How to Know Where I am Registered: In Person, Online and MORE

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If you plan to move or you have just arrived in a new house, you cannot forget a procedure as important and simple as the Municipal Register. A procedure without many complications, but extremely useful for other processes; so you should always know where you are registered.

The Municipal Register is a kind of registry of all the people who reside in a specific municipality, so if you have just arrived at a new one, you have the task of registering; In addition, this way you will be able to access the benefits of being enrolled in this list.

How to know where I am registered: In person

The first thing you should know about this procedure is that, legally, you must be registered in the Municipal Register Office that is close to where you live; since this registry is a way of keeping track of who lives in a certain place.

In addition, it also allows the State to distribute public goods and services depending on the number of people who are registered in the Municipal Register.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know where you are registered; Although, sometimes, this can get a bit complicated, especially if you have made a recent or constant moving process over the years.

If that is your case, you have the facility to count on two methods to find out where you are registered. Next, we will explain the first of them.

Can know where you are registered in person, just by going to the Municipal Register Office that is close to your town. Once there, you just have to request that your data be verified.

In the case of having a negative answer, you would have to repeat this process with each of the municipal offices in which you are possibly registered; I mean, you must visit the town halls of each municipality in which you have lived.

We know that it can be a somewhat tedious process, since you must mobilize and occupy part of your day for this; but it is the most traditional method that exists and the one that ensures you have personal attention about your case.

However, if your thing is more the easy shortcuts of the Internet, you also have a method to know where you are registered online.

How to Know Where I am Registered: Online

Technological advances came to update and facilitate our lives, including an area as tedious as procedures and procedures.

In the case of registration, you currently have an electronic method to know where you are registered.

Of course, in order to carry out this alternative, you must have an electronic DNI and a digital certificate.

If you already have these two electronic documents, well, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Check that you have a stable Internet connection, since the speed and success of the process will depend on this.
  2. Access the web portal of the National Institute of Statistics of Spain.
  3. Click on the option «Electronic Office».
  4. Then, click again on the option «Formalities».
  5. Next, look for the option «Register of Spaniards residing in Spain».
  6. Then click «Consultation of registration data in the registry base».
  7. Finally, when you are in the system, you can have access to the registry data with your digital certificate. There you can check all the relevant information, including your registration address.

This is the most comfortable method, since you can do it from the comfort of your home and at any free time you have, you save time and effort.

How to Know Where I am Registered: What is it for?

If you are still undecided about whether or not it is important to register in the Municipal Register, surely you need a sample about the importance of this document.

The first thing you should know is that registering in the Municipal Register not only benefits you, but also it also benefits your neighbors and the state; But, first we will try to convince you of the importance it can have for you.

Individual Functions

Registering in the register of your municipality will will allow access to the following procedures:

  • Can enroll your children -if it applies to your case- in the municipal schools.
  • Redeem the driver’s license, if required.
  • Choose to have the definitive residence documents.
  • Process the health care card.
  • Make sregulatory or permitting requests of work and residence.
  • Be able to access social benefits.

Collective Functions

Being registered in the Municipal Register not only benefits you, but alsohelp the state to recognize how many people live in a place; so they can carry out the following tasks, in a better way:

  • It allows them to carry a control over the number of people who live in the municipality.
  • They have a better notion about distribution of resources in said territory.
  • It allows assign medical and academic staff to their respective institutions, based on the number of people registered in the Municipal Register.
  • Likewise, it also allows carry out the censuses requested by the State, to also have the base of the electoral censuses.

As you will see, knowing where you are registered is very important, as well as registering when you have the opportunity.

In this way, you will not only have access to good benefits, but you can also collaborate with better administration and management of the State with the public resources of the territory where you live.

Requirements to Register in Spain

If you are not yet registered, we recommend doing it as soon as possible; But keep in mind that you will need to enter a series of requirements first.

Said requirements are the following:

  • Passport (Original and Copy).
  • Fill out the high individual or collective form.
  • The rental contract signed by the property owner, although it can also be an authorization.
  • If you have children, you must present everyone’s passport and the family book.

Finally, if you have all these requirements, you should only go to the town hall office that you have assigned.

EYE! If you do not have papers due to having a non-regular situation in Spain, there is no need to worry. Usually, the city council does not verify the legality of the residents in the country, it is only in charge of the registry.

How to Know Where I am Registered: Certified

In some cases, it is not enough just to register at the Municipal Register Offices, but you will need a Registration Certificate to demonstrate the veracity of your situation.

For example, if you want to prove your registration before foreign organizations, Courts of Justice, among other organizations, you will need to have a certificate; since these vThey have the handwritten signature of the Mayor or his delegates, including the Secretary.

Previously, these certificates were known as Empadronamiento Flyers, but due to the intervention of the Madrid City Council, these were replaced by the former. However, its function is the same: acredit your residence and current address facing administrative procedures of the country.

So, if you need to get a Registration Certificate, here we present you four (4) options to request and obtain it:


You can get your Registration Certificate through the website of the Electronic Headquarters of the Madrid City Council.

Once you have entered the portal, you alone must go to the section of «Process-Online» and click.

By phone

You can know where you are registered with a simple call; you just owe dial 010, if you are in Madrid or dial 915-298-210, if you are outside of Madrid.

In person

The most classic alternative that you have at your disposal is go to one of the offices of Attention to Citizens in any of the districts.

By correspondence

You can also use mail order to find out this information.

In this case, you should only send a request to the following address: Subdirectorate General for Statistics, Inhabitants Register Service, C / Augusto Figueroa n ° 36, 1st place. -28004 Madrid.

Attention! If you need a Registration Certificate to validate it abroad, you have to go to the Office of the Secretary of the Governing Board.

What is the Empadronamiento?

Okay, now is the time to wrap up this article, so to do so, let’s talk a bit about registration.

Throughout the text, we have been giving some clues and details about this situation; practically, registration is the action of be registered in the Municipal Register.

In this way, you can have access to a wide variety of benefits, as well as, you can also collaborate with the order and management of the State’s public services and goods.

Being registered is very important, it allows you to count yourself as a citizen of a locality and help you with the possible benefits.

So, do not stay behind regarding this process and do the errand as soon as possible; the procedure is simple and very fast.


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