How to Know Where to Vote: Steps, TSE and MORE

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How Do I Know Where to Vote? A question that Salvadorans ask, which involves a very simple procedure to do, in order that you can find out about the place where you should vote, as well as other matters of interest.

That is why here we leave you the steps you must follow to obtain information about the place where you have to vote, what the Supreme Electoral Tribunal is and what it is in charge of. Likewise, how to know if you have to take care of the ballot boxes, the reasons why you could not vote, and what the elections are like in El Salvador.

How do I know where to vote in El Salvador?

Starting with this topic, we tell you that voting procedures can also change the ways in which they are carried out. In such a way that, beforehand you have to know how to make a choice, to know what you should do while it is happening.

However, this time we will tell you how to consult the place, which we were assigned to vote. Therefore, it is necessary to name that to make the query, it is required be registered in the data of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

For this purpose, the Registration must be made in the available offices of the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal), in order to be assigned a voting center close to your place of residence. On the other hand, you must have the Unique Identity Document (DUI) number within reach.

With this, you can carry out the verification of the assigned voting center in various ways, or also through the TSE official website. Likewise, by making a phone call to the TSE customer service, at number 2209-4040.

How to Know Where to Vote: Steps to Follow

Now, to proceed to find which is the electoral center where you should vote, you must follow a series of steps, which we name below:

  1. To begin the verification, be close the DUI numberEither to do the review through the website, or if you are going to do it through the TSE telephone service.
  2. When making the consultation by phone, you have to call the number 2209-4040, and comply with the guidelines that the operator is giving you. In the case of doing it through the official website, you have to press the option that says «Consult TSE».
  3. Being inside the system, you must enter the DUI number and then check the captcha network, which appears below the field where the DUI number is, or then choose the option «Consult». Immediately, your electoral data will appear on the screen.

You only have to carry out this procedure, to verify where you were assigned to vote. Keep in mind that, if you have modified your place of residence, you have to update your status in front of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

This information is of great importance to enable the voting process in El Salvador, in an organized and efficient manner. Therefore, any modification, you must update instantly.

How to Know Where to Vote: TSE El Salvador

Previously, we have mentioned that it is essential to take into consideration that electoral procedures are administered by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Their functions are conduct, process and organize each of the electoral acts, and everything related to it.

At the same time, it works with other institutions and government entities in the country to ensure optimal operation. This without naming, the main procedures that are established within the processing of documents of the inhabitants.

Then the TSE is the institution in charge of processing the aforementioned. In addition to being, the highest electoral authority in El Salvador, administratively and jurisdictionally.

All with the objective of ensuring the most effective electoral act in the country. Of course, with the help of national institutions. It should be noted that this body must monitor the security, clarity and transparency of each of its procedures.

The intention of these actions is to assure all the inhabitants of El Salvador the reliability and veracity of votes, as a symbol of the will of the people. Everything to process, the votes made by the voters who live in the country.

You should also know that this body provides data related to voters, to other institutions of a public nature. This is previously established, in all the local laws of the country.

How to know where I have to vote: do I have to take care of the ballot boxes?

Another point of relevance is that the electoral elections must be very well planned and constituted. This in order to obey the elementary functions, such as the collect the necessary votes.

Therefore, according to local laws, a decree has been established for Salvadoran residents to participate as active members in the holding of elections. Where they will contribute in a compulsory or voluntary way to the development of said activity.

Where should a previous training granted by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to said citizens. In order to know their functions as temporary active members of the electoral processes.

However, the choice of people to intervene in this procedure is entirely up to chance and mandatory. Therefore, it is of great importance to know how to verify, if you have been assigned, the responsibility of guarding a ballot box.

So, to proceed with making the query, you have to do the same procedure that you did to verify the place where you have to vote. Do not forget, have the Unique Identity Document (DUI) available, this in order that you can get data related to the voting.

On the other hand, if you have been chosen, you will receive a communication with all the guidelines to follow, and be able to receive the specific training provided by the TSE. This instruction is essential, so as not to be subject to penalties or other legal consequences that have to do with this issue.

Exempt Persons

There are some reasons why some citizens are exempt from complying with this responsibility. These are:

  • All those citizens who are sixty (60) years of age or older.
  • When a person presents a sentence, for a crime committed.
  • If the person not knowing how to read or write.
  • When the citizen is not on the date stipulated for voting.
  • If you are linked to a superior, take part in the lessons.
  • In the case of that you have a disability.
  • If you are part of the security group.
  • The participating candidates In the elections.
  • When the person belongs to a political party.

As long as the citizen participates effectively, they will be granted a per diem, in order to cover the expenses for food and transportation. Likewise, he has to participate in various training meetings stipulated by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Why Could I Not Vote in Elections?

For whatever reason, some individuals practice out of habit or according to his political tendency, do not intervene in the voting. In such a way that, according to local laws, certain norms are stipulated in order not to comply with the right to vote.

So it is essential to certify our condition in front of the local entities, with respect to an abstention. Therefore, on certain occasions, it is necessary to justify the reason why the right to vote was not exercised.

However, taking into account the reasons why you do not want to participate in the voting, it is not mandatory to give reasons to institutions or entities. This occurs mostly in government agency jobs.

To conclude with this point, you should know that voting is an individual, reliable and secret decision, where it is expressed or not, in the event that you do not wish to intervene in any voting process.

How are the elections in El Salvador?

The citizens who have been chosen, to intervene in some electoral type activities, have to obey with such responsibility, and if they cannot fulfill it, they have to present a justification. You are given a minimum of seven (7) days, so that the procedure is presented and is not penalized (fined).

For this purpose, you must provide certain documentation: The DUI, designation as a board member or urn care, the justification, all in both original and copy. Each procedure needs these data, that is, it is essential that they are totally correct and without errors.

By making the guidelines properly, the justification and the revision is admitted, and there will be no inconvenience in this regard. Receive a fine, it is a serious situation that can be preventedIn such a way that, people have to obey the rules dictated by the Law.

If the person is willing to provide his services, then he has to obey the relevant commitment, and carry it out. If you cannot handle the responsibility, you have to attach an extra management, so that everything can be done without difficulties.

It is of great importance that as citizens of El Salvador, you have the responsibility to participate in the electoral elections. Prepare before the date set for voting, therefore, it is necessary to inquire about How to Know Where to Vote.

In such a way that, here you will find the required guidelines, so that you can comply with the process as well as possible. Do not forget that, by participating in the voting, you are helping the country maintain its democracy.

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