How to Know Where to Vote: Table Votes, Register and MORE

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How to Know Where to Vote is a question asked by those who want to exercise their right to vote.

For this reason, the following article explains everything related to this area including the electoral process that is part of it.

How do you know where to vote in Paraguay?

The electoral vote it is a suffrage where a citizen expresses support for a political party.

This support facilitates candidate selection thus promoting democracy within the nation.

In the constitution, the exact time in which citizens must choose who governs or represents them.

Since voting is a fundamental factor in electoral processes, there are various ways to know where to vote in any of the municipalities of the country.

The available methods To find out where to vote in Paraguay, they are:

Method 1: Electoral Census

The electoral census is the certification where the number of natural or legal persons who are authorized to participate in an electoral process.

To process this document it is necessary to attend the authorized offices closest and ask about the assigned requirements.

Method 2: Via Web

Thanks to advancement of technology, you can know where to vote just by having an electronic medium with internet access.

Among the websites that provide related information to the place to vote, they are:

  • Pages that collect data iEntering the DNI number (national entity document).
  • Web portal of the Supreme Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), in that site you only have to enter the identification number and complete a security check.

Upon completion of the verification, the system will return the electoral data Of the interested.

  • Web consultation by online site of the Permanent Civic Registry (RCP), for this, the DNI must be placed, and some personal data.

It is worth mentioning that, like the previous site, a security check to complete the process.

Method 3: Via Telephone

If a user has a mobile phone, you can check your voting center using this guide:

  • Turn on cell phone.
  • Enter the operation menu.
  • Launch the application to make calls and dial to the next number: 0800 11 800
  • Expect the operator’s response
  • When answering, supply the DNI number without mistakes.
  • Wait for the system to recognize it and send the electoral data of the person who performed the process.

Another number that can be used to consult the voting site is: 021-618-0111.

As additional information, users of government-affiliated mobile lines have an option to make a electoral consultation.

To do this, it is only necessary to send a text message with the identification number.

These options are available all the time, so it can always be accessed smoothly.

Voting at Table and Voting at Home

The electoral vote it is a suffrage that encompasses different functionalities, that is, it is a complex process.

This process is classified as follows:

  • Vote in Table: It is the voting method that is carried out in person by attending the electoral centers authorized for the moment.

It is aimed for those people who enjoy good health and they can go anywhere.

  • Voting at Home: It is an alternative that adults or people with physical disabilities can use to vote.

To do this, a table is enabled and electoral commission that will go to the home of the voter. It should be noted that eThis service is not available for the entire country.

Supreme Court of Electoral Justice

The TSUJ is the body in charge of formalizing the electoral processes of the country. To better understand its operation, it is important that its origin is known.

It was created as a result of the reforms in the Constitution of 1992, specifically in Articles 273, 274 and 275 In them, the court authority and the administrative and jurisdictional details that make it up.

The main goal of the organism is dictate, organize and manage the parameters for all types of electoral process. Without it, the population could not elect its rulers or their representatives.

To know more about functions of the TSUJ, take into account what is described in the next list:

  • Carry out the calls for elections.
  • To dictate the electoral regulations.
  • Designate the administrative authorities that will participate in the process.
  • Update the electoral rolls.
  • Guarantee the right to vote.
  • Decide on the rules that will govern the political parties and associations that make life in the country.
  • Monitor the transparency of the processes.
  • Give the electoral results.

How to Know Where to Vote: Popular Election Offices in Paraguay

The democratic composition it usually has a parliament and another series of positions in order to have a complete structure.

To choose the members of the same, it is necessary to specify a electoral process for citizens to choose who will occupy those positions.

This type of process occurs in a massive and individual collecting votes in all the cities of the country. The elective positions that can be elected in Paraguay are:

  • Election of Constituent Constituents.
  • President and Vice President of the Republic.
  • MERCOSUR Senators, Parliamentarians and Deputies are also eligible.
  • The Parliamentary and Governors Boards.
  • In addition, the Municipal Boards and Intendants are popularly elected.

It is relevant to remember that all citizens by birth or nationalization Upon reaching the age of majority, he must exercise the vote.

In fact, there are some methods to vote regardless of whether the voter is abroad. The foreigners with residence permanent the country, they can also register in the electoral system.

If you do not have an identity document for any reason, it will not be possible to registration on the platform for voters.

Where to Register to Vote?

Each electoral process has a determined period established in the Constitution of Paraguay. Weeks before taking place, the opening and updating of registrations to be a voter.

It should be noted that all registrations are governed by the Article 135 of Law 894/96. For formalize an enrollment or update of electoral data in any part of the national territory, follow these recommendations:

  • Attend the District Electoral Justice Departments following a schedule from 7 AM to 1PM from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Attend headquarters of the Electoral Justice in a schedule of 7 AM to 7 PM and the weekends of 7 A.M to 1 P.M.
  • If the interested party is abroad, register via the web using the regulations of the Resolution 138/2016 of the law.

It is essential that you assist in the established schedule and meet all the requirements requested by the polling stations.

Usually the main requirement to register as a voter is taking into account possession of the DNI (Document national of identity) valid.

Similarly, a form is requested to be completed to confirm personal information and verify the veracity of the applicant.

Register within the electoral system it has no difficulty, as long as the established specifications are met.

What is the Electoral Register and Political Parties?

The census that structures the number of people who have right to vote, is called electoral roll.

All polling stations They are guided through the register, this being the list that allows a person to exercise their right to vote.

This listing is planned, analyzed and elaborated by the TSJE, apart, each electoral process is renewed to rule out deceased voters or not active.

Likewise, this register is updated to control the number of people who make use of the voting system. The User Registration it is published days before the elections in the voting centers.

Now, when knowing how the registry works, it is relevant to know about the political parties to better understand electoral processes. A political party is a movement that is guided by constitutional rules, is made up of political candidates.

Each political party functions according to the ideology of its participantsIn other words, they do not all represent the same cause. Political parties welcome everyone who agrees with their way of doing things.

As a curious fact, political movements must be made up of a minimum of 100 people so that it is recognized as such.

Each of them is governed by the Paraguayan electoral code, Ley No. 834/96. In conclusion, a Democratic country it could not be sustained if the political parties and voting users did not exist.


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