How to Know Which ARL I’m Affiliated With: Queries, SISPRO and MORE

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In this article by How to Know Which ARL I Am Affiliated With, is to know that it is very advantageous and significant to be insured and have a life policy. If you are an entrepreneur and have the responsibility of the company and the workers, the information that you will find here will be of great use to you.

Deciding on having an Occupational Risk Administrator is important for the life of the company, so find out how many occupational risk administrators exist in the country, as well as how to carry out the affiliation and registration process.

How Do I Know Which ARL I Am Affiliated With?

Knowing which ARL you are affiliated with is something that you can easily learn by following the steps mentioned below:

  • You must enter the web portal of the Single Register of Affiliates (RUAF).
  • In this link You can find the affiliation information in the Colombian Social Security system.
  • Then, at the top of the screen you must press where it says: «Detailed report».
  • Immediately, you must select «Affiliations of the Person in the System».
  • Likewise, you must read and accept the terms and conditions of the service, click on «I accept» and press the «Send» button.
  • Now, you need to enter the data as follows:
    • Select the type of identity document, generally it is the identity card, passport or identity card.
    • In addition, select the date of issue of the document.
  • Then click on «Consult».
  • Next, the information that will appear on the screen regarding ARL membership is the following:
  • The name of the Occupational Risk Manager (ARL).
  • The date of membership, year, month, day.
  • The status of the membership, whether it is active or inactive.
  • The employment municipality, that is, the city or municipality of the workplace.

How to Know Which ARL I Am Affiliated With: What are there in Colombia?

This section indicates the location of the Occupational Risk Administrators (ARL) currently working in Colombia. The ARLs are shown below:

Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL)

  • ARL Positive Bogotá: 330 7000. National level: 01 8000 111 170
  • Seguros Bolívar SA National Level: 018000 123322. Mobile: # 322
  • Aurora Life Insurance SA Bogotá: 5424570; 7425119. National level: 018000 118546
  • Liberty Seguros de Vida Bogotá: 3077050. National toll free line 01-8000-113390
  • Mapfre Colombia Vida Seguros SA Bogotá: 3077024. National level: 018000 519991. Cell phone: # 624
  • Occupational Risks Colmena Bogotá: 4010447. Cali: 4036400. Medellín: 4441246. Barranquilla: 3537559. Rest of the country: 018000 919667
  • Seguros de Vida Alfa SA Bogotá: 3077032. National level: 018000 122532
  • Seguros de Vida Colpatria SA Bogotá: 4235757, option 2111. National level: 018000 512620.
  • Equity Life Insurance Organismo C. Bogotá: 7460392. National level: 018000 919538. Cell phone: # 324
  • Sura – Cia. Suramericana de Seguros de Vida, Medellín: 4444578. Hotlines 01 800 051 1414 or 01 800 094 1414.

How to Know Which ARL I’m Affiliated With: Check Your ARL

To consult your Occupational Risk Manager, you can do so online through the ARL web portal that you use. You can query your ARL by here.

The information they request is simple and indicate what type of query you want to make. Here is what to do:

  • Should select if it is a company or a worker.
  • Also, you must enter the type of document and the corresponding number.
  • Next, you must select the Captcha box «I am not a Robot» and click on «Consult».

What is the ARL for?

The Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL) is made up of a life insurer. This insurer is duly authorized by the competent body in the field of occupational risk insurance protection.

This Administrator is the company that is responsible for covering the expenses of occupational diseases and expenses generated by accidents at work.

This Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL) has various uses that are indicated here:

  • She is in charge of enroll and register workers that require it.
  • Must collect contributions that companies do for each of the employees.
  • The Occupational Risk Administrator (ARL) offers advice on prevention programs that are made in the company.
  • They can provide rehabilitation and medical care to workers who have experienced an accident or illness due to work-related situations.

The ARL makes the payments that correspond to the economic benefits, among them are:

  • Disability.
  • Disability.
  • Survivor pensions derived from accidents and occupational diseases.

The ARL system is used to carry out activities of prevention, advice and evaluation of professional risks. In addition, it must ensure that members pay the corresponding benefits on time.

Likewise, it is used to carry out everything related to prevention, advice and evaluation of occupational risks. As part of the services that the ARL must offer is the promotion of programs in general medicine, industrial hygiene and occupational health.

The General Occupational Risk System comprises a series of public and private entities, as well as standards and procedures aimed at protecting, preventing and attending to workers from the consequences of occupational diseases and accidents.

The legal basis of the General System of Labor Risks is found in Decree Law 1295 of 1994 and Law 776 of 2002 and the Social Security System according to Law 100 of 1993.

How to Know Which ARL I Am Affiliated With: Affiliation and Registration in SISPRO

Regarding the affiliation and registration in SISPRO, it is directly the user who does it, but appearing in the database records depends on the institution.

These operators have the permission to receive the payment and also to proceed with the settlement, without forgetting that they facilitate the process of contributions to SISPRO.

To carry out the affiliation process, an operator must be selected and make the settlements according to the income that the user receives.

In case of having previously registered with a certain institution that is related to pensions or severance payments or if it was with an EPS. There is no need to worry as the records are not deleted and it appears where you are affiliated.

This is an occupational risk management system that becomes a very useful tool.

What is SISPRO?

The Comprehensive Protection Information System (SISPRO) is the entity in charge of the administration and centralization of information. This information is required for decision-making and the establishment of policies in charge of processing and regulating services at all levels and processes.

Likewise, the information that the system has is sufficient, standard and timely for appropriate decisions in the area of ​​Health and Social Protection for the well-being of the citizen.

Likewise, the

SISPRO is made up of a database and information systems in the area of ​​health, financing, quality of services, social promotion and insurance.

In the Comprehensive Information System it is characterized by having vital functions for the health area. Also, for the area of ​​occupational risks, pensions and social promotion.

The governing body, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, created the platform to access epidemiological information. Likewise, you can access statistics that serve as a tool to adapt and improve public health management.

All information about SISPRO is available to Colombian citizens through PILA, RUAF, SISMED, RIPS, SGD, SIHO and others. In times of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is a very useful tool in the face of uncertainty by providing the epidemiological information module.

Definitely SISPRO has the adequate data so that the most important sectors for the Colombian citizen, as the health one can have access to the propitious and current information on the subjects that interest to attend.

At this point in reading the article How to Know Which ARL I’m Affiliated with, you’ve already clarified various points and know much better about ARL affiliation. In addition, it is suggested that you share the information with people who may have doubts and concerns on the subject.


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