How to Know Which EPS I’m Affiliated With: Steps, Certificates and MORE

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Sometimes we need health centers that are the best to help people. In Colombia, citizens have wondered How do I know which EPS I am affiliated with?

The answer is that if citizens are affiliated with these health promoting centers, they can be served by the people who need it most.

If you are interested in this type of topic, we recommend that you continue reading.

How to Know Which EPS I’m Affiliated With: Steps to Follow

To be part of a Health promoting entity (EPS) It is important that the citizen is affiliated through the human resources department in the company that is going to register.

But to investigate in what EPS is found, you can choose to do the following:

  • You can contact the health line for all which is (3649666).
  • Enter the website of the District Secretary of Capital Health and check your affiliation status.
  • There are citizen service points of the District Secretary, located in Cades and Supercades. There you can request information.
  • You can choose the citizen service points in the Public hospitals.
  • EPS user service points.
  • You can enter and search information in the ADRES web portal.

But the steps to check your affiliation are the following:

  • First the citizen must enter the ADRES web portal.
  • Next, you must place the type of document, the number, place the image, the assigned code and click on consult.
  • It will appear on the screen with the details of the EPS in which it is registered.

How to Know Which EPS I’m Affiliated With: Best EPS

It is important to note that in 2019 the Ministry of Health conducted a survey of at least 25.00 patients, in 104 municipalities for 32 department What stands out: the quality of services in general and special consultations, emergencies, treatments, surgeries, how they treat patients, how the facilities are located, among others.

This survey was conducted with the purpose of measuring citizen satisfaction in three ways: opportunity (30%), satisfaction (40%) and access (30%).

Approximately 72% highlighted that citizens have been satisfied with the good service they have been provided within the EPS, another 22% considered that the service is regular and only 6% highlighted the bad. But the best EPS, according to the survey are:

  • Compensate was 77% good and 13% very good.
  • Sanitas 85% good
  • Familiarize 85% of good
  • Total health 77% good
  • Sura for 75% good

How To Know Which EPS I Am Affiliated With: Who Can Be A Beneficiary?

It is very important to note that according to the General System of Social Security in Health, citizens have the right to register to obtain the benefits, at no cost, but the beneficiaries can be:

  • The spouse or life partner.
  • Children, parents or, if applicable, relatives until the third degree of consanguinity.
  • Adoptive children.
  • Children who are over 25 years, but have a permanent disability.
  • You must take into account that children under 25 years of age or of any age with permanent disability, who have up to the third degree of consanguinity with which they will help and are financially dependent on him, in the event of loss of custody or of the parents.
  • Minors who meet the Legal custody.
  • The parents of the person who is going to contribute, who is not a pensioner and is financially dependent on him, in the event that there is no spouse or life partner.


The documents required for membership are the following:

  • The spouse must keep the civil marriage registry.
  • The companion or the permanent companion, the necessary document is the Public deed, the conciliation act or the judicial sentence that proves the marital union.
  • The children, parents or relatives that make up the third degree of consanguinity, must keep the corresponding civil registry depending on the case.
  • Adoptive children need the adoption certificate or a certificate of delivery of the minor that is sent by the ICBF or the entity in the case of repercussions.
  • Children over 25 years of age who have a permanent problem, must deliver the status of child with the civil registry and permanent disability regarding the decision of the EPS in which it is registered.
  • Children under 25 with permanent problems who have lost their parents or lost custody, must bring the document of the loss of parental authority or, where appropriate, the death certificate of the parents.
  • Minors in legal custody, the required document is the court order or the administrative act sent by the competent authority.

How to Know Which EPS I’m Affiliated With: Certificates

Membership certificates of any EPS It is one of the most important documents for companies when the citizen wants to continue working or to renew their contract.

Some of the health promotersThey have a tool so that citizens can obtain their certificate online.

Through the EPS portal you can download it, without having to leave your home. Below we highlight how you can do it in some EPS of the Colombian territory.

EPS Sura

  1. The citizen must enter the web portal of this,
  2. You must look for the section of «Certificates and Queries» and it will give the button «Certificate of affiliation to the Health Benefits Plan.»
  3. Enter the type, the document number and your secret password.
  4. He will click on «Generate».
  5. You must specify if you want the certificate with employer information.
  6. Next, you will click on the button «Generate certificate»
  7. Finally, the document will be downloaded in PDF format.

EPS Sanitas

In this case that you are registered in this health institution, to obtain your document, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access the official sanitas page.
  2. Find the icon «Certificates of affiliation»
  3. Enter the document type with your virtual office number and password.
  4. In the event that you do not have a password, you must click on the registration button.
  5. You can then download your certificate from membership in PDF format.

EPS Compensate

  1. The citizen, if he is affiliated with Compensar, must first enter the web portal.
  2. You must click on the button «Online transactions» in the upper right.
  3. Enter the document type with your specific number and your password. In case you do not have one, you must click on «Request password».
  4. When you have accessed the portal, you will again click the button «Online transactions» and later in «Certifications»
  5. You will need to choose the type of certification you want to download.
  6. Enter the name of the recipient and it will hit the view button.
  7. Finally, on the screen you will be able to download the certificate.


  1. The person who wants their certificate must first enter the New EPS platform.
  2. In the person section, select the option to enter.
  3. Next, you must click on the button «Online procedures» in the upper right.
  4. At the bottom of the page and in the lower left corner you will click on transactional area.
  5. You will enter your username and secret password. If you don’t have both, you can request a new user.
  6. Enter the «Online services» and later in «affiliate pos».
  7. I looked for the menu and it will click on «Customer Service» and certifications.
  8. You will choose the type of certificate you want to print or download.

Total Health

  1. In this Last example, the citizen must enter the official page of Total Health.
  2. Next, you must click on the section of «Virtual office».
  3. Select your type of user, identification and enter your password to enter the system.
  4. When you log in, it will send you to a transactional portal where you can download your membership certification.

Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (ADRES)

ADRES is an entity that is registered in the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, legal personality, for financial cases and for independent patrimony.

This entity was established in order to guarantee the necessary resources and the respective controls.


Are you wondering what are the functions performed by this entity? are in charge of the following

  • They carry out the recognition and payment of Training Payment Units (UPC) and other resources that health systems entail.
  • They make possible transfers to service providers, providers in the health area, in accordance with what is established by the beneficiary of the resources.
  • They have progressed in checking for the recognition and payment of the social benefits to help in the management of the necessary resources.
  • They directly carry out the acquisition of portfolio recognized by the Institutions Service Providers in the health area with corporations or health promoting companies.
  • This entity manages the unique database of the affiliates, which provide the data obtained for the recognition of the regular payments made to the EPS to ensure the best quality in the health area for all Colombians.
  • They help and propose the procedures that are needed to safeguard the resources that they manage the entity, in order to avoid fraud.

What is an EPS?

The Health Promoting Entities are entities that are in charge of the affiliation and registration of the citizens who are affiliated. In addition to the provision of the Obligatory Health Plan of the subsidized regime.

People who join an EPS are to be cared for in the different health centers of each city, with which they have an agreement, in Colombia.

Finally, there must be more and more quality health centers to assist all the people who need it. Together we must be the difference.


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