport from 8 to 20 seats.

D.3 It is about passenger transport of more than 20 seats.

D.4 It is about Urgency, emergency and similar services.

Class e

E.1 deals with Vehicles with one or more trailers and / or joints.

E.2 deals with special non-agricultural machinery.

Class f

F.1 It is about vehicular technical adaptation.

Class g

G.1 is about agricultural tractors.

G.2 It is about special agricultural machinery.

G.3 It is about Agricultural Train.

How to Know What Type of Driver’s License I Have: Requirements to Obtain It

In the Argentine territory two kinds of National Driver’s LicenseThese are the private and the professional.

To obtain the license, it must be taken into account that each of them has different requirements, which are:

Requirements to obtain the National Driver’s License for private class:

This is given to those drivers who drive light vehicles, pick-ups and trucks. Also to bus drivers that can carry up to 17 travelers. The requirements are as follows:

  • You must know how to read. The notices that appear on the roads are of the utmost importance.
  • You must have an affidavit that certifies the health condition in which you are, as well as if you have suffered medical conditions such as heart, neuronal, psychological and / or physical problems.
  • Have a DNI or National Identity Document and present its original along with a copy of it.
  • Present the medical examination in which observations are made regarding the area of ​​general medicine, ophthalmology, psychology and otorhinolaryngology.
  • You must take a test in which you have to describe the signaling regulations, legislation and automobile accidents and how they can be prevented.
  • Carry out a driving test, it must necessarily be passed. This is to determine if the driver is capable of being in command of the vehicle.
  • Do an auto mechanic test, which is very important to be able to know the different faults that the vehicle can have. It also allows you to develop knowledge about its preventive maintenance.
The required tests are carried out both theoretically and practically.

Requirements to obtain the National Driver’s License of professional class:

This type of license is granted to those drivers who handle public transport, trucks, ambulances, police transport and related. To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 64.
  • Possess the authorization that you can drive a car for a time greater than one year.
  • Take a necessary course to handle authorized transports.
  • Foreigners must present their National Certificate of Residence.
  • The applicant must know how to write.
  • Present the certificate of criminal record.

How to Know What Kind of Driver’s License I Have: Practical Exam

The practical driving test of the vehicle contains the following information:

  • Citizen’s driving ability.
  • Defense and actions that must be carried out in unforeseen situations when driving a vehicle.
  • Start and stop techniques that the driver must use on a slope.
  • Car parking practices.

In addition to the above, traffic signals and how the driver must comply with them are studied. It should be noted that to carry out the practical test you must have a vehicle in optimal conditions both to process the private and professional license.

Where to get the license and how long does the process take?

To obtain a driving license in Argentina, the process must be carried out at the Ministry of Transportation, providing all the requirements and documents mentioned above.

The duration of the procedure may vary, depending on each case, but it is common for the process to last only a few days. Maximum 15 days.

What is the Driver’s License and what is it for?

The driver’s license enables you to drive vehicles and has a unique format valid throughout the country.

According to Law 24,449 on Traffic and Transportation it is the document you must have to drive a vehicle. Whenever you drive a vehicle, you must carry your driver’s license: it is a mandatory document.

The bodies authorized to grant drivers licenses must request a report from the National Registry of Traffic Records (RENAT). From that report it should emerge that the person who wants to get his license is not disqualified from driving in another jurisdiction.

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