How to Know Where I Have My Severance: SISPRO, FNA and MORE

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Most of the citizens have severance pay that is within a pension fund. In Colombia I imagine you have asked yourself How do I know where I have my severance pay?

We will explain to you which are the companies that can consult your severance pay, the contact numbers, the steps that you must follow.

If you are interested, we recommend that you read on, so you can take notes.

How to Know Where I Have My Severance: Consult with SISPRO

First the Social Protection Information System (SISPRO), helps with information from institutions for policy decision-making, monitoring and management of services in the area.

In other words, it collects enough information complying with a conceptual framework that is determined by Social Protection for the protection of citizens.

But you may be wondering How do I know where I have my severance pay? To consult it with SISPRO, you must access the official page, in the queries part.

Then you just have to place your identity card and the information on affiliation to pensions, professional risks and the compensation fund will appear.

Another way to find out where your severance pay is reflected is by consulting the Administrators of Pension and Unemployment Funds of Colombia (AFP) by calling the contact numbers.

How to Know Where I Have My Severance: Consult Directly in Companies

to get started Colfondos is a fund manager that was established in 1991 that offers products and services in the case of pensions.

Until the year 2009 was controlled by the Citibank company, this company then sold the shares to the Colpatria business group and to the private equity fund.

Then in 2012 the Scotiabank bank acquired a stake of approximately 51% for the control of Colfondos.

Colfondos provides good quality pension savings services, satisfying the needs of its clients, giving them peace of mind and confidence.

They want to become a reliable pension savings services organization, helping clients.

Through Colfondos company, You can reach the following contact numbers:

  • If you are in the capital, Bogotá, you can call 7484888.
  • The city of Barranquilla can be reached at 3869888.
  • In Bucaramanga you can call 6985888.
  • The city of Cali, those who are there, can call 4899888.
  • In Medellín, you can call 6042888.
  • Lastly, the national contact line is 01 800 05 10000.


It is directed by the entities in the health area to territorial entities, for the recovery of monies in order to finance retroactivity.

The union that it entails with the fund is through written agreements between Protección SA with health companies.

For To join the law determines that the contribution of 16% of the monthly income when they are equal to or greater than a minimum wage. There are two ways to do it: the first through individual affiliation, which is done personally and the second is collective affiliation, it is done through associations determined by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Through the protection website it is possible to carry out all the procedures to request the consultation or to review the certificates, enroll in pensions, consultancies, etc.

In the event that you wish to communicate with a consultant, you can communicate from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The lines of attention of the pension fund are the following:

  • Protection Service Line, you can contact the 01 8000 52 8000.
  • If you are in Bogotá, you can call 744 44 64.
  • In Medellín and Cali you can contact 510 90 99.
  • The city of Barranquilla can call 319 99 99.
  • In Cartagena you can contact 642 49 99.


Porvenir is an administrator of pension and severance funds, created in 1991 as solely by the Severance Fund.

Today, he manages a voluntary pension fund. In addition, they contribute to the savings of all members, helping them throughout their lives.

They want to become the leading company, dedicated to innovation and service that changes the culture of savings for large contributions.

To check their severance pay, citizens can enter the platform of the pension fund, they can learn about the entity’s different service channels, as well as in the offices and email addresses of clients.

The hotlines in the case of Future, are the following:

  • If you are in the capital, Bogotá, you can contact the 7447678.
  • In the city of Cali, citizens can call 4857272.
  • In Medellín, you can contact 6041555.
  • The city of Barranquilla, citizens can contact the 3855151.
  • Finally, the line for the rest of the country is 01800510800.

Old mutual

They are Skandia, have approximately 65 years of experience in the Colombian territory, in the main cities.

They are in charge of helping you in your financial future

If you wish to obtain all important information about this pension and severance fund, citizens can contact you during the hours of Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm through the following hotlines.

  • You can call the national line which is 018000517526.
  • If you are in Bogotá, you can go to the avenida 19 Nº. 109A-30

How to Know Where I Have My Severance: Consultations in the FNA

If you wish to inquire about severance pay through the National Savings Fund, the citizen can communicate with an advisor, the contact numbers are the following:

  • If you are in the capital, Bogotá, citizens can contact the (+571) 3077070.
  • The national line, you can call 01 8000 52 7070.
  • You can also communicate via WhatsApp to inquire about your severance pay at (+57) 3102051492.
  • The citizen can go to the main point of attention, it is located on the street 12 # 65-11 at Puente Aranda, Bogotá, Colombia. You can attend Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • If you want to attend the main headquarters, it is located in the race 65 # 11-83, on the Aranda Bridge, Bogotá, Colombia.

What Happens if the Employer Did Not Consign Severance?

In the event that the citizen has not consigned the severance pay to the severance pay fund, he must assume a sanction determined by article 99 of Law 50 of 1990, which will be determined by one day’s salary for each day of delay.

What are Severance Payments?

Severance payments are social benefits that are determined by the employer and in favor of the worker who is determined in one month’s salary for each year of services completed or in proportion to the time of service.

Its purpose is to provide monetary assistance when citizens have completed the employment relationship.

It is important to note that the settlement system works according to the severance fund, constituted by the law 50 of the year 1990 and used by each of the linked workers who have an employment contract since January 1, 1991 and to former workers who adapt to the system.

These layoffs remain permanent for a maximum period of one year, since no later than February 14 of each year they have to be transferred to the severance fund administration chosen by the worker.

How are severance pay?

They are settled annually, the procedure begins with the last monthly salary earned by the worker, as long as the person has not had any change in the last three months.

If it is the opposite case, the average of the salaries reflected in the last year is counted. In the event that the person has not completed the year, the salary will be averaged during the time of the services completed.

The formula for calculating Severance is based on monthly salary x the number of days worked in the year / 360 days.

Finally, it is important that citizens are aware of where their layoffs are. It is better to complete the process from the beginning.


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