How to Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me: Offices, Appointments and MORE.

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How to Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me, learn all the procedures related to tax and customs policy and the collection of taxes for the security of the nation. Organized and monitored by this agency.

In the following article we answer all the doubts regarding AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues) in order to expedite any procedure you need, being able to get out of a hurry.

How Do I Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me?

It is important that each citizen knows where to perform tax procedures, since at some point you will be presented with the need to formalize these records.

In the case of Argentina, the state agency in charge of supervising and approving tax procedures is called AFIP. Its offices are distributed in various sectors of the country.

To know which AFIP agency corresponds to you, you just have to find the location of the closest office, go to it and formalize your procedure according to the situation in which you find yourself.

How to Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me: Main Offices

Previously we mentioned that AFIP has Offices distributed throughout the national territory, to find out which one corresponds to you, you just have to find the one that is closest to your place of residence.

In the following list you mentioned the main location of each of them (Buenos Aires), and their contact information in order to speed up your search process:

  • Avenue of the Constituents 5833/35. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4573-3170
  • Avenida Cabildo 999. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4706-5501
  • Avenida Rivadavia 10910 – PB Capital Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Contact: 4641-2478 / 4644-1352
  • Concepción Arenal 3457. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4556-0058 / 4552-9773
  • Salta 1451- Floor 1. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4304-6868
  • Hipólito Yrigoyen 2251 – Ground Floor and 2nd Floor. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4959-7064
  • Baldomero Fernández Moreno 1259. Autonomous Capital of Buenos Aires. Contact: 4433-3287 / 4431-8600

If you don’t live in Buenos Aires, no problem. We explain the method that is frequently used to find out which office is established in your province:

  • Login to AFIP services
  • Select button «Great Good and Interior», You will get a list with different provinces.
  • Select the province where you live and save the information it shows you.

How to Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me: Online Appointment

AFIP thanks to technological advance offers a service in which both natural and legal persons can request an appointment by virtual means for your attention, although it should be noted that in some offices they require that the appointment be requested in person.

The methods for making an appointment online depend on whether you have the Fiscal key, or not. If you do not have this requirement in hand, you must follow the following steps:

  • You must access the main page of AFIP, entering the next link
  • Press the icon that says shifts,shifts, this is located in the upper heading of the main page of the AFIP portal.
  • Order your personal information Unless you represent another taxpayer.
  • Select the option search person.
  • Decide the kind of Procedure, by clicking on the available list or also placing the name of the procedure to be formalized.
  • The option that will inform you about the respective requirements that asks for the type of procedure you selected.
  • Once the procedure is selected, it will work according to the province where you live.
  • It is urgent to take into account that on the page only those procedures that are strictly carried out in that agency will be available to be chosen.
  • In such a way that, if there are procedures that can be carried out in another province, this page will provide the corresponding dependencies and their Schedule.
  • Select the shift that benefits you the most according to the days shown in the almanac.
  • Enter your email and your phone number. (You will later receive a text message with the shift that was assigned to you and also a reminder of the day that corresponds to present you).
  • Then click on the section that says request turn.
  • Immediately it will show you the shift information. Once confirmed, you must click the continue button.
  • A ticket system with the code of your turn and the data that you have put on the platform. (It is recommended to print the ticket, as it is necessary for when you appear in person at your local office).

To request appointments in order to perform a procedure with the tax codeYou just have to provide it in the data system and decide which procedure you will choose and then fill in the missing information, being a process similar to the previous one.

Likewise, the shift will be detailed in a ticket with the processing data, where you will have to print it to present it when you go directly to the nearest AFIP agency.

How to Know Which AFIP Agency Corresponds to Me: Change of Agency.

There is the option of change agency to which you were assigned in the past, to need to correct your tax address in the personal database registered on the platform.

  • The steps to change the affiliated agency are as follows:
  • Enter the access section with the Fiscal key.
  • Then in the registry system.
  • Select the button that says » tax registration”.
  • Complete the indicated data related to Section F420 – Declaration of Addresses to finish the process.

As a last option if you have the time available, you can introduce you personally at the AFIP agency closest to you tax residence.

How to make a complaint to the AFIP?

Like any service agency, there will be times when any user can contain a complaint for a special reason, either from errors in the platform to corruption crimes.

To perform a complaint in the AFIP, the first option you have available is to do it online taking into account the following indications:

Have in possession a report made as soon as possible about the complaint.

In the report, the reason for the complaint and who are or could be related to the damage caused.

Have in hand the data of the individuals to report as long as AFIP agents are involved.

And not only that, you must also enter SUDENU, and then follow the instructions that are required of you. They will serve as an annex to an electronic form of the Unique Complaints System.

You can also present other forms of complaints and suggestions, these would be:

  • To call to the Telephone Information Center: An operator will fill out the claim or criticism form.
  • Go to the AFIP care agencies, districts, customs among others: Communicate with the assistant who will write down all your complaints to find a mutual solution between the two parties.

What is AFIP?

AFIP is an Argentine organization that specializes in the tax collection dependent on the Ministry of Economy. It is in charge of asserting and monitoring the tax revenues of the nation. It was created in 1997 for him decree 618/1997.

Its structure is composed of three subdivisions of three general addresses:

  • General Tax Directorate (DGI): is in charge of the application, analysis, collection and taxation of general income. It also has the authority to assign penalties and fines to those taxpayers who do not comply with the regulations.
  • Directorate General of Customs (DGA): It is responsible for the application of the legislative activity related to the import and export of businesses and the regulation of the interests that enter or leave the customs field.
  • General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS): is in charge of collecting and auditing the resources that contribute to Social Security benefits. This direction works together with the Ministry of Labor of the Nation.
  • Knowing everything related to AFIP, we realize that the payment of taxes always has to be fulfilled, since it is a national duty and we must also carry out all the procedures so as not to present fiscal problems in the future.

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